Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 62 – Soul Brother

Definitely a lot of fun to see this kickin’ final battle play out onscreen, though as Epi points out, it is kind of strange to see Father not fight back a bit more creatively. However, it seems as if it is not that he can’t fight back in a tougher way because he lacks the imagination to do so; rather, it’s more because Hohenheim’s plan has Father by the balls, and Father is desperately putting all his power into denying that truth, except his power is not enough to handle his business. He could unleash a ton of energy and vaporize all the characters in an instant, but to do so would require much more energy than he has on hand at the moment. Father would likely die along with everyone else.

So, basically, he is being owned by the humans he has spent the entire run of the series looking down upon. Yeah, he can block just about all of their attacks and lash out at them with Force alchemy lightning and whatever, but that in and of itself is already pushing him to his limit. There is a point to be had, however, by saying the guy only knows how to fight with pure power and nothing else. He can’t really use his dwindling strength in an efficient way; he has to face everyone head on and obliterate them, because in his mind, he is still a god. And he is getting what is coming to him for having that hubris.

Despite some of the animation shortcuts during the course of the episode (lots of my old friend, the still screen!), the final flurry from Ed to Father is pretty damn awesome, if a bit too over the top at times. (Must be some powerful adrenaline running through Ed if he takes a metal bar out of his left arm and then, about a few seconds later, chucks a spear with that same arm!) The whole time I couldn’t stop thinking of the fight between Homer Simpson and Drederick Tatum in The Simpsons, where everyone is shouting for Tatum to beat the hell out of Homer, and it caps off with Dr. Nick Riviera shouting, “Kill him! Kill him!”

One part where the story falls into pure shounen territory is when Ling tells Greed that what he really wants is the same sense of camaraderie Ed has when everyone is cheering him on while he kicks some ass. Greed is the most human of all the Homunculi, and the only one who seems to have an instinctive desire to surround himself with people (or subordinates, as he would say), so it’s not like the moment doesn’t make sense, but it’s the one moment of heart tugging that doesn’t really work for me.  Greed wants some friends, but I’m pretty sure he would like some of that other stuff — food, sex, money, power, etc. — on the side, too! And super size it.

But I do appreciate the badassery of Greed sacrificing himself just so that he can have a shot at absorbing Father’s powers (or, perhaps, his goal the entire time is to lower Father’s shield so that his newfound pals can have a few whacks at the guy). It takes a Greedy guy to plunge his hand into someone’s face to absorb his stones. Or something like that.

It was definitely a bit dusty in here, however, when Al sacrificed himself so that Ed could get his arm and leg back, and thusly beat the hell out of Father. I love that Al’s eyes are so expressive that you can actually tell when he is smiling, even though his eyes almost always have the same expression. He’s definitely smiling when he transmutes himself, because he has complete confidence that Ed will fuck up Father and get Al back, complete with body. Everyone’s bawling their eyes out, but Al is cool as a cucumber. Go Al.

My favorite moment of the episode, though, is Hawkeye and Mustang teaming up to let loose the flames of hell upon Father. I’m such a sucker for those two. Now that is some teamwork! ❤

Good episode overall. Lots of action and excitement, and the long climax is just about drawing to a close. Everything should resolve itself in the next episode, so unless BONES decides to drag things out, most of the finale should be dedicated to the epilogue. Would be kind of cool if there were some extra things not in the manga.

5 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 62 – Soul Brother”

  1. Good catch about Al’s eyes. I’ve noticed it for a while but I keep forgetting to mention it.

  2. Millia Says:

    Ed didn’t get both his arm and leg back. He only got his arm back, since that was what he sacrificed to attach Al’s soul in the armor. He lost his leg when he transmuted his mother, which means it can’t be returned with Al’s sacrifice.

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