Ookamikakushi – The Hero’s Theory (ep9 post)

I have a theory: Hiro’s father is the actual hero of this series.

Let’s look at the problems this village has: It is populated entirely by wolf creatures masquerading in human form. They can normally get along quite well, but when they come into contact with humans, they can go a bit bonkers — this is because humans give off a pheromone that drives the wolves into fits of sexual madness, which most likely will end with the poor human being eaten from head to toe, because food and sex go hand-in-hand. (Plus, if there is anything “Little Red Riding Hood” has taught us, it is that wolves like eating humans. Old, young, doesn’t matter. They are delicious.)

For whatever reason, Hiro gives off a pheromone that is a hundred times stronger than the average human — he is sort of like the Char Aznable of Ookamikakushi, except Hiro makes the wolves’ eyes glow red instead of a Gundam. Anyway, the village is split into two camps regarding these events: One side — apparently led by Nemuru’s uncle — wants to find a way to leave peacefully with the humans through finding a cure (or, at least, a suppressant) to the wolves’ condition. The other side wants to kill the fuck out of Hiro and continue on as if nothing ever happened.

These are the facts.

We can all accept, I think, that Hiro is an idiot, as he proves yet again in this episode. Right after Nemuru gets done explaining to him the difficulty of holding back her violent instincts, Hiro cuts Nemuru’s ropes and seems utterly shocked to find her in more pain than before due to the effort of forcing herself not to give in to desire and attack Hiro. And then he apologizes like a ‘tard when the obvious proceeds to happen. Nice going, jackass. Way to help Nemuru by relieving her of the relatively mild discomfort of having her wrists tied, and replacing it with the intense discomfort of every instinct boiling to the surface with nothing to hold them back. Where should I send the Nobel application? May I request a “retardery” section be recognized this year?

Anyway, as much as we are apparently supposed to care about Hiro bumbling through the story like a cockmunch, we can clearly see that he is instead fucking things up royally. This is where Hiro’s father comes in. Hiro has found himself in several dangerous situations thus far due to his propensity for randomly wandering places, sticking his nose into the wrong people’s business and buddying up with all the wrong people. If he just minded his own bees wax and stayed the friendless loser he was clearly destined to be, then everything would be OK. But no. He just had to step out of line. This time, however, he gets himself in just a bit too deep.

Now, when Kaname visits Hiro’s home and sees Hiro’s dad, she tells him about how Hiro was absent from school, and she also learns that Hiro has not been home since the night before. Hiro’s father tells Kaname that he received a call earlier from a friend of Hiro’s who happens to be in college, and who said he and Hiro had been studying the entire evening, so Hiro would be coming home later the next day. When Kaname leaves their home, still worried that Hiro has not shown up everywhere, the father assures Kaname that if Hiro does not show up by the next day, he will form a search party to look for him.

Under normal circumstances, the actions Hiro’s dad takes would of course be reflective of an absurdly neglectful father. (Is it at all surprising that Keiji Fujiwara is playing this guy? Holland was way worse with Renton in Eureka Seven.) However, I posit that this is not the case; rather, Hiro’s dad is trying to set an example in the community by assimilating in the best possible way. And clearly this way is by neglecting Hiro to the point where he will finally fuck up just a bit too much and pay for it with his life.

Think about it: You move into a nice neighborhood with decent weather (aside from the evil rain storms every so often), seemingly nice people, a cool festival, juicy oranges out the wazoo — this place is a pretty sweet deal. The only problem is that you are surrounded by werewolves who feed off the subtle pheromones people give off. No biggie, though, as long as you are careful. However, when your dumbass son runs around screwing up the natural order of the town, then shit needs to get done, and fast.

What better way to be an ambassador for mankind in this town than through indirectly disposing of its biggest problem? Hiro’s dad neglects him out of love for this great town! What a swell man! With Hiro finally gone, the Kuzumis would have been welcomed as official members of the town, able to join local clubs, contribute to the chamber of commerce and run for local office. They would have really fit in! Unfortunately, they couldn’t allow Kaname to become more suspicious than she already is, so Hiro’s dad had to save face by acting as if this was all a big shock to him, and had to help “rescue” Hiro.

But there you have it. Hiro’s father — fighting the good fight for conservative family values — is the real hero of Ookamikakushi. I rest my case.

Now, I know what you are thinking: “Why isn’t someone more obvious, like Sakaki, the real hero of this series?”

First of all, no, I am not a psychic. Secondly, Sakaki is not the hero of this series because such a title would demean his character. Would you want to be the hero of this show? Didn’t think so. Third, Sakaki isn’t the hero because he doesn’t give two shits about this dive. He just wants everything destroyed. Makes for a good Magnificent Bastard, but not much of a hero, at least where the series is concerned. He is my hero, though. I wish you well in your endeavors, Sakaki.


3 Responses to “Ookamikakushi – The Hero’s Theory (ep9 post)”

  1. “Hiro’s dad neglects him out of love for this great town! What a swell man!”

    LOL ^_^

  2. Haha, excellent theory there. Hiro’s dad can just adopt Kaname, he and Mana seem to like her way more than Hiro anyway.

    Sakaki is my hero too. Though I think now he probably won’t have much chance given the events at the end of the episode. At the end of the episode, when Hiro’s and Nemuru’s dads were working together and revealing the truth I was VERY disappointed. WTF is this niceness and working together bullshit?!

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