Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 49

I can’t be the only one who think this looks like an enormous ass crack, right? Pride and Al are stuck inside a giant mound of ass.

So, I lol’d pretty hard after Epi predicted — with stunning accuracy! — exactly how our heroes would “defeat” Pride in this battle. (Are you sure you didn’t do some manga peeking? :P) In all, a solid plan: Take away the source of Pride’s strength and have the one person who needs no sustenance keep watch over him. Probably the only downside of this whole thing is that I am sure the giant ass mound stands out, to say the least, in this forested area. Look at the scale of it! That thing dwarfs both Ed and Hohenheim (not too difficult with the former, though), so the trees probably do not provide great cover for it.

By the way, it’s great to see Hohenheim in action, alchemy-wise, for once. Unless I am forgetting something — which is always possible, frankly — this is really the first time we see Hohenheim unleash some full-scale, kickass alchemy. Yeah, he builds a bridge over the poison in Lior, but whatever. Nobody cares about bridges. We care about giant asses made of the earth itself. That is what impresses the ladies, or so I assume; no word on whether Hohenheim’s ass-crafting abilities played any part in wooing Trisha to his side.

Maybe it is just because it has been a while since I read this part in the manga, or it is because I am actually seeing it in motion, but Pride’s behavior and demeanor in this part strikes me as a tad more inhuman in anime form. Take the part when he says he loves Wrath’s wife/his “mother” — the way he says he loves her rings hollow. “Her behavior fascinates me because she would give her life to save me . . . oh, I guess I love her.” And then he transitions right into saying how love ensures Father’s plan will work, because the sacrifices would never abandon the city. Greed is correct when he says that even compared to him, Pride is a monster. Plus, his Just As Keikaku face is creepy.

Meanwhile, there’s more of Kimblee being alive and well, and he becomes a bigger douche than before by killing off some of Scar’s Ishbal buddies. Really, he is just mad because his pilot isn’t being filmed. The masses just are not ready for Detective Kimblee yet — don’t take it out on the audience, man! That’s no way to prove readiness for a detective series, anyway. Shouldn’t detectives be solving murders rather than committing them? Kimblee is a terrible detective.

Finally, we’ve got Mustang kicking his plan into action as well. Lots of fire and blowing stuff up and general mayhem. It’s a good day to be Mustang, even when he is caught by those soldiers who everyone knows will not kill Mustang or Wrath’s wife or any of Mustang’s soldiers. Too bad none of the soldiers know they do not stand a chance. You have to feel for the mooks in that situation — they remain so blissfully unaware of their role in the fictional hierarchy. Many more of them would likely survive if they were privy to information such as how much screentime specific characters receive in the story. If a mook were to turn a corner and run into Mustang, he or she would be able to say, “Crap, this guy gets tons of screen time — he’s practically a main character! I’d better haul ass!”

Now, I’m not important enough to dedicate a post to the guy, but I wanted to pay my respects to Omni at Random Curiosity, who is retiring from blogging at the end of the season. He is the first anime blogger I read regularly, and while I didn’t always comment on his posts, I always made sure to read his thoughts on the series we both watched. Definitely a guy I’ll miss: I wish him lots of luck in the future!


11 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 49”

  1. Read the manga? Never! 🙂

    Although I may have to read it because I hear there’s more RAN FAN in it that I’m missing.

    Didn’t Hohenheim also use some alchemy during the Lior episode to fight Pride? Nothing too crazy of course, but it was still pretty cool.

  2. fathomlessblue Says:

    I think detective kimberly was doomed from the beginning, i’d imagine it’d be more repetative than an episode of house…

    Kimberly: “after analysing all the evidence and considering the findings, I can happily conclude that all signs point to… AN ISHBALAN!!!!”

    Audience: “Oh christ, not this again…”

  3. Pride stole these last 10 or so episodes. In fact, you could compare both FMA’s by which villain they did better. In the original, Greed was fantastically done. This time round it’s Pride for entirely different reasons.

    • I was actually thinking about this the other day — comparisons between the Homunculi in the original series and Brotherhood, I mean. My opinion:

      FMA!Lust > Brotherhood!Lust (only because the original had more time for character development; Kikuko Inoue’s hot voice makes it close though)

      FMA!Gluttony = Brotherhood!Gluttony (not really much of a difference between the two)

      Brotherhood!Envy > FMA!Envy (he’s such a bigger bastard in Brotherhood)

      FMA!Greed = Brotherhood!Greed (both awesome for different reasons)

      FMA!Sloth > Brotherhood!Sloth (I honestly don’t really care about either Sloth though … lol)

      Brotherhood!Wrath > FMA!Pride (both King Bradley, but Bradley is WAY better in Brotherhood, and he’ll just keep getting better)

      Brotherhood!Pride > FMA!Wrath (and it isn’t even close either; I hated Wrath in FMA, and I love to hate Pride)

  4. Gotta disagree on Kimblee being a bad detective. In a way, he’s one of the best there is. Think about it this way, every murder he’s responsible for he already knows who is responsible, when it was committed and how right off the bat. Efficiency.

    If that’s an Earth Ass, Mother Nature has some junk in the trunk there. I imagine that was only one of Hoenheim’s many techniques of wooing Trisha back in the day considering how much of a crazy bastard Ed is and how similar they are. For all we know, the real reason the boys burned down Chateau Elric was because they were tired of walking down the hall and seeing their bare-chested father leering at them from out of the woodwork. It’s like that thing Ed does with his own head, but sexier.

    As for the cannon fodder, you can’t really blame them, it’s kind of Hiromu Arakawa’s fault. Just about the only main characters who don’t wear the standard military uniform are the Elric brothers themselves, so they don’t have the handy Star Trek brand color coding to aid them in realizing whether or not they’re important. On top of that, Arakawa insists on drawing them all with unique faces, instead of recycling the same standard male and female design for every mook. They can’t even walk down the hall and go “well jeez, there’s like ten of me, I should probably go live peacefully before that kid in the red jacket blows my head off.”

    The weird thing is that the only character who even looks like anyone else who isn’t related to them is Denny Brosch, and he looks like the main character himself. (this is ignoring Hawkeye and Winry, since they kind of did that on purpose.)

  5. I can’t be the only one who think this looks like an enormous ass crack, right?


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