Durarara!! – 12

In an episode with twists and turns, epic and/or ironic speeches and screwed-up relationships, this is the best part — Izaya plainly and simply tells Seiji that his pure love for Selty is purely bullshit because he couldn’t even tell the difference between Selty’s head, and a human whose head was modified to look like Selty’s. It’s just great that Izaya could not resist getting that dig in, and then hopping back outside the craziness of this Dollars meeting.

In fact, even with everything going on everywhere, Izaya seems very much the star of the episode because he is at the center of the chaos, even though nobody recognizes this aside from Namie, and of course it is in her best interests to keep her mouth shut. What makes Izaya’s machinations particularly fun is that the very nature of Durarara!! makes it difficult to predict whether he is being literal with his speech to Namie, whether he is being metaphorical or whether he is just spinning a bunch of crap to amuse himself (or perhaps a mix of a couple of items). But we’ve got a mythological creature roaming the streets of Ikebukuro, so who is to say there is not a Valhalla in this world as well? And if there is a Valhalla, well, I’d hate to see Izaya’s idea of Ragnarök. Yeesh.

For now, though, he is just laying out some more pieces and delighting that there is more to come. As crazy as Namie is, surely she has long since realized how utterly dangerous Izaya is — and how much it thrills him to play all sides against each other, mixing and matching the pieces until nobody knows who is where anymore. (Is it any surprise that he actually suggests Namie join Dollars?) The revelation that he has his hand in everything is not surprising; however, it is fun that we have all these pieces to the puzzle, and yet cannot see clearly what he is thinking. And he is probably quite eager to carry Selty’s head around with him, just to see how long he can keep it under everyone’s noses; it’s easy to imagine Izaya passing the time by holding some strange conversations with the head as well. Maybe act out “Hamlet” every so often.

A few people had already thrown out the theory that Mika Harima was actually alive and well and given a different face after a severe beating from Seiji, so I was not too shocked at this revelation at the beginning of the episode, although it is a fairly big twist. But the aftermath of this is absolutely hilarious. Mikado’s speech is so totally awkward and corny, and yet in an ironic way it is perfectly truthful — they really do deserve each other, this motormouth stalker who has no qualms with breaking into someone’s home (and who is perfectly willing to suffer abuse, which is, er, a good deal less funny), and this obsessive, creepy man who fully admits that he will string Mika along for now but intends to dump her when he finally earns the love of the dullahan’s head. And Mika is quite pleasant about the whole ordeal, not hesitating for even a moment to claim a space right next to her man in class.

A bit less amusing is the Shinra x Selty relationship, which I still don’t care for in the least — can’t get past how creepy Shinra is, and I definitely can’t get past him dicking Selty around so much and then writing it off as his love. Fuck that. Nice that he admits he is being selfish and manipulative, and nice that he is not planning on doing the “If you love her, let her go” deal, but that doesn’t make anything he does decent or worthy of love by any means. 20 years is a long time for a friendship to build, yes, but if I were stabbed in the back like that . . . well, I don’t know that I would have stopped at a single punch. Maybe dullahans just have a different standard for this sort of thing.

The end of the episode before Izaya’s speech is a bit uneventful, but I actually like that. The normality emphasizes the divide that still exists, for now, between the normal side of the world and the underground, and it emphasizes how special a night Mikado had. Much of Durarara!! has been concerned with urban legends, and Mikado is essentially involved in the creation of his own urban legend — the story of Dollars’ first meeting has spread far as quickly as the next morning (Kida’s breathless retelling of the story, which, amusingly enough, is missing some key parts likely left out by Izaya, is hilarious). Good stuff.

Looking forward to seeing what the next arc of the series brings, but unfortunately it will be a while before we get that, since there is no new Durarara!! next week.


13 Responses to “Durarara!! – 12”

  1. Son Gohan Says:

    I was a bit disappointed with the ending of this arc because none of the villains got their just deserts. Seiji simply goes back to school, Namie goes into hiding (?) and that liar Shinra gets to keep our lovely Dullahan around.
    Another thing that irks me is that in the Durarara world the police is notably absent. I mean, there is a riot going on in the middle of Ikebukuro yet not a single cop in sight.
    It’s still a clever story but I was hoping for some kind of retribution for the Yagiri siblings at least…

    • Iron Maw Says:

      Actually, there wasn’t riot. The Dollars meeting was mostly non-violent aside Celty since Mikado held them back, furthermore the entire lasted a few minutes at best.

      As for Namie, Seiji and Shinra only Namie was really a villain as she planned the whole thing with Mika. Seiji didn’t go jail because nobody died hell if anyone would be dwith something it be Mika for breaking and entering. Shinra was only contacted for surgery where he found out about “head”. That pretty much extent of his involvement. He’s Underground Doctor after all and gets all sorts of jobs like this.

      Durarara!! isn’t as Black and White as one makes it.

      • Son Gohan Says:

        Well, we never see the police even when Shizuo goes on a rampage, barring one single case when he was framed by Izaya.
        Seiji didn’t deserve to go to jail, you say? Sorry, but ATTEMPTED MURDER is still a crime in my book! Not the mention the assault on Shizuo with pens and the attempted assault on Mikado. It’s true that the Durarara world is not just black or white, but I can’t find a trace of goodness in Seiji.

    • I think part of the point with the villains not getting their just desserts is that this world boils underneath the surface, beneath the knowledge of normal people. If Namie, Shinra or whoever gets punished, then this world suddenly becomes a reality instead of an urban legend flowing beneath the surface. I do want to see Namie and Seiji get theirs eventually, though.

  2. Izaya strikes me as a character who does things that might be construed as “evil” but his reasons for doing so aren’t evil. He seems to delight in placing obstacles in front of people just to see how they can knock them down.

    • I don’t see him as traditionally evil — yet — because he doesn’t really have a side right now, and his motives are still fairly murky. He’s just screwing with people right now, sometimes in ways that help the “good guys” and sometimes in ways that are to their detriment.

  3. clinton Says:

    Izaya’s motive for everything is that he loves the entire Human race (minus a one man is a bar tender outfit)

  4. I agree about ShinraXCelty. That relationship made me feel queasy ever since I saw Shinra dissect her. I am soooo glad she punched him hard enough to knock his lying ass on the floor. As to forgiving him, well, if that’s her call, then that’s her call. At least she knows what he did. (BTW, is lying to somebody about where their stolen head is worse than cheating on them? Never really had to think about that before).

  5. Oh man, no new Durarara next week?!

    I want to know how you win Izaya’s cheshogo board game, and it would be funny if he was trying to make everyone a member of Dollars so he could infect their phone with a virus. Wait, wasn’t that the plot for Appleseed Ex Machina???

    Shinra bothers me too, but all the love in this show seems pretty screwed up. I can’t believe that Selty flinched when Shinra went into his awkward windup for that punch.

  6. is durarara over cause if not then was there just no episode this week because i just have to know

    • Durarara!! is not over. It just took a break this week, probably because of the shift to the new season. Same kind of thing Fullmetal Alchemist usually does.

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