Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 53 – Big Damn Heroes (and Villains)

This is the episode where the entire cast reminds us that, yes, they are indeed here.

Lots of grand entrances in this episode, and, amusingly enough, a couple of instances where alchemy is used to make doors in solid objects. Guess there’s nothing more impressive than walking out of solid rock with nary a scratch. Izumi’s entrance — and her subsequent ass kicking of Sloth in tandem with her husband — certainly impresses the hell out of the Armstrong siblings. Housewives gotta rumble every so often.

Also funny how Ed is pretty much shoved off to the side for an episode. What’s the adult way of life? To hog screen time! It’s been so long since Izumi was around regularly that she deserves some time, though. It’s a clause in the contract: The teacher can’t go more than a couple of seasons without showing up and beating the shit out of someone, whether that person be human (Ed) or homunculus. Zombies don’t count since they were a military secret.

Still wish Olivier got more of a chance to show off, though. What, she couldn’t even slice through the heads of some token zombies? I bet she could take them, lefty or righty. Basically all she does in this episode is say, “Yeah, I’m not getting sniped; the fuhrer’s chair is not for me.” I bet the reason why Wrath never got sniped while sitting in that chair is that he would have sensed the approach of the bullet and immediately cleaved it in two. Try again next time, assassins!

So the adults kick a little ass and try to get some information from the douchebags still wandering around the place when Wrath gets his own Big Damn Villain entrance. As I’m going through Brotherhood week-by-week, Wrath has supplanted Greed as my favorite Homunculus. He’s just as bad as any of the others, but there’s something that’s just so damn cool and regal about him (which is why, I suppose, he is the fuhrer), even though he is pushing the state into violence the likes of which has never been seen before in this world. Who else could stride so confidently into the middle of the headquarters with enemies in siege everywhere without caring what will happen, because he knows he can beat the hell out of all of them? Now that’s a warrior.

Too bad the preview gives away that Greed will be facing off against Wrath, although people probably predicted that they would be squaring off again after the inconclusive nature of their first battle. Wrath brings the good in every fight because he’s so physical and dynamic, so I’m looking forward to how BONES brings these battles to life. Don’t resort to cheap animation tricks like we see in this episode! :p

Not too much more to say about this episode, since it is mostly ass kicking and setup (and I don’t want to write too much about the scene between Father and Hohenheim), but I LOL’d at the vaguely homoerotic interactions between Alex and Sig. Alex seemed a bit TOO impressed at how buff and tough Sig is. Would you be at all shocked if yaoi of these two existed somewhere in some dark corner of the Internet? Hell, just shave Sig’s head, and Kanako would probably draw that shit herself.


2 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 53 – Big Damn Heroes (and Villains)”

  1. No anime is complete without a little muscle-y homoeroticism.

    Naruto in particular seems to be incomplete without shitloads of every kind of homoeroticism there is, but this is FMA and therefore needs no such paltry gimmicks. Still, just a little sweaty, top-heavy man fisticuffs never hurt anything.

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