High School of the Dead 2 – Resident Evil Tactics

Solid episode, still pretty standard as far as zombie stories go. Nice to see everyone taking some initiative and finding the best ways to survive given the available supplies. Violence is a bit more serious business this week, too, particularly the scene where Saya drills the hell out of that one zombie out of desperation. The fanservice just makes me laugh, too. I’ll never not be weirded out by bouncy boobs sound effects. Amusing that Marikawa also apparently has bouncy ass sound effects. She’s a double threat! (Or maybe a triple threat if you consider each of her, er, assets separately.)

Anyway, opinion of episode quality out of the way — let’s get to character survival analysis!

Takashi: Not much changed from last week, actually. Main character, keeps a level head, unafraid to attack the zombies and comes up with a plan for escape. He’s doing all the right things at the moment; of course, no plan ever goes off without a hitch, especially one hatched in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Will he be able to keep the crew’s spirits up when things fall apart? And if not, will he kill himself trying to heal a broken group dynamic?

Likelihood of survival: About the same. Not much more he can do to make it go higher, and he’d have to do something pretty friggin’ dumb for it to plunge.

Rei: Somewhat tough to get a handle on. She’s understandably emotional given the circumstances (dealing with the death of her boyfriend, being cut off from her family, etc.), but unlike last week, these emotional troubles don’t seem to be affecting her performance on the battlefield. Hanging around with Takashi and accepting that sticking with him is the best way to survive (and that surviving is indeed a good thing :p) appears to have grounded her. Plus, she does still have those wicked spear-wielding skills that she puts on display yet again.

Likelihood of survival: Increased a bit due to her not bottling up her emotions but also not falling apart because of them.

Saeko: Got a much better of look at her personality and what she’s about this week; I like what I see, both in terms of survival and character. She’s got honor on her side, but also fearlessness in mauling the undead. Saeko is also practical — she’s clearly gone to school in the Resident Evil method of dispatching zombies, i.e. only kill when it is absolutely necessary, because you never know when you are going to need ammo/stamina to stay alive. If she can get by a zombie with little trouble, then she does it. That’s smart. Her weapon of choice is also ideal: Strong enough to kill (and also absorb the trauma of being whacked against zombie skulls again and again), and blunt enough to not get stuck in a zombie like a real sword.

Likelihood of survival: Obviously shoots way up, but considering Saeko’s strength and her apparent sense of honor, there is no way I can say for sure that she will survive until the end. Just way too likely that she will go down defending her comrades.

Marikawa: She’s, uh, the opposite of Saeko right now. No weapon, attached to her impractical clothing, falling over everywhere, etc. But she does have amusing/weird sound effects and ample T&A, so people will fall over themselves to protect her. Not much else to say. She’s a bit of a liability, but she also got the students access to a bus(t), so she’ll stick around.

Likelihood of survival: I think the sound effects sealed her fate.

Saya: A mixed bag. Like Saeko, she reveals herself to be quite practical — she holds no illusions about the state of the world right now, and she is also aware that everyone will have to help themselves rather than rely upon traditional methods of protection (police, Self-Defense Force, etc.). Saya also knows that the best way to survive is to team up with another person, and this week she shows that she actually did put some thought into her choice of partner (though she would have rather teamed up with Takashi). And her self-proclaimed status as a “genius” is not a put-on: Saya figures out more zombie attributes that should be helpful when it actually gets quiet.

However, she’s clearly not a fighter; her zombie drill attack is born of desperation, and otherwise she is content to be the brains of her team, while Kouta is the fat brawn. Pressure and jealousy appears to be mounting within her, as well. Her breakdown this episode could be her need to let off some steam, and she could be fine after this, or it could be a recurring issue with her. Saya also needs to improve her teamwork with Kouta.

Likelihood of survival: Mmm . . . I’ll say it dipped slightly, just because you never know how people will handle the pressure.

Kouta: His weapons knowledge gets him and Saya out of a tight spot, although he has to rely upon weapons with ammunition, which gets him and Saya into another tight spot later in the episode. His physical capabilities probably cannot be trusted much, either; Kouta claims to not like walking (what a shock), and I doubt he is very strong in any way. But when the group inevitably runs into a weapons cache, Kouta will be there to shoot some zombies.

Likelihood of survival: Spikes, just because we know more about him now. But like Saeko, I can easily see him dying in the name of protecting Saya. For now, though, his knowledge is enough to make him an integral member of the group.


14 Responses to “High School of the Dead 2 – Resident Evil Tactics”

  1. “Or maybe a triple threat if you consider each of her, er, assets separately”

    You made a double mistake there.
    a) its not triple, but quadruple.
    b) its not a threat, but a treat. 🙂

  2. I like the character rundown and pretty much agree with everything, except now I think Kouta’s next in line to die. Before, I would’ve pegged Saya to be first in line, but he’ll definitely go before her.

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  4. well i think that marikawa the will survive longer because you’ll need a doctor if some one get a cold

  5. I’m fully expecting Kouta to use his MacGuyver powers to create ever more powerful weapons.

    • It could be like Katamari Damacy where he just keeps combining weapons into one massive rollling ball of weaponized destruction.

  6. Everyone added to the group provides buffer for Takashi, so I’m going to leave his rating unchanged.

    Rei pulled it together this episode, but I still think she’s harboring a grudge over Hisashi (and the slap-down). Part of me wants to think that she’ll just make Takashi jealous via some hot girl x girl action with another member of the group, but I’m still leaning toward her trying to push him off a building at some point. Rating unchanged.

    I think Kouta’s survival chances dropped a bit this episode because he wasn’t real happy with Saya’s reasoning for choosing him as a partner… he was hoping she was interested in him for more than his gun kata. I still think he’s going down with guns a-blazing, but he might pull something stupid to save/impress Saya at some point. I’m giving him a -1 from last episode’s assessment. On the other hand, he’s going to prolong Saya’s life, so she gets a +1 from last time, setting my projected punch-out time for both of them to ep 7.

    Saeko is cautious and doesn’t waste any movements, so even if we see her taking a shower, I don’t think we’ll get to see all the goods. I’m reducing her shower modifier to -1, and leaving her unmodified exit at ep 13.

    Shizuka just upped her OVA count to (5), with one episode for the whole package, and a separate adventure for each asset.

    Unnamed teach did not appear, so he’s either stuck in the can or already gone. I leave his exit at ep 3, because he’s going to get mauled when he tries to chase the bus next episode.

    In summary:

    Takashi (13)
    Rei (10)
    Kouta (7)
    Saya (7)
    Saeko (13) -1 if a shower scene comes up
    Shizuka (OVA series)
    Teacher not featured in the OP (3)

  7. clinton Says:

    according to Takashi here are the groups roles in Rpg format

    Rei Saeko and Kouta are the fighter’s as they deal the most damage to Zombies

    Saya is the Wizard she makes the strategy’s and Plans

    Shizuka is the Priestess (aka Healer)

    he did not talk about him self but i would give Takashi the red Mage position as he is good at fighting and Strategy

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