Durarara!! 22 – I Mustn’t Run Away! … Next Episode

Kida calling is not enough to awaken Mikado from his self-pitying slumber . . .

I’m of two minds about this episode: On the one hand, at least something is finally happening. The Yellow Scarves were moving. Dollars was moving. Anri stands up for herself after receiving more help from Celty. Shizuo gets to kick a little ass (and receives some retaliation in return). After so much build-up, it seems as if events are finally moving somewhere.

On the other hand, there is just so much stupid in this episode. It’s understandable stupidity — hell, I was dumb as fuck when I was a teen — but stupidity nonetheless. Let’s make no bones about it: Mikado is really dumb in this episode. His logic seems clear: The Yellow Scarves are attacking Dollars; therefore, if Dollars does not exist anymore, then the Yellow Scarves will have nobody else to attack. But as has been pointed out in innumerable places, the Yellow Scarves are just looking to be violent. They have evolved beyond the play gang they were when Kida first formed the group. They’re a full-fledged gang now. They want blood, and they don’t care where they get it.

Really, the whole nature of their mission against Dollars points to this. How does one tell that a person is a member of Dollars? They are the colorless group. Really, all the Yellow Scarves can do is approach people they a) know are Dollars members from past scuffles, or b) assume that anyone who isn’t a self-identified member of the Yellow Scarves is a member of Dollars. Do they particularly care whether they are actually taking down Dollars members? As long as they believe they’re putting the squeeze on Dollars, that is good enough for Horada and crew.

That’s what is frustrating about Mikado’s decision to shut down Dollars. Mikado is being self-centered and focused on his own guilt, which is understandable . . . if not entirely excusable. However, his decision goes entirely against his experience as well. The audience knows that Dollars itself was not entirely responsible for saving Anri. There was luck involved with Shizuo being at the right place at the right time in the right frame of mind to beat the shit out of Horada’s group and rescue Anri. But does Mikado know this? Nope. All he can see is that Dollars worked together to save Anri . . . and then he takes away their main means of communication. Way to go.

(Although in another bit of stupidity, I’m not exactly sure what is stopping another enterprising member of Dollars from creating a new BBS for the group. Probably wouldn’t have too many members at first, but word of mouth would spread quickly, I’d imagine. Dollars is full of dummies.)

Then there’s Kida’s continued slide into dumbassery, but I’m actually a bit more inclined to be forgiving of him, just because I actually like this scene, even if Kida is being an idiot during it. The tension is actually boiling over, and the characters are getting the ugliness out of their systems so that they can go on and kick some ass later.

Look, Kida is being as dumb as Mikado during this scene. There is no denying that. Presented with an opportunity to clear the air with Anri, he kind of starts off in that direction . . . and then he accuses Anri of cockteasing Mikado. Wait, what? First off, she can’t cocktease Mikdao, because he’d actually need to have a cock for that to happen. Secondly, why the hell is he bringing this up instead of getting real answers? Landon’s view makes the most sense — Kida is just venting all the frustration that has built up from his lack of control, both with his gang and his friendships. Then he goes for a nice sulk around town while everything goes to shit around him. At least the preview for the next episode seems to indicate Kida grows a pair and gets back into the game by seeking help.

Luckily for Anri, she got most of the dumb idealism out of her system before this episode with the failure of her plan to stop the Yellow Scarves. She’s not perfect, by any means . . . when she knew her friend was the leader of the Yellow Scarves, it probably would have been best to speak up and clear up the confusion, even if it would have been incredibly difficult. But considering she is infiltrated by a freaking demon, it’s understandable why she would believe Kida and/or Mikado would be freaked out by that little revelation.

But at least Anri is moving (slowly) toward standing up for herself and being more open, with the help of her friends, of course. Because friendship is the most important thing in the history of ever, as anime has often taught us. Anri may have made mistakes, but there’s no reason she should stand and take that shit from Kida, especially since Kida led Mikado on and used Mikado to cure his loneliness just as much as Anri did. lol hypocrisy

But whatever. While there is some Grade A Dumbass in this episode, at least it is dumb that is directly leading somewhere, unlike the dumb in the past, what, three or four episodes?


18 Responses to “Durarara!! 22 – I Mustn’t Run Away! … Next Episode”

  1. Very nice post, you looked over the trio’s situation better than I did.

    I guess in defense of not remaking the Dollars, I don’t know if anyone would want that responsibility. Out of the main characters, the only person I could think of is Izaya, and we certainly don’t want it in his hands. It’s a big deal to lead an organization, even if it’s completely anonymous and decentralized. It takes a special person to even think they can run it. And if any of the random Dollars goons running around were up to it, well, they’d probably be part of the cast, you know?

    • I thought about that, but it would still be pretty easy to just make another BBS and then just hang back and let the group itself do its thing. From what we have seen in the series, Mikado wasn’t exactly a proactive leader, anyway. Dollars got along mostly fine without him directly running the show.

