Giant Killing 13 – Giant Recapping

Well, not really, but I am laughing at how much recap Studio DEEN is starting to squeeze into these episodes. Someone at DEEN has been watching too much Kare Kano and Gundam SEED + Destiny lately.

Anyway, ETU’s first win comes to a close, and it turns out to be an enjoyable romp once the ETU players find their groove. It seems that Tsubaki is a fan of Twilight — or, perhaps, Gundam — judging from all the sparkles he emits when he is in the zone. Know what would have been a better effect? If he were on fire like in the old NBA Jam games. Tsubaki (speed) and the Prince (finesse) would be a pretty kickass offensive team. Because my Lakers kind of sucked when NBA Jam came out, I didn’t play as them as much as a good fan should. Instead, I most often opted for the Houston Rockets. Hakeem Olajuwon and Robert Horry were a deadly inside-out combo.

That “holy shit everything is slowed down whoooooaaaa” is the ultimate feeling for any athlete. Wish I could say I’ve felt it during my life, but no. Most of my friends were better at my chosen sports (basketball and tennis) than me, so I never got to kick enough ass to make like Magic Johnson and get crazy court vision. But I like the pure rush of experiencing Tsubaki’s football euphoria by proxy. Nothing more exciting for a sports fan than seeing a player on your team get into that zone and crush every opponent with ease.

See, look at that — everyone is shiny in this episode! Although I suppose it is much less surprising that the Prince is shining than it is that Tsubaki is sparkling . . .

Even with Tsubaki finally asserting himself and putting his natural talents to use, the Prince is still my favorite player on ETU. I just love the way he gallops in out of nowhere for every play to which he contributes, and then disappears when the play is over, whether the result is good or not. He’d be absolutely infuriating to root for if he were on a team I followed, but in the cartoons he’s entertaining. I also like how he seems legitimately depressed that the interviewer doesn’t want to talk to him after the game. Hey, man, you scored the insurance goal; Tsubaki scored the momentum-changing goal.

One prediction of mine did not really end up coming true: Itagaki did not play much better in the final minutes than he did the rest of the game, but his hotheadedness did not cost Nagoya the victory, either. If anything, he actually helps by putting more pressure on ETU to defend. It’s just that they actually do defend and make some pretty strong plays to keep the ball out of the net. Itagaki’s temper tantrums on the field and his terrible sportsmanship after the game are fairly lolworthy, however. Is that the sound of Itagaki being recruited to the French national team I hear?

Whatever the case with my shitty predictions not coming true, at least ETU comes out of the game with an important, confidence-boosting victory, and that dumbass Fuwa is left to stew in his own false sense of superiority. I think someone’s planning on buying some more South American players! (Speaking of, I would totally watch a spinoff about the Brazilians. You know those lovable scamps get into all sorts of wacky shenanigans.)

Good episode overall. I didn’t doubt ETU would pull out the victory, but watching the team work so hard to preserve the win is a lot of fun. And even if Itagaki is an asshole, at least the Brazilians are there to provide some well-needed sportsmanship after they show some due respect to Tsubaki.


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