Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 46

Back after a couple of days off blogging and very little anime! I pre-ordered Ace Attorney Investigations as a birthday gift for my brother way back in November, and he finished the game Saturday evening, so for the past few days I played through the game almost non-stop, except when I had to go to work, or eat, or sleep or something. Good game, although I would rank it below all the other games in the series aside from the first. (Objectively speaking, it’s about equal to Justice for All, but I love that game’s final case so much that it’s pretty much my favorite in the series, haha.) Final couple of cases are pretty kickass, however. Well worth the wait.

Anyway, FMA time! I must commend Olivier for keeping her cool in the above screenshot, because I of course would have shit my pants in the same situation. The ultimate enemy waltzes into the room with a hulking bodyguard, immediately shocks all the whiny military representatives into order and to top it off, begins the first step to sexual harassment in the workplace. Now there’s a formal complaint that isn’t likely to be filed.

For non-manga readers, this is the point where FMA launches into an extended climax — Father’s plan is in motion, and the various groups are now coming together to stop it, with the first strikes being launched in this episode. Always fun to see the overly arrogant bad guys get outwitted by the small fry opponent they clearly underestimate. (To be fair, I guess that’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation — if it isn’t a leak, then Central is wide open, and they’re caught with their pants around their ankles; but it is a leak, so Wrath falls victim to a terrorist attack. I don’t think I am spoiling anything by saying he is still alive, however. None of you thought Wrath would be punked out like that this early in the game, right?)

(That’s the face Wrath made when the producers suggested killing him off for real. Let’s just say there are new producers now.)

But the baddies cannot be incompetent in all directions, of course. Aside from Olivier being stuck in Central HQ, Al’s a hostage of Pride and the newly resurrected Gluttony, and yes, that’s Ed and Greed engaging in a kickass fight with those two Homunculi in the next episode. Ed and Lin made a pretty good team; will Ed and Greed make an equally good — or possibly better — team? The life of my proposed Ed/Greed buddy cop feature film hangs in the balance! If they fail next episode, then that film option goes down the toilet. Never have the stakes been so high.

Should be fun to see Pride in action, though. All he’s done so far, really, is hide in the shadows like a little creeper and get pissed off at Hohenheim rightly mocking his limitations. Pride probably stabs Al so much in this episode because he is trying to get back at Hohenheim for making fun of him. Aww, does someone have a case of wounded pride? Ha ha ha!

Pride’s reach seems to be a pretty sore subject. I wonder if making fun of that is the equivalent of saying Pride has a small dick? To my knowledge, Homunculi don’t have workable genitalia (not really sure how far Havoc went with Lust; maybe he can answer that question for us), so ridiculing Pride’s limited area movement in an immature way seems to be the next way to make him comically angry. It is probably also a good way to ensure one’s death, but you know, sacrifices must sometimes be made in the name of comedy.

Pretty cool to see Scar with his own Ishbalan army, ready to exact some revenge upon the muthafuckas who brought the pain against them all those years ago. Scar is going to be a beast in this final battle. I mean, the guy has been focused like a laser on this day for months now, and you know he is pissed off and aching to get revenge against Amestris. I wouldn’t want to be the first random Amestris soldier who tries to gun him down. Yeesh. Awesome to see most of Mustang’s old crew reunited, as well. The moment they get their leader back will bring great, too — again, not a spoiler since you know it is coming eventually.

So, yes, good times. Get ready for much kick-assery from here on out.


7 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 46”

  1. I’d like to dedicate this space forever and always to Grumman being the cleverest asshole in the military. I’m pretty sure he just came up with a situation he couldn’t lose in with about 2 hours of thinking time or less. What a badass.

    And I even got my Winry underboob. I am satisfied.

    Quick note, I think that scene they put in to show that Ed is now taller than Winry wasn’t quite as obvious as it was in the manga. It’s probably just because of the format, though. Hard to draw attention to this stuff when you’re hearing the drama unfold in the background as opposed to reading it separately. It’s a little too bad, since I considered that a really important bit of story delivered in a nice, subtle way and it would suck if it were too subtle for some people to notice. Can’t be helped, though.

    Nice job bidding farewell to your obligatory love interest by telling her to get back in the kitchen, Ed. Kinda surprised she didn’t turn you into Wrench unicorn for that one.

    One more addendum to the Ed/Greed buddy cop idea: Ed needs to transmute some shades and drop a few Horatio Caine-style one-liners, and then tell people who call him out on it to shut up because it’s awesome.

  2. clinton Says:

    you really should not have said that about wrath their was the odd chance he died also anyway he wont do anything for a while he is at the bottom of a cliff and and is really far away from central with no way to get back other then walk

  3. clinton Says:

    also dont forget about the Armstrong and Homunculi sitcom’s

  4. is dissapointed by the lack of Winry underboob screenshots in this post. Also dissapointed by the lack of Grunman’s ‘Exactly as planned’ face

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