High School of the Dead 1 – Zombies. *crowd goes wild*

Oh, orgasmic blood spurts, what would we do without you . . .

Many people have an opinion on High School of the Dead‘s first episode; I cannot really add on much to what has already been said (good but inconsistent production values, enjoyable gore, a truckload of panties, etc.), and E Minor pretty much tackled whatever semblance of depth may be floating around in this story. So, as an avid fan of horror flicks (not just of the zombie variety, though I enjoy those as well), I thought it would be fun if I used my posts as an ongoing forum to predict who lives and who dies by the end of the series. (That is, if anyone will indeed die — boy would this exercise be fruitless if this series didn’t have the balls to kill off anyone aside from the token zombie-bitten best friend!)

There is a complex process to determining who is most likely to live and die: Importance to story, physical attributes (and not just the bouncy kind), skills, personality type, and so on. And then I throw all that out the window and just go with my gut because I am whimsical like that. Plus, this is just the first episode, so there isn’t much to go on for most characters at the moment. Anyway, let’s get to it!

Here we have Takashi Komuro, our lead. It’s not entirely unheard of for the lead to bite it (hur hur) in a zombie flick, but more often than not they tend to survive, so Takashi has that going for him. And by whacking Hisashi he shows that he is willing to do what needs to be done to survive. On the downside, he has the emo (dumped by the girl he loves for his best friend, ouch), and getting back together with his crush during a zombie apocalypse probably won’t do much to cure that. Plus, he also shows himself to be a bit rash at the end of the episode — Rei is a bit pissed at him, so he decides to start tearing down the barrier and going after all the zombies himself. Nice planning, bro.

Likelihood of survival: All told, he’s the main character and will probably man up completely at some point. I’d be shocked if he died.

Next up is Rei Miyamoto, she of the million panty shots. That alone is enough to assure her survival for a long time, if not until the end of the show; you don’t just kill off the pantsu, right? She also has those spear wielding skills, which is definitely a good thing — a weapon that will allow for attacks from a fair distance, and the sharp point will make for good head stabbing. Unfortunately, she is also an EMOTIONAL GIRL, and as horror movies so often like to remind us, you have to keep control of your emotions under pressure. Will she be able to do this, or will her girlishness be her downfall?

Likelihood of survival: I say the power of pantsu trumps all. She lives.

Saya Takagi is next up. Not too much is shown about her, except that she has a fairly forceful personality, seems to have her head screwed on straight and has quickly chosen to team up with another person (the nerdy-lookin’ Kouta Hirano). All of those are definitely good points: Force, calmness and teamwork are essential attributes for survival. Her interactions also belie a not-so-hidden crush on Takashi, however, and as halfadeckshort points out, there isn’t room for two on the Takashi train. Hm.

Likelihood of survival: I say she lives a while but dies eventually, either because her team is broken up, or because she departs with a tearful confession and sacrifice. And boob jiggling.

Kouta Hirano is Saya’s potential teammate. He looks useless, and definitely could be, but often times the more useless someone appears, the more likely he or she is essential to staying alive. Also working in his favor is the likelihood that someone like Saya probably wouldn’t choose any schlub to pair up with.

Likelihood of survival: I’d say his status as a likely geek ensures his survival for a good, long time. You don’t just kill the geek off when that’s, like, your entire audience.

Saeko Busujima looks quite formidable for her one appearance in this episode. She has a weapon and appears as if she knows how to wield it well, which is a major plus. Definite lead attacker material here.

Likelihood of survival: If she dies, it will be because she goes out like a badass and is just overwhelmed by zombies after dispatching a crapton of them.

Shizuka Marikawa. She’s a sleepy nurse with huge knockers.

Likelihood of survival: She’s a sleepy nurse with huge knockers.

So there you go. There’s also a teacher who is highlighted briefly, but he does not have huge boobs, so I’ll wait a bit before determining his chances of survival. Should be fun to see how the survival rate evolves as people show more of themselves (in more ways than one, hyuk hyuk).

