Anime Expo 2010: Saturday (July 3) Meet-Up Final Planning

One more post on this because I am an attention whore because I think it would be good to have a post with a definite plan. It would be good to get this solidified as soon as possible since I don’t know who will have Internet access at Anime Expo — we should have our plans in place at least by the time the con begins, yeah?

Judging from the comments in yesterday’s post, everyone seems relatively cool with initially meeting up at the Starbucks in the L.A. Convention Center’s West Hall around 5 p.m., hanging around a bit for introductions and a bit of talk and then going off to . . . somewhere to eat afterward. (Again, there’s a list of restaurants here.) The Levy Restaurants near the Staples Center are within a solid walking distance; everything else listed seems best reached via bus or rail. I’m definitely open to that, however. Not like it will be difficult to have the change needed to catch a couple of rides, after all.

But at least the very basics of the meet-up seemed to be hammered out right now. If anyone has a problem with the time (can’t imagine anyone having a problem with the place :p), then please speak up now. I’d like for us to decide on a restaurant to go to today, but regardless of whether we do that, I’m willing to provide my cell phone number for attendees who think they may be late and will need to know where the group is. Contact me on Twitter or by e-mail, and we’ll exchange numbers. (If anyone actually contacts me at the convention, I’d prefer it to be by text.)

Finally, I don’t know what most of us look like, and I am sure this is the same for everyone else. So while I am attention whoring, I may as well be (one of) the faces of this operation. I tried taking a picture of myself this morning, but my camera decided to make all pictures look like shit, so fuck it, here’s a pic of me with Bonta-kun at last year’s AX. (An ImageShack version if Photobucket goes all screwy.) Not like my looks have actually changed much in the past year. I’ll be easily recognizable because I’ll be one of 10 Mexicans at Anime Expo. Good times!

Again, hope to see a lot of people at the meet-up! And if you see me around at the Toradora! events or the Black Lagoon premiere (or even wandering around in the exhibit hall), give me a shout!

EDIT: CCY was curious about whether anyone would be willing to show up around 4 or 4:30 p.m. to hang out. We can leave for a place to eat whenever we like, so maybe this would give more time to the people who are just interested in chatting with people over having a meal with everyone. I have all the time in the world, so showing up at that time and sticking around at Starbucks for an hour or longer is no big deal to me at all. Anyone else interested?


9 Responses to “Anime Expo 2010: Saturday (July 3) Meet-Up Final Planning”

  1. Yeah, I think we should tell people to come to Starbucks between 4 and 5 if they want to hang out and chat for a while, then head off to dinner at 5. I can’t speak for everyone else, but meeting up earlier works for me since I’m going to be leaving the convention later that evening.

    A picture of me can be found on the About the Blogger page of my blog, and on my main web site. We should all put something in our badge holder that says our online name and the name of our blog for easy identification XD

  2. My mug shot is on OSV, so if you see someone who looks like that and responds to either Chris Nguyen or zzeroparticle, you’ve got the right one. That said, it’ll probably be easier to spot you given that asians wearing glasses aren’t exactly a rarity there =p

    I’m fine with any dining joint since I’m not picky either.

  3. I can also meet up earlier, between 4 and 5. I’m yet another Asian wearing glasses (lol) and the name on my badge, oddly enough, will be the same as my blog name (Jan Suzukawa). See you all there!

  4. Wow, I assumed you were white and blonde like your old avatar… of course, I assume everyone looks like their avatars. I really need to break that habit.

  5. I’ll probably be there early ~4 as well, just because there’s far too little that interests me that day. And I’m yet another Asian with glasses, but if you see someone turn around at Allan Zhang or Mystlord or Myst you’ve got the right person ^^

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