High School of the Dead 3 – Democratic Problems

Again, story is pretty standard, but it’s good that there’s a bit more action with each episode. Also nice to finally see another element of conflict enter the picture with Shido taking the opportunity to usurp authority from a bunch of kids and a busty nurse. Any way you can get some power, right? Did lol at the bus physics (not that I expected anything other than crazy Hollywood stunt driving) and Takashi being a good motorcyclist despite not being licensed (although that’s forgivable; just because he’s unlicensed doesn’t mean he couldn’t have learned from somewhere).

On to the death chart . . .

Takashi: More skills to pay the bills? Vehicle versatility certainly helps with outrunning the zombie horde. He’s becoming an ace with the aluminum bat, is able to man up and face fear when needed and doesn’t bitch and moan about being cut off from everyone else after the bus explosion. Doesn’t appear as though Rei will drag him down either. He’s in about as good a situation as one could hope for right now.

Likelihood of survival: He is going to God Mode destroy the zombies at this rate.

Rei: She shows that she would rather plunge headlong into unknown territory than hang out with a creepy teacher; who knows what that could mean for her survival? She’s certainly warming up to Takashi, although whether that’s real or a troll as one Mr. Halfadeckshort suspects is unknown. (I’m learning toward the former because I’m biased in favor of Marina Inoue.)

Likelihood of survival: As long as she keeps growing in confidence and working well with Takashi, I think her chances of survival will be on the rise.

Saya: After last week’s freakout, she is back to her cold, analytical approach to the zombie apocalypse. Not very optimistic, but a realistic way of looking at things that prioritizes survival above sentiment. She still needs other people to watch her back, but at least her experiments helped everyone (almost) escape the school unscathed.

Likelihood of survival: Decreased a bit, actually, if only because the obvious path for her arc is to get an injection of emotion from Kouta; emotion and zombies do not mix well.

Kouta: Much like last week, he is running around nailing zombies (and wishing he were nailing Saya). He’ll need a weapon upgrade soon, however, because his nail gun is a more impractical than the simple, effective weapons wielded by Takashi and Saeko. Can’t stand in confusion for too long on the zombie battlefield.

Likelihood of survival: Plateaus after last week. Too easy to see him sacrificing himself to save Saya.

Saeko: More impressive work from her in this episode. Aside from her kickass fighting, she also has a solid mix of logic and compassion; she again stresses that the group attacks zombies only when absolutely necessary, but she also will not coldly leave people who can be saved (because you never know when someone might be helpful to the group). She seems like an ideal leader to me, but she’s also the type of person who wouldn’t grab that position for herself.

Likelihood of survival: She’ll go on for a long time unless the zombies aim a flaming bus directly at her.

Marikawa: She actually presents some impressive skills in this episode! Marikawa drops a bit of historical knowledge (albeit common knowledge, but admit it, that’s more than you expected from her), and she knows how to drive a bus. Not really an easy task, especially under the stress of staring down a horde of zombies. Well done.

Likelihood of survival: Japan might just invent a new storytelling format for her at this point.

Shido: Challenger approaching! A new foe has appeared! Shido is cold as ice; you get the feeling he helped save a bunch of students so that he would have a lot of disposable followers who would clap maniacally for his grand gestures. He’s not afraid to cut people down for his own benefit, but this is fiction, so of course this will bite him in the ass as he pisses off more and more people.

Likelihood of survival: He’s a villain, so not that high. His only shot is to be such a power-grabbing jerk that he evades death through sheer audacity.

A quick plug: Jubbz of Chocolate Syrupy Waffles is putting together a fantasy football league for anibloggers. I tried fantasy football for the first time last year (after playing fantasy baseball for three years and fantasy basketball for two), and it’s not tough at all to grasp, even for someone like myself who might not necessarily have a ton of football knowledge. It’s not a huge time sink, either — really, the draft is the longest part of the process. It only takes a few minutes a day to set lineups, scour the waiver wire for players, etc.

I had a lot of fun with it, so I hope this takes off!