10 Responses to “High School of the Dead 1 – Zombies. *crowd goes wild*”

  1. Takashi has a lot of issues to work through, so like you said I’ll be shocked if he eats it before the finale (~ep 13).

    Though Rei has the power of pantsu, I’m thinking that she’s going to go down before the end of the series. Get killed, I mean. Sure she’s also packing the childhood friend card, but she already threw Takashi under the bus once, and now she’s got a real motive. I think she’s going to try to trade up at some point, and when she does it’s game over (~ep 10).

    I agree with your ass-essment of Saya (~ep 6).

    Because Kouta has the geek card, if he does go out it’ll be while he’s doing something incredibly heroic, like saving the whole group. I can’t see him dying to protect just one or two folks, so unless we get some new adds he’s got to be the one to go after Saya (~ep 8).

    Saeko is tough because we haven’t really seen her in action yet. Black lingerie makes her super risky, and if we see her taking a shower then she’s definitely going to get overwhelmed by a massive wave of zombies at some point (~ep 13, but -2 if there’s a shower involved).

    If asset volume is proportional to survival time, Shizuka makes it to the DVD extra (~Special ep 1).

    The other guy, if he made it past the initial wave, dies in ep 3 due to lack of fanservice potential.

    You taking odds?

    • Haha, should probably wait a couple of episodes longer before releasing the odds. ;D

      I’d be slightly surprised if Rei died, but it’s a definite possibility. The key is keeping those emotions checked; she’s already been presented as the flighty emotional type, and they almost never do well in horror flicks.

      Agreed about Kouta — if he dies, it will definitely be during a geek empowerment moment, because that is how anime rolls.

      And lol shower scenes, or anything purposely sexual on the part of the characters will lead to an early death. Rei’s panty shots don’t count because the laws of anime nature are responsible for those. (By the way, this group of people should be glad none of them are minorities.)

      Forgot to put this in the post, but on a scale of 1 to 10, how funny would it be if this series ended with the cliche “life goes on” type of ending? I say 100.

  2. if this is to much of a spoiler then just delete it but im reading the manga and the six main characters (plus 2 others but we haven’t met them yet) are there own little party and there still alive

    • Madhouse has shown in the past that it is not really too concerned about making story changes (see: Claymore), but people don’t have to die for these posts to be fun reads (or so I am hoping!).

  3. […] I saw that Shinmaru was placing odds on who will survive. I have a nagging feeling that everyone is going to survive. While this may be playing by the […]

  4. I heard a lot of good things about this anime from the Durarara fandom. I looked it up on Google images and saw pictures of skimpy women with enormous busts. I asked them if this would just be another fanservice show with little actual plot. They told me no, and that it was actually really good.

    So I went and downloaded it. The video download from MegaUpload, despite me using just the “standard” account, went at 2.3MBs, which is incredible. So the 720p video downloaded very quickly. I fired it up and watched.

    And I watched.

    And then I closed it halfway through the opening and deleted the file.

    Waste of my time. I know I didn’t give it much a chance for a plot, but when your main action sequences get interrupted by women with disproportionately huge breasts, large enough to demolish a building, and a plethora of panty shots, what crowd are you aiming for? The crowd that watches anime for the story, or for the temporary erection?

    Fanservice should never be what leads the plot. Fanservice should only be used after a plot has been established. For example, Ga-rei: Zero, one of my personal favorites. It had fanservice, but not in the first episode. Not until a fair bit into it, actually. It never took over the story, and so the fanservice was just that, fanservice, nothing more or less.

    But the show is going to be successful and people will surely talk about it. After all, who cares about plot? You got blood, zombies, boobs, and vaginas.

    And this is why I’m against the otakudom.

    • Yeah, from what I hear it is basically fanservice, comedy and zombie gore. Nothing else aside from those basic elements. It’s a fun 20-minute timewaster, but I don’t really look at the show as much more than that . . . though the fact that it’s one of the best shows so far this season is kind of sad. :p

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  6. monkey Says:

    i like school of the dead its cool

  7. an otaku Says:

    I watched the first episode one day. I watched the next 11 the next. XD

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