Durarara!! – 9

Red moon = shit’s going to get real now.

After the relatively placid pace of the previous episode, the story revs up another gear or two in ep9. The circumstances of Seiji gaining access to Celty’s head (so to speak) are revealed — it isn’t difficult to tell that Namie is a bit off, to say the least, but this episode also has Seiji graduating from a strange guy with a rather bizarre fetish to one of the more repulsive characters in the series.

Much like Shinra, Namie and Seiji appear to have had a strange upbringing. Not just any pair of kids get a blood red filter set over their childhood memories, after all. They’re bother rather detached and look inward for their happiness — Namie with her love for Seiji, and Seiji with his love for Celty, which may be cultivated from a love for the dolls Namie gave him, passed down from their uncle. Namie mentions seeing Celty + Mika (she needs some sort of nickname) as a doll; well, what about Seiji? Doesn’t he see her as the same thing?

Look at the way he speaks about her with Shizuo: He doesn’t really see her as a person — is she a person? — but more like an outlet for his love. This is probably what the whole moe thing looks like to outsiders. Seiji has someone who depends on him 100 percent for everything, and he doesn’t have to worry about silly little things like personal problems or how she feels about shit. She just grabs at him in a cute little way, and he can d’awwwwwwwww at her. And then Shizuo calls him out for being a creepy little douche, Seiji can just spout some bullshit about how love can’t be defined.

But, hey, who am I to question the romantic wisdom of a guy who killed a (defenseless?) high school girl, calmly ate some ramen afterward and then had his sister implant the head of a mythical creature upon the freshly deceased corpse? Real fucking Don Juan right there. Good thing Shizuo showed him what was what.

And it seems being creepy may run in the family — I am sure I am not the only one who heard about Namie’s uncle and immediately thought of Shinra’s father. So while it is not 100 percent confirmed, it is probably a strong possibility that Shinra’s connection to the Yagiri Pharmaceutical company is that his pops is in charge, which is why he is the company’s doctor of choice. And once again, someone that close with the Yagiris probably is not completely in the dark regarding the situation with Seiji and Celty’s head.

The interesting thing, though, is that Celty’s head does not have such a great reaction to see her body. The head has supposedly forgotten just about everything, but is there something thumping around deep within? Does the head not want to go back to the whole life? I don’t know much about dullahans, but it doesn’t seem as if the head does much at all — it’s mainly there for show (although ironically enough, she is kind of there for show in her relationship with Seiji as well). Unfortunately, she fell in love with the first creepy sap who showed her some semblance of affection. Now she’s got a bizarre rivalry going on with Namie. She has probably perfected that “cell phone in the fountain” attack.

With all the other crazy going on, I think Izaya is the most enjoyable part of the episode. First off, I love that he has an office. It just seems right, especially with the spinning chair. Every deliriously happy person needs a spinning chair. He also wastes no time needling Namie about her love for Seiji, and I am certain that if he could hear her inner monologue about the purity and scope of her love, he would have mocked her for that as well. And Izaya seems to be more connected to everything than he cares to tell Namie: Unless I am mistaken, the episode seems to be implying that Mika!Celty had been texting Izaya the entire episode. It’s kind of funny how the characters are connected through impersonal means (chat, text messaging, etc.) but would not be able to pick each other out of a line-up were they to meet in person.

Anyway, just one more set of people for Izaya to screw with for his endless enjoyment. His chaotic game board seems an apt metaphor for his machinations: There are people of different types and seemingly no relations everywhere in town, but they’re all playing on the same board among all the chaos. And for those wondering, Izaya places the pawn shogi piece on the board at the end of the episode, surrounded by all the go pieces. I don’t know if there’s any intended meaning to it, but it seems appropriate.


17 Responses to “Durarara!! – 9”

  1. “Not just any pair of kids get a blood red filter set over their childhood memories, after all.”

