Durarara!! – 14

This episode is interesting, and not so interesting at the same time — slowly paced, reveals quite a bit of information and is actually rather funny, mostly due to what a (purposefully) goofy character Shingen is. Normally, Info Dumping Episodes are incredibly irritating because despite a wealth of information being revealed, the episodes themselves are usually rather lazy; however, though this episode toes the line between interesting and lazy, it at least has enough going for it to not be too horrible.

The intertwining of the plot involving Celty’s head and the plot involving the Slasher is the biggest revelation from this episode — and it is started by Shingen “accidentally” telling Celty that he is the one who stole her head all those years ago. I don’t believe for a minute that this is anything but a calculated act, however; Shingen may look outwardly pathetic, but he shows in this episode that he knows exactly what is going on, and his leaking of information seems to be something to keep Izaya’s plan in motion.

Look at what it does: Early in the episode, Celty (barf) admits that she returns Shinra’s feelings for her, and she even wanes a bit in her desire to retrieve her head . . . that is, until Shingen forces her to focus upon the head again. Celty doesn’t focus on it completely, however, until after her visit with Izaya, where he reveals the information about Saika, the demon sword carried by the Slasher. While it is unlikely that Izaya knew about what Shingen told Celty earlier (unless he is running his own Patriot Act operation in Ikebukuro), Shingen’s actions end up playing into Izaya’s plans, because a rift forms between Celty and Shinra when Celty correctly deduces that Shinra is hiding something from her regarding Saika, and then Shinra reveals that Shingen used Saika to sever the soul link between Celty’s head and her body, and that Shinra knew about it all these years.

Izaya’s plan is to awaken Celty’s head by introducing an element of strife to it. Shingen knows this; thus, he introduces some strife into the area where Celty is most comfortable at the moment: Her relationship with Shinra (ugh). More and more Izaya will likely target the people around Celty so that she will be isolated, which means there will probably be some more of Izaya ticking off Shizuo relatively soon. Shizuo has been quiet for a while, so he definitely needs to jump back into the plot.

As for the Saika, the information we’re privy to in this episode obviously jives with a lot of what we have been shown in the past — the red eyes, the otherworldly control and so on. If the Saika is an actual long blade, then it seems reasonable to believe that the Slasher who squared off with Celty way back when is the actual person wielding the Saika, while the Slasher who ambled into the alley afterward is one of the Saika Wielder’s zombie followers, which would mean that a person would not have to actually physically hold the Saika to be under its command (since the Slashers have been shown to use knives as well).

I have to wonder why Shingen sold that sword (and who he sold it to), but weapon use probably isn’t something he cares for very much. He seems more into manipulating people (sound familiar, Shinra??) and creepy surgery, so once the sword allowed him to take Celty’s head, he had no real use for it. Plus, if there’s anything anime has taught me, it’s that demon swords do not allow themselves to be subjugated to anyone, so Shingen probably got out while the getting was good with the Saika.

As a random aside, the music playing during the final scene of this episode (starting at about 22:00) reminded me a lot of this track from RahXephon, which had a pretty kickass OST along with being a good series (I’d say a “great” series, but I don’t know how many would agree with me :p). Makes me want to watch the series again, actually …


11 Responses to “Durarara!! – 14”

  1. Iron Maw Says:

    One tid bit you missed was that Shingen interesting enough works Nebula the same guys who want as far buying Namie’s company to get their hands on the head.

    Shingen is pretty fun character and I agree with everything you said about him. He seems to only view Celty as monster or, science specimen.

    As for Shinra’s knowledge about Saika he actually admitted he only recently made the connection that sword and the one his father own along with series events. And to his credit he did tell Celty of his Father’s dealings with it regardless what would happen and was pretty remorseful with the whole thing. As noted by Celty and Izaya parts of his personality are more from how his dad has brought him up than himself.

    • I’ll set aside my horrible bias for a moment and at least admit that Shinra manned up and admitted everything to Celty. (And good on you for calling me out on forgetting that Shinra said he only recently made the connection. He WAS aware of Celty’s head going missing, though, and chose not to tell her for a hell of a long time, so I can’t completely forgive him there.)

      And the whole “nurture” aspect of Shinra’s personality only goes so far. The weirdness of Shinra’s upbringing did not cause him to hide information from Celty; it was his own admitted selfishness.

  2. jacob Says:

    i think you should have mentioned the end of the episode were the slasher was gonna cut anri i thought that was messed up because i was one of the people who thought that she was the slasher

    • jacob Says:

      the music playing at the end really freaked me out it was so eerie……but man did it fit the

    • It DOES seem to put a slight damper on the “Anri is the Slasher” theory, but at the same time, she is shown clearly alive and well in the preview to the next episode, so who knows what will happen there.

  3. Whatever Shingen’s motivations are, I’m all for him splitting up Celty and Shinra. The more we learn about the things Shinra’s been hiding, the creepier he seems; and who would want to marry someone with a dad like Shingen anyway? He probably handled the Saika with tongs, or had someone else do the actual cutting as he seems extremely adept at manipulating people and events. I have a feeling that when Celty gets her head back he’s going to want to be in an underground bunker though, not that it’s going to help him any.

    P.S. Rahxephon is great, and the OST (at least disc 1) has been super cheap at rightstuf for quite a while.

    • Christmas at the Kishitani household must be a weird experience. And think of what the wedding would be like! Get out while you still can, Celty!

      Good to see someone who agrees with me about RahXephon!

  4. fathomlessblue Says:

    As much as I dislike celtyxshinra, the guy is growing on me. He’s acting more like someone in love and his initial stance of twisted obsession and is finally understanding the importance of honesty in a relationship. At least loves making him a better person even if the thought of him and celty is all kinds of yuck…

    And yes Rahxephon rules. I don’t care if it steals the concept and key scenes/images from eva, it still beats 9/10 anime on the market. Its show what great shows they are when I consider both of them in my top 5 anime, whilst generally hating mecha shows l

    • See, I don’t think RahXephon lifts from Eva any more than Eva lifts from mecha series that preceded it. And RahXephon goes in an ultimately different direction with everything than Eva. They’re not really about the same things at all, thematically.

      • fathomlessblue Says:

        When I said it lifts stuff from eva I didn’t really mean in thematically but in more superficial terms and images. On the top of my head I remember in ep 1 Ayato using the line, “alls well with the world”, i.e. nervs logo, and a hand covered in blood identical to shinji’s hand when he holds an injured rei in ep 1 of eva. There were plenty of others especially in the first five episodes of so.

        I guess you could call it homage but I remember when the series first aired many decried it as a subpar eva clone (i’m with you in thinking thats B.S.) and the many not so subtle nods certainly didn’t convince many initial opinions.

        • There’s a fine line between homage and ripping off . . . what makes it trickier is that mecha series in general tip their caps to each other. I agree with you that whatever Rah lifts from Eva is mainly superficial.

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