Giant Killing 9 – Fans Are Funny

In a relatively slow-moving (though needed) episode, the moment that really stands out is the fan interaction.

There are many different types of fans who go to games: Those who just want to enjoy the game in person, those who want to be loud and rowdy in support of their team, those who want to be assholes and ruin every other fan’s experience, those who get WAY too into what is going on, etc. Anyway, I dug the old fan vs. new fan angle because neither side is really entirely right or wrong about the “proper” way to support a team.

The old dudes act high and mighty by criticizing the young’uns overly vocal support, and they do have a point. In a way, the Skulls are making themselves just as big as ETU itself, propping themselves up to the level of unofficial mascots. Should be all in good fun, but to the Skulls, it is Serious Business. Personally, I don’t like fans who try to make themselves bigger than they are — it’s great that the Skulls aren’t a placid audience, but there’s a limit to it. I mean, reporting someone to the lead fan because he’s not supporting the team the “right” way? What the hell is THAT? Take the bug out of your ass, buddy.

At the same time, though, the old guys don’t have much room to talk because they’re hopping on the Tatsumi bandwagon pretty quickly, aren’t they? That’s only acceptable if ETU was bungled so horrifically, their seasons so terrible and the losing so completely unbearable that the team’s upper management couldn’t have done more damage to the fans if they had taken a truckload of shotguns and started unloading fire into the stands one day. It takes a REALLY special kind of losing to call off one’s allegiance to a team; otherwise, a fan has to support the team through the bad times as well as the good.

I mean, the Lakers were utter shit after trading Shaquille O’Neal, and that 2005-06 team where Kobe Bryant dragged the Lakers kicking and screaming to the playoffs (fucking SMUSH PARKER was their third-best player, my god) was depressing as hell to see. But ragequitting the Lakers didn’t occur to me for even a moment. Admittedly that is a light brush with losing, but look at the poor Knicks fans. If Isiah Thomas didn’t kill their will, then NOTHING will. Those old guys have no excuse, particularly since it doesn’t seem as if ETU is pricing fans out of games like the NFL and NBA seem intent on doing.

The solution, clearly, is to join forces — combine that youthful energy and enthusiasm (and cut out the douchebaggery) with the experience, loyalty and sense of community possessed by the older fans. There’s a common goal: They want ETU to kick ass and take names. Why should they be getting all pissy about it? Fans should be uniting in their love for the team instead of going to war against each other. Get it done, ETU Nation.

In other news, the freelance journalist is continuing to make me laugh. Is it just me or is she the laziest journalist in history? How about she spend some time, you know, hunting for a story instead of hoping ETU will win and then everything will be happy flower sunshine fun time. ETU doesn’t seem like the type of team that has the clout to completely shut out journalists who are talking shit about them because the media would probably rip them apart. It’s a drama sort of thing, her toeing the line with ETU because she senses something in Tatsumi’s demeanor, but in reality it is pretty silly.

Maybe I just can’t get over it because no journalist I know would ever approach coverage that way in a million years, haha.

Pretty solid set-up episode. It’ll be fun to see that slimy coach get his comeuppance, whether ETU gets the outright victory, or if the game ends in a tie (which would probably be the more realistic result). The foreigners made me laugh, even as I was impressed at how multilingual Giant Killing continues to be. (Can’t lie, though — I would have laughed SO hard if they were speaking Spanish rather than Portuguese.)


2 Responses to “Giant Killing 9 – Fans Are Funny”

  1. I say ETU wins because the opposing coach looks more like a villain than anybody else on this show. Seriously, he looks like the kind of guy who, if this were a racing show, would poor oil on the track.

    Also I’m guessing that the ‘get great foreign players’ strategy is going to bomb because of two reasons: [1] it isn’t Tatsumi’s strategy, and [2] a victory over foreigners makes for more drama.

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