14 Responses to “High School of the Dead 3 – Democratic Problems”

  1. clinton Says:

    In your first picture the Girl at the back that is clapping for shido’s is one of the only members of Shido’s gang that matter’s some what (along with the guy that was beaten up and kid that looks like Hanataro from Bleach) she is the only one named
    Yuuki Miku said by a student that is now one of THEM to be the sexiest girl at the school because their are weird rumors about her that just make her hotter and she acts nothing like a high school student
    She turn’s into Shido’s right hand

  2. While the next ep preview seems to indicate some conflict between Rei and Takashi, I’m softening a bit on my troll stance. Her actions can still be interpreted as mere survival tactics, but she’s being nicer to Takashi than she has to be, and she keeps retreating to him for support. Plus she clobbered the zombie that was going to eat him even though no one was watching. If she is trolling though, that’s going to make it even more epic. Visible evidence points to non-troll, but I don’t trust her, partly because she let her emotions get the best of her again and caused herself and Takashi to get separated from the group (which would put their survival chances to ep 5, except that it’s Takashi). I’m leaving my predictions unchanged for them for another week.

    Kouta is getting even more interested in Saya and is therefore more prone to stupidity, as you noted, but I’m still going to have to upgrade both of them to ep 8. Though Saya almost got killed over another outburst, Kouta is being more conservative with his kills and is doing a better job of keeping them out of melee range. He’s learning and her outbursts were shorter, so yeah, both get a slight lift this week.

    Saeko I’m leaving unchanged. She’s proving to be the most level-headed of the group by far, and she knows how to pick her battles. She’s too hot to be entirely unmodified though, so shower qualifier still applies.

    Shizuka is becoming a media franchise, and is going to have her own Carmaggedon-style driving game in addition to the OVA series. I just feel bad that she’ll probably end up alone with Shido.

    While the addition of Shido to the group is an auto -1 for everyone’s survival probability, the extra “red shirts” (it’s funny how Takashi subverts that trope) provide a buffer for the combat types that takes his modifier back to zero. Shido is a manipulative bastard, but I think he’s smart enough to sacrifice a sheep or two to protect the people who actually have a shot at defending him. He’s like a cockroach, so unfortunately I’m going to have to give him an ep 13 forecast… even if they kick him off the bus he just going to turn up again.

    The random kids on the bus are going to be depleted over the next four episodes and will have to be replaced. Odds are that the loudmouthed kid who got his ass handed to him is toast next episode.

    Takashi (13)
    Rei (10)
    Kouta (8)
    Saya (8)
    Saeko (13) -1 if a shower scene comes up
    Shizuka (OVA + VG franchise)
    Shido (13)
    Random kids (4-7)

    • Clinton Says:

      as Im can’t stop advertising Yuuki (why does she have to be so hot for a drawing) she is actully has a good enough role to get Named so she should live longer then that

    • If Rei is a troll, then she’s a smart troll — she knows attaching herself to the main character gives the best chances for survival.

      LOL @ Shizuka getting her own racing game . . . a HSotD go kart game would be the last straw. That shark jump would be visible from miles away.

  3. Yuuki will live until episode 2.

    Wait what

  4. I enjoyed reading your chances of survival for each character. I’m inclined to think that Saeko will still survive a flaming bus being thrown at her. 😛 ..fine.. I’m biased..

    • She’s too crafty to be run over by a slow moving bus; she’d sense it from a mile away, and then slice it clean in two, even though her sword is wooden.

  5. “Likelihood of survival: She’ll go on for a long time unless the zombies aim a flaming bus directly at her.”

    This is anime after all. I loved how the team lined up at the top of the steps during this episode and you knew they were the ultimate team. They have some bad ass combatants. I think, like you said, if any of them get taken down it’ll be by emotions or stupidity. And by stupidity, I mean of other people.

  6. super_sexy152 Says:

    the people that don’t leave the bus (that excludes the MCs) just go wild and have sex until the find a spot to hide and there probably gonna wait for a second season because in the manga no people have died yet (out of the MCs) and there wont be enough episode if there are only 13 for them to finish up a series that isn’t even finished ( i read somewhere that they might do it like claymore (i havent watched it but i think its) where they will do some episode then wait awhile for it to get longer then do more episodes and then repeat until the end

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