Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 47

I actually completely forgot about the part in the manga on which this episode chooses to conclude. My faulty memory is finally good for something! But, yeah, when the blur comes out of nowhere and starts slicing the hell out of Gluttony, I suddenly remembered, “Oh yeah, Lan Fan is back! Hooray!” I wondered if the manga had skipped anything, but no.

The first half of the episode is good, with Ed and Hohenheim’s long-awaited re-reunion. It’s probably not as awkward for them as it could have been, considering how much Ed has grown up, both literally and figuratively. Sure Ed still has his basic, “Hey, screw you, old man!” attitude, but he realizes there are many more facets to the father he has hated all these years than he initially realized.

Also, Donkey Kong and Lion King are apparently armchair psychologists. Who knew?

Pride is also a humongous creeper, but that is common knowledge. That image of him peeking out from Al’s armor with the eyes sprouting everywhere is just . . . yuck. Nobody needs that many eyes. Most people do just fine with two, and as Detective Tyrell Badd from Ace Attorney Investigations shows us, it is not difficult to make up for that deficiency. (He’s holding a mirror, and not a giant lollipop.) With all those eyes, and with his sharp appendages flying everywhere, you have to figure Pride is cruising along to a major accident involving a lot of blood loss and an eyepatch afterward.

Actually, I hope this happens. Seeing Pride with an eyepatch on one random eye would be the height of comedy. Or maybe just Selim with an eyepatch on one of his eyes.

(Pictured: The “artist’s” shitty rendering of Pride with an eyepatch. Arr, matey!)

One thing I consistently enjoy about Fullmetal Alchemist is how clever the fights are. They’re not genius, or anything, but they use common sense more so than endless power ups. Ed knows he has no chance in hell of beating Pride straight up in a one-on-one fight, so he takes a chance and acts on a hunch he has about Pride’s abilities. Really, what’s the harm in that situation? He’s wrong, and Pride takes the opportunity to kill his companions and beat the shit out of Ed? That’s no different than what would have happened otherwise.

Their strategy after that is smart, too: Have Lion King go after Pride (lol) in the dark, since his eyes are much sharper in the dark than anyone else’s (it would be useful if one of them could turn into a hawk, or something), and when Gluttony surprises them, they have the guy with the keen sense of smell — along with a vicious LAAAAAAAARIAAAAAAAATOOOOOO — beat the hell out of him. And then of course there is Ling calling the audible with Greed and tagging into the fight since he can sense the Homunculi. Making good use out of your pals’ basic abilities is something I like to see.

Although it does indeed help to have a major ass kicker like Lan Fan on your side. I bet you can hear the gleeful shout all the way from Canada once Epi watches this episode. :p

(Stan Hansen definitely would have been jealous of that lariat.)

Next episode we have a sure to be emotional reunion between Mustang and his old crew. (Fear not, all those who are waiting to see Mustang throw his hat back into the ring — it should be coming sooner rather than later.) There’s also more fighting with Pride, who is more than a bit pissed that Ed has shown him up so much. Again, that little guy sure gets angry a lot for someone who supposedly has no anger within him.


6 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 47”

  1. clinton Says:

    i would like to point out that Pride is really durable he was taking all of lion kings punchs and slashs and he was not even bleeding all those moves did next to no damage we did not even see the red light that they make when they rejenerate

    his real body is really tough to take being pounded into a rock and to not even feel a thing

  2. Pirate Pride would make such an excellent villain for that Ed/Greed buddy cop whatever.

    Also, it occurs to me that Greelin could totally carry a buddy cop concept all by himself. It’s still funnier with Ed around, though.

  3. I don’t think people believed me, but my eyes ACTUALLY welled up when I saw Ran Fan… YAYAYAYAYYAYA RAN FAN!!!!!! WOOOOO

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