Ookamikakushi – 10

Kaname is wondering if Hiro actually believes he has a shot of impacting the plot in any serious away aside from smelling delicious.

So, it’s not BakaTest or Hanamaru Kindergarten that is the breakout comedy hit of the season — no, Ookamikakushi has officially taken that title and raised it skyward with pride, although it could be argued that the show safely captured that award as early as midseason. At any rate, I want to applaud the series for being completely goofy and ridiculous in the way only supernatural horror seems able to achieve. Well done.

The first half of the episode is fairly slow, since the characters are getting their bearings back after the fallout from Nemuru not snacking on Hiro due to The Power of Friendship. Friends don’t let friends eat each other, right? I’m pretty sure that slogan was bandied about some time in the ’90s — maybe I saw it on a Street Fighter II game. There’s a lot of info dumping, and the relationship between Old Town and New Town is made clear, although it’s not really a huge surprise.

The revelation about the town’s dirt cheap real estate is good for a laugh, though. Normally one would think there is a good reason that prices are so low in this area, aside from it being way out in the boonies — maybe there’s a meth lab somewhere, or loads of strip clubs, or man-eating wolves whose feral hunger is set off by the delicious pheromones of humans. I’d admonish Hiro’s father for not doing the research, but he probably just assumed the low price was a result of economics. I don’t know when this series is supposed to take place, but anime reference recessions all the time, so whatever.

Next we have Sakaki’s plan. Now, I and others have been rooting for Sakaki to bring about the bad end in this series, but his actual plan is fairly disappointing. The best he can come up with is hoping the New Towners are dumb enough to accept his explanation at face value (not a huge leap of faith, I know), and then flooding the town by destroying the dam in the timeframe allowed him in the resulting confusion. He’s had how long to think this up? Really, his plan is only possible to execute because everyone in this place is fucking retarded.

Case in point: Sakaki explains that Nemuru killing Rabies Chick is proof that everyone living in Old Town is an entirely different species, and that they brought in a bunch of regular ol’ humans to New Town so that they would have delicious people to hassaku into Jouga. Now, if I were one of those humans, I would be thinking, “OK, I just saw this girl kill someone in front of my eyes, so I don’t exactly trust her . . . but what the fuck are you talking about, mister? And who the hell are you, anyway?” Then the retard dependency aspect of Sakaki’s plan kicks in when the wolves go all glowy-eyed and declare, “EFF THIS, LET’S KILL THE BEAST HUMANS”. Sakaki’s story was severely lacking in credibility before you pulled that little stunt, you asshat. Nice going. That’s why this town can’t have nice things.

And shockingly enough, everyone basically drops in when they learn the town is in danger . . . and they send the kids to take care of business. I can see sending Nemuru and the Wolf Squad to get things done, because they’re obviously competent fighters, but don’t they have anyone else who can tag along for the ride? . . . Anyone who isn’t Hiro and Kaname? Kaname shouldn’t go because her value is entirely in research — good researchers are difficult to find, so you can’t lose her. And Hiro shouldn’t go because he is a fucking moron who adds nothing of value to the mission. So, wait, what am I saying? Of course Hiro should go! Maybe he’ll send all the wolves into a frenzy with his delicious smell, which will then give Sakaki the opportunity he needs to flood the hell out of the town. Godspeed, Hiro! Godspeed!

Speaking of delicious smells, LOL @ Bald Rape Wolf and his, “It’s that kid’s fault because he smells really good!” reasoning. Isn’t that how rapists/misogynists frame their arguments? “Hey, it’s not my fault — she shouldn’t have dressed so hot! I couldn’t control myself!” Socrates would have been proud of that logical proof. Something tells me that guy’s getting kicked out of the PTA some time soon.

The last really silly thing is everything with Sakaki and Kasai. Acting evil must be like a drug to Sakaki, because he didn’t seem able to help himself from monologuing at the worst possible time. At least this episode is able to complete the Circle of Villainous Irony — just as Kasai’s plans are done in by his monologuing and failure to kill Nemuru’s uncle, Sakaki’s plan may be done in by the same actions. Sakaki even made sure everyone would be able to see through his plan by leaving the pharmaceutical info behind. See, it’s actually clever writing! Not stupid — clever!


8 Responses to “Ookamikakushi – 10”

  1. So I always start these Ryukishi07 series but i never finish them. Ookami Kakushi rolls around and i decided aight I’m actually gonna finish one and see what all the hub-bub is about. It’s like half the length of the other ones so this should be no problem right?

    Man did I pick the wrong one to finish.

    • LOL You really did get the worst-case scenario. Although, really, Umineko turned out disappointing in the end, so maybe it’s best you went with the shortest one. Higurashi is pretty good though.

  2. No anime is dropped forever: Ookami Kakushi

    …maybe I’ll leave this one dropped for now…

  3. Mr. Pib and Hiroshi = crazy delicious!

    Ugh, I don’t think Ryukishi put his all into this story. At least there’s only two more episodes to go.

    • Mr. Pibb, Hiro and Hassaku oranges are the keys to a well-balanced meal.

      Strangely enough, I’m looking forward to the final two episodes, if only to see how retarded the show can become. I’m ready for anything.

  4. This was fun to read, for all the wrong reasons, but fun nevertheless.

    • “. . . for all the wrong reasons . . .”

      Those reasons being that you had to watch Ookamikakushi to get enjoyment out of this post. :p

      Also, congrats on being the 500th commenter on this humble site!

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