Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 51

So, hey, guess BONES feels so confident enough about reaching the finish on time that Brotherhood didn’t even take its customary week off between seasons! Excellent. New OP and ED this week, too — gotta say, not really feeling the new OP. It’s a “calm before the storm” kind of song, I suppose, but the audience is already in the middle of the storm. Shouldn’t the OP reflect that? The accompanying animation is cool, too. Maybe a bit overdone with everyone looking so gloomy, but there are also plenty of cool, kickass parts in it, too.

Getting to the actual episode . . . the above scene is the only really disappointing part of this episode for me, and it’s mainly because Al’s appearance doesn’t look quite as badass as it does in the manga. The manga drawing seems so much sharper, harder and more dangerous. But that’s just one little part in the grand scheme of things; certainly everything else in this episode is well done. Looking forward to Al kicking some ass and getting out of this situation, as well. Kimblee and Pride vs. Al doesn’t seem like a fair fight, at first, but when the hero comes out looking like he is on a mission, then you know there is much ass waiting to be kicked.

Everyone knew that May Chang’s dumbness would eventually lead to Envy’s “resurrection”, so best just to accept it and revel in Envy’s return to his bastardly glory. The show is just more fun when someone as horrible as Envy is around to despise. Can’t have a final battle without all the Homunculi to represent themselves, right? Too bad Lust had to miss the party due to getting blasted into ash by Mustang way back when. Oh well.

The zombie army is kind of silly, but at the same time, I dig it, too, because it represents everything that is wrong with the research conducted with the Philosopher’s Stones: Amestris is trying to control something that should not be control, and because of this the souls collected are warped beyond repair. And I guess warped souls turn to human flesh for sustenance. Maybe all the zombies in every zombie movie ever are just the remnants from this army. The first FMA does end with this world being connected with our reality, after all. Thanks a lot, Amestris! Every zombie apocalypse is your fault.

Speaking of zombie apocalypses, it is amusing that Ed and his crew almost immediately find themselves in the middle of a classic zombie scenario: Surrounded by the dreaded flesh eaters with nowhere else to run. If only there were an abandoned shack or a kickass, fortified shopping mall to use as a headquarters. (The dad from Kenan and Kel could make a cameo appearance, too!) Alas, it is too early in the century for zombie movies, so Ed’s gang does not have the proper knowledge to face these monstrosities; they can only hope that they’ll be able to dish out enough pain to kill ’em all off after a while.

As an incredibly biased man, my favorite part of the episode is of course Olivier fighting Sloth. Before that, she handles her hostage quite well, being cold enough to make sure the mooks know she is not fucking around, but also smart enough to know that her threats should lead to her scaring the hell out of the soldiers and letting them flee, which is her best chance of survival (even though she could probably kick all their asses). Sloth takes care of that, though, by disposing of Olivier’s hostage El Gigante-style.

Then Olivier knows the jig is up, and that she needs to badass her way out of Central HQ. Is it just me, or is that sword she wields REALLY strong? Olivier deflects Sloth’s enormous chain as if it is nothing. The chain breaks through some columns and whatnot, so Sloth doesn’t whip it around with pansy levels of force here. No wonder Olivier doesn’t want to sully that sword with the blood of her hostage — it really is a legendary sword! Unfortunately, it is not legendary enough to save Olivier from being groped by yet another villain. What the hell is it with these bad guys and sexually harassing Olivier?! They must all die.

Thankfully, Alex arrives on the scene and decides he will not stand for this nonsense and rocket punches the hell out of Sloth. Good show! And the fight only gets more awesome from here, folks. Actually, the best fight is still to come. Keep on the edge of that seat, people!


6 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 51”

  1. clinton Says:

    I’m guessing that Envy is your favorite villain. and i always saw the lesser homunculi as personality mix between Sloth and Gluttony

    They have Sloth’s Brainlessness and lack of personality and Gluttony’s unstable need to full their guts and that’s them in a nut shell

    • Envy is my go to “love to hate him” villain in FMA. He’s just a horribly slimy jackass of a villain. It’s just so much fun to root against him.

      But my favorite villain character in this series is Wrath — he’s the most complex of the Homunculi, even more so than Greed.

  2. I was kind of hoping that Sloth’s clothes would fly off with that punch. Alas Alex is no Shizuo… 😦

    I think the sword can survive if Olivier is merely using it to deflect the chain. Done correctly, you can only incur minimal force transfered to the sword.

  3. Opening’s not really to my tastes either. The song might grow on me, but that’s a hell of a lot of angst to shove into the beginning of every episode of the “let’s go screw people’s shit up in increasingly awesome ways” arc. The first anime was the angst vehicle, let’s leave that where it belongs.

    May’s dumbassery was slightly redeemed for me by that scene when she first encounters the zombies and beats the crap out of them all while simultaneously playing Keep Away with the Envy jar. That was awesome and she deserves some props for it. As for Envy, I remember being annoyed by the fact that he still existed around this point in the manga, but the upcoming fight will make it all worthwhile and then some.

    My goodness but that eyecatch was just silly this week. The first one almost sounded like Vic Mignogna himself, which makes sense because it’s probably a recording of his reaction upon hearing the eyecatch for the first time.

    And of course Olivier’s sword is powerful. It’s the only thing that’s actually managed to get her to use the “it’s been passed down the Armstrong line for GENERATIONS!” line. Not just anything can do that.

    • I will begrudgingly give May props for her jar juggling skills during her fight scene. Doesn’t make her any less of a dumb ass, but it does make her a bit cooler.

      LOL The eyecatch weirded me out too. I seem to remember him doing that horrifying giggle at least once before, but I’m not sure.

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