Kimi ni Todoke – 24

Man, I can’t think of many ED transitions that work better than the one in this episode. Sawako’s monologue about the end of her birthday and the wonderful year she has spent with her new friends, the slow fade into the still image of the blooming flower in the ED, the beginning of “Kataomoi” and then the image of Sawako waking up amid the colorful flower petals bursting toward the sun . . . now that is how you cap an episode like this.

We’re still not sure yet whether a second season of Kimi ni Todoke is in the cards yet, right? It would be preferable — at least from my end — for Sawako and Kazehaya to finally get together, because that is what everyone wants, but there is also the possibility of the ol’ “life goes on” ending that everyone is oh so fond of, haha. Perhaps that could be part of the reason why there has been no definitive announcement of a second season yet, despite there being more of the manga after this: Production I.G just wants to keep people guessing. Unless the remaining story is outstanding, though, just give me the anime-original ending. :p

While I of course want Sawako and Kazehaya to get together already, their interactions in this episode are much less frustrating and goofy than the early part of the series. Sure there are still the bits where Sawako almost falls on the snow-covered steps, and then Kazehaya has to swoop in and save her, whereupon they share a nice blush and some awkward conversation in the afterglow of their absolutely scandalous interaction, but the two of them are much more open with each other now, awkward as they may be. It’s nice to see. Now just give in to the passion, you two!

In the past few episodes, Ayane has clearly shown herself to share the sentiments of the audience. Actually, these three are the reason I am not 100 percent committed to a Kazehaya x Sawako ending. This is the kind of story crafted to end when the leads get together — so when that happens, no more Ryu, Chizuru and Ayane. I’ve grown to love these three, and their Kazehaya x Sawako stake-out is one of the funniest things in the whole series. Ryu in particular is quite funny through the whole scene, grousing that his plans for the day were changed but resigning himself nonetheless to the day’s mission. And he never did get his amakaze, poor guy. Chizuru practically shouting her greeting to Kazehaya to the heavens is the second funniest part of the episode. She’s so excited to execute this plot! :p

And Ayane shows how dedicated she is to the project by taking one for the team and draping herself on the arm of that loser, Joe. There always has to be one of these guys in romance stories, huh? She’ll need to let him down soon enough lest he turn into a crazy stalker who follows Ayane everywhere — by then, he will be far too yandere to take a simple no for an answer. Although he will be a dumb sort of yandere, so maybe it will be easier to put down the results of his crazy mood swings? Just as long as he stays away from the heavy machinery, everyone will probably be OK.

Who knows what the next episode will bring, but my guess is that, to match the new year theme, everyone will get a fresh start on their lives and individual relationships, with the focus, of course, being on Sawako and Kazehaya. There might even be a bit of Chizuru x Ryu action if the episode preview is anything to go by. Just as long as there is no Ayane x Joe. Don’t let him wear you down, Ayane!!


6 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke – 24”

  1. So I wasn’t that fond of this series at the beginning. That horrible bullies arc seemed to drag on FOR-EV-ER. I liked the Ume arc and from there the show has mostly been on an upswing. I want an anime original ending personally just be done with it before it reaches YuutoxHaruka levels of “JUST FUCK ALREADY!!-NESS”. They are practically gf/bf right there in that episode do they seriously need to stumble through another school year blushing awkwardly. You know if they just reset back to the status quo they would be all embarrassed around each other again. There’s no way they could keep up the level of communication they had here when other people are around. I was already rolling my eyes hard enough at the slipping on the steps scene. I’d hate for them to become permanently stuck that way by watching another season of bumbling. Which I will if they make a second season. Sigh

    On another note I love the sound direction this episode. It seems a lot of anime use an absence of BGM when depicting snowy situations (nights especially) and Kimi ni Todoke executes it quite nicely. From the crunching snow to the distant sound of the wind to the lulling chatter of the crowd I loved the quiet mood. Which is what exactly what I wanted to happen by watching it before bed.

    • I liked the tone of the series in the first few episodes, but once it started getting all dramatastic, the whole thing started to wear on me. But the series has picked up a lot since the end of the Kurumi arc, I agree. And of course I also agree that I just want Sawako and Kazehaya to get together already. :p

  2. I thought it was nice that Sawako actually said part of what she was feeling for once, even if it was a text message. And his eyes lingering in those simple lines. Even though both of them are embarassed, neither one was doing their automatic back-down, so it really feels like they were making progress this time. I really hope he was kidding about not knowing it was her birthday though: if they do end up together that one is going to come up in an argument later (repeatedly). šŸ˜‰

    • If Sawako even knew what the Internet was, I get the feeling she would be the type of person who is a bit more bold and outspoken online. She wouldn’t be a troll, or anything, but she wouldn’t be as afraid to speak her mind.

  3. Chizuru attempting to loudly call Shota from a nearby bush was awesome, but she should have thrown that on speaker phone! I like Ayane more and more each episode, especially as she was crushing that twig in frustration. I swear she’s vicariously dating through Sawako at this point.

    Poor Ryu really got screwed. If only Souichi was just pretending to be annoying so he could trap Ayane there and free Ryu for some solo time with Chizuru. That’s what a real wingman would do.

    • Haha, I think I agree with your theory about Ayane. Why deal with the failure of real men when you can manipulate “real” romance from the outside?

      Joe is too dumb to understand the wingman code, unfortunately. :p

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