      • Heh, point. On the other hand, Mikado’s hands off approach allowed Izaya to take the reins easily. I don’t think the Dollars have spent this entire time running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

  2. Well all along Kida is supposed to be this flawed character, and he feels chained to his past after getting worked by Izaya. Ok, I can understand that. Anri is possessed by an evil sword and her parents met a crazy end. She’s damaged goods. Fine. But WTF is Mikado’s problem? He’s just lonely and yet he’s always talking all this crap about evolving and acting like he’s in control of the Dollars. I have the biggest problem with Mikado, because he still has no clue about his “friends” and just spends all his time feeling sorry for himself.

    • lol Yeah, Mikado feels as if he has the least legit reasons for being such a mopey loser. Everyone’s had their bouts with loneliness in their life (or most people, anyway), but jeez, he just takes it to the next level. I didn’t hate Mikado so much at the beginning of the series, because it actually did seem as if he made an honest effort to evolve, but he’s so damn irritating now.

  3. The only reason I would be willing to give Kida a break on this is because he is the least capable of the three. I honestly didn’t figure he would be the first to pull it together, so, in that sense, his behavior is understandable.

    Anri (with some cajoling from Celty) is moving in the right direction.

    Mikado is moving in the wrong direction. It doesn’t help to shut yourself off from other people. It doesn’t matter if you’re scared, or depressed, or you think you did something bad; cutting yourself off from other people is not a solution. He said earlier that he wanted “connections”, well that isn’t a guarantee for a lifetime of fun. It can bring with it some heartache as well.

    All that being said, I think this was a very effective episode. I think the drama was credible, not forced. The characters showed themselves for who they were, not who they needed to be for the sake of the story.

    • Yeah, I can’t totally hate this episode because a lot of the drama actually does work for me, even the stuff at the very end.

  4. Mikado seriously pisses me off. That’s all there is to say about it. I’m not surprised that he disbanded the Dollars though. Although you state that 16 years olds are smarter than that, being involved in lots of online games over the years and online leagues, i can tell you that stuff like this happens all the time.

    • Haha, god, Mikado must be an ass on XBox Live.

    • Course there is not so much the threat of physical violence when an online league disbands as when Dollars disbands.

      Personally i think it’s time for the police to step in and do their jobs. Kuzuhara was demonizing Celty all that time why doesn’t he focus on some people doing more than just breaking traffic laws?

      I don’t find Mikado’s decision inherently wrong. Partly I want to blame the Dollars themselves for going overboard with the colorless gang thing. It’s just a bunch of people on a message board. Why’d they have to identify as a group in the outside world. A colorless gang is still a gang. Nothing will stop the yellow scarves now, but nothing was stopping them before either till Mikado stepped in and asked them to save her. How many people got beat up before that? Maybe Mikado was deciding whether to take an active hand in leading the dollars or disbanding.

      • You do have a solid point here. They were probably harmless when they were, like, a community activist group (cleaning up graffiti, etc.), but then they started becoming a sort of vigilante-lite group, which draws the attention of some seedy elements.

  5. Roger Says:

    I can’t really hate on Kida, he can clear the air with Anri but “So yeah, I know you snuck into our hide out and have a magical sword and that you’re going around hypnotising people so uh, are you the Slasher?” doesn’t easily roll of the tongue. Anri and Kida have been established to be parasidic individuals that need Mikado and each other friendship just to keep going. Clearing the air concerning their secret and criminal activities doesn’t come natural to them.
    And Kida IS trying contact Mikado at the end of it.

    Mikado on the other hand, you withdraw yourself from Dollars, fine, be emo. But when your best friend since elementary school disappears for a week and then tries to contact you and you don’t pick up, you suck. And I really don’t see how this can be attributed to the Dollars thing. Your friends should be more important then that.

    • I agree about Mikado. Maybe Kida was in trouble? (Actually he is.) So you ignore his call and what happens to him?

    • I agree about Mikado as well. I can see him shutting down Dollars, but not answering Kida’s call is just going too far for self pity. Shouldn’t he worried about Kida, someone who supposes to be important to him?! Especially since everyone else getting beat up and Kida not showing up to school… I bet if Anri called, he would have answered.

  6. *shrugs* I must be the only one who isn’t pissed at Mikado. He was always in over his head with the Dollars with no real ideas on what he wanted to do with the group. I mean, ‘do nice things’ is hardly an ingenious plan or anything. These latest episodes have just shown us that. What, did people expect him to suddenly grow up?

    …well, I suppose he should have matured a little bit since the beginning of the show, but the whole time he’s just been led along by Kida, who we’ve seen to be far from the most collected of people around. He needs to have a sleepover at Celty’s flat. That seems to have worked for Anri

    • I wasn’t pissed at Mikado either. He’s just some dumb kid wrapped up in all this. The members of the Dollars are the ones who blew the group and his role in it out to extreme proportions. As I said above a colorless gang is still a gang.

    • I think the anger is swarming in now because his being self-centered actually has consequences now outside of his little bubble, whereas before he was still doing the same crap, but nothing really bad came of it (and he actually stepped up to the plate at the end of the first arc).

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