    I lol-ed. They are the weirdest family and I never made that doll connection myself, but Celty!Mika does seem to have some sort of feelings for Seiji, although what those feelings are exactly is up for debate. She seems just as obsessive over Seiji as anyone else obsesses over anyone else in the series. I guess it’s not likely that Mika Harima’s stalking personality seeped into her somehow, but I can’t think of an explanation otherwise.

    • It’s a common device, but that scene reminded me of the beginning of FMA: Brotherhood, where the memory of Ed and Al trying to resurrect their mother is blood red and warped.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if some of True Mika’s feelings influenced Celty’s head, in terms of falling for Seiji, but she’s probably lost and confused and just trying to latch onto something comfortable. She’s like a little kid right now, which makes the moe thing that much funnier to me. Seiji is a secret lolicon!

  2. I loved Izaya. I get the feeling he is so happy because he was moving the pieces all into place with Selty and her head on Mika’s body meeting up and then Mikado shows up and throws a huge wrench in his schemes. And he loves it. The game is more fun when it’s chaotic and unpredictable. My other hunch is that Mikado is the “pawn” in the center of all the big bads at the end there.

    As for a short name…the only thing I could come up with is Ex-Mika.

    • If only dullahans were gods — then we could call her Deus Ex-Mika! Har har har.

    • Yeah, all that “humans will learn to love me.” It makes me think he truly is something other than human — perhaps some sort of spider demon, spinning his web.

      • Well in one episode he referred to himself as a Kamaitachi. Which certainly fits with his fighting style. I wouldn’t be surprised keeping in mind that Celty is a modern take on a dullahan. The other characters might be modern takes on other mythological creatures. It’s probably not good to attribute each character with a creature but I fancied for awhile that Shizuo might be a modern take on an Oni.

        • Taka, thanks for reminding me about that! I didn’t know what that word meant, so I just looked it up. LOL, “sickle weasel” is an excellent description for him!

          I can’t decide what would be more messed up: him actually being a Kamaitachi, or him just believing himself to be one. He definitely comes across as several donuts short of a full dozen in that final scene.

  3. jacob Says:

    i just have a felling that Anri will try to kill Seiji once she finds out that he killed mika or either she already know that he did

  4. Man, that is a fucked up pair of siblings. Goes to show it doesn’t pay to have a decapitated head hanging in the house… unless you want to raise a couple of psychopaths. But the most disturbing thing of all may have been seeing Seiji calmly eating cup noodles after killing Mika. What a sociopath. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him get tossed around like a rag doll by Shizuo.

  5. This episode was great! It was so awesome that Shizuo gets stabbed with pens and barely cares, but, when Seiji shows that he doesn’t know about the problems of the person he loves, Shizuo freaks and hurls him at a truck parked a good block down the street.

    • Oh god, Shizuo getting stabbed through the hand with a pen is high up on my squick meter. The sound effect that goes along with it did not make things any better.

    • jacob Says:

      the funny part is when he walks away and say when i pull out this pen its gonna start bleading. maby i should get a bandaid or some superglue XD

  6. fathomlessblue Says:

    I really love how this series characters continue to confound expectations. Nearly everyone has turned out completely different or far deeper than initially believed. The likes of Celty and Shizuo who seemed to be run of the mill bad-asses have turned out to be the most decent minded of the show (if you ignore bike attacks and vending machine throwing). Even Izaya has displayed moments of kindness and humanity, although the courts still out on that one. Meanwhile, Seiji’s far from the knight I expected him to be from the OP and ep. 2.

    ps. anyone else getting a celtyxshizuo vibe. It seems more obvious as this series trundles along, to the extent at even Shinra is getting suspicious.

  7. Am I the only person who thought… ‘Man Mika is such a weird girl liking this totally weird guy to the point of stalking him’?

    She had it coming almost… oh and I think part of Mika’s love has projected to Celty’s head.

  8. Yeah Izaya was the one who texted Mika (notice the sender’s name is Nakura) and had probably planned the whole encounter at the park. Now that I think about it, that would mean he knew all about Seiji being missing even before Namie contacted him too. Damn, what a deliciously sly bastard.

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