Ookamikakushi – 8

Man, every time I think Hiro could not possibly be more of a dumbass, he admirably goes out of his way to prove me wrong. Kudos to you for continually raising the bar on dumbassery, Hiro! You get the gold medal!

The funniest thing has to be Hiro’s requirement of more proof. “They’ve tried to kill me a few times, and I’ve actually seen them kill people . . . but I don’t if I can help you fight them unless I really know they are monsters, because Nemuru saved me earlier and it was nice lol.” HILARIOUS. Whether they’re monsters shouldn’t even matter — they were going to kill you. This must be like Memento, and Hiro forgets everything happened in previous episodes. Seesh.

I love the build up to the end, too. “Yeah, just go into this dark, creepy abandoned shack — your proof is right in there!” Come on, Hiro has been raised by a man who trades in horror legends. You’d think he would have learned a few of the tropes by now. Then again, he has probably forgotten them by this point because they weren’t explained to him a few seconds prior. My bad.

Sakaki is pretty much all over the place in this episode. He’s working with Nemuru’s uncle still, he’s in with the Wolf Council, he’s trying to get revenge for his girlfriend, he’s recruiting Hiro to his side and maybe stabbing him in the back . . . he’s so calm and collected before this, and then all of a sudden he decides, “Fuck it, I’m turning up the evil this episode.” I guess he’s trying to spice things up a bit in this normally placidly paced series. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much; I’d gladly take more time with crazy!Sakaki over Hiro.

It’s kind of fun to wonder who exactly Sakaki is playing here (if not everyone). Presumably his main goal is to get vengeance for the death of his girlfriend, so his alliance with the Wolf Council probably won’t last too long unless he is supporting them in the recall election or something. (Maybe they let him throw up some sort of vengeance proposition on the ballot, with the promise that they have the power to get it passed.) He probably has little interest in curing these people — Sakaki is most likely in with Nemuru’s uncle so that he can better understand the biology of the Jouga Wolves. And Hiro is a fucking dumbass; nobody in his right mind would want that idiot on his side.

With all that in mind, I posit that Sakaki is putting the runaround on everyone, and that in a perfect world the series would end up with him coming out on top because everyone else sucks. But  because Hiro is the inexplicable protagonist of the series, Sakaki will either die because he gets too wrapped up in crazy, or he realizes the error of his ways and neuters his character so that he can survive the series. Fun!

It’s too bad, I suppose, that Nemuru is caught up in all this. We already know she isn’t really fond of killing her Jouga brethren, and she gets more points for being annoyed with Hiro’s wankery for practically the entire series. She is just too nice for Jouga politics, I guess. What she needs to do is make some backroom deals with other people in the Wolf Squad so that they will throw their support behind her instead of that asshat who is clearly trying to gain as much power as possible. Maybe promise some families a greater share of the juicy Hassaku orange harvest. Everyone loves those things, right? They have their own commercial and everything.


3 Responses to “Ookamikakushi – 8”

  1. Nemuru and Isuzu are the best characters. Shame they seem to get the short end of the stick.

    While if Hiro dies, I don’t think I’d be sad. It’s what would happen if things took their normal course with his inability to do anything…

    • Hey, another person who actually liked Isuzu? Seems like a rarity.

      Hiro dying would be the best possible ending for this series.

      • Here’s one more viewer who likes Isuzu! She started out being presented as annoying and the ‘girl who instantly loves guy’ girl, but her relations with the wolves, her brother, and Nemuru makes her the most interesting female character in my view.

        Hiro continues to fail. I think his father had more substantial conversation lines this episode than he did.

        All this infighting between Nemuru, the council, and Isuzu is making for some interesting stuff. If the show takes the less interesting option then it will be Nemuru siding with some loose coalition of Hiro, Isuzu, and Kaname against the council (and possibly Sakaki.) But it would be really cool if the council were ‘right’, that they need to kill or at least drive out Hiro and his family, kill their brethren, and do whatever it takes to keep the secret. Wouldn’t it be fun if the good guys had to choose to accept an ugly truth or condemn the wolves to extinction? As RabbitPoets has suggested, bring on the BAD END!

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