Giant Killing 16 – Timely Untimely Injury

Haha, definitely have to give Giant Killing some props here.

Can’t believe the possibility that Sera would get injured never occurred to me. Isn’t it a great irony? (Well, not for Sera, but for the audience.) We don’t know what specific type of injury Sera has, but it’s a safe bet that he has injury Natsuki had — a knee all torn to shreds. Sera tries to protect his spot as best he can, but in doing so he succumbs to the same fate that befell Natsuki. Sad. (Although Sera is actually holding the upper leg area, so perhaps it’s not the same as Natsuki’s injury? It’s in the same ballpark, at any rate.) I’ve never had a serious injury, but as a sports fan I have been regaled constantly with stories of athletes going through rehab. That shit is painful and grueling.

(Another quick note: Would it be too much to assume that this was lightly foreshadowed during the Nagoya game? I’m on the fence about it. On the one hand, it’s difficult to believe that having Sera be briefly injured was not a deliberate choice on the part of the author. On the other hand, it was a back injury. But if it were foreshadowing, that would be kind of cool. Not, uh, for Sera, of course.)

Not that I would know, but I’d imagine injuries are the scariest thing ever for athletes. If you want to stay on top, you have to take impeccable care of your body. The best athletes are workout freaks and have borderline OCD control over what goes into their bodies. (Cynics among us might point to steroids, but never mind about that for now.) The body has to be cultivated, because 1) It is what provides the athlete’s working skill and 2) Athletes have a limited life span, so anything they can do to extend it, they will . . . or, at least, the ones who think ahead will do this.

Injuries have a way of throwing a monkey wrench into the best laid plans of athletes, however.

I’d be here all day if I were to list all the potentially great athletes who had careers cut tragically short due to injuries. The worst are the freak accidents, the injuries athletes just do not have much control over. That seems to be the category into which Sera’s injury falls. Is there any hint beforehand that there is anything wrong with his leg? Of course not. It feels as good as it does any other game. But Sera somehow pushes it a little too much, a little too hard in his struggle to surpass Natsuki and keep his precarious hold on his starting position, and whatever happens, happens. Could be a ligament tears. Could be a muscle tear (if Sera is holding the area where the injury occurred, then this seems as likely as anything). Could be something else entirely.

Point is, it’s not really something Sera could control. Maybe he could have reigned himself in a bit more. But why would he do that? He’s a young man, and I assume he has no history of leg injuries, and again, no real hint that his leg will break down at any point in the future. He wants ETU to win, and he wants to be the best player possible. There’s no reason for him to not give his all on the pitch. Just fucking horrible timing, but as a viewer, I am really curious as to how he’ll recover from this. Good bet that Natsuki will be around to lend some support and pointers . . . although who knows how receptive Sera will be to that from his rival?

Another good episode, and I’m definitely liking where Giant Killing is going. Also enjoyed Mr. ETU finally being given the chance to score a goal. Murakoshi deserves the opportunity after being jerked around so much by Tatsumi at the beginning of the series. :p


6 Responses to “Giant Killing 16 – Timely Untimely Injury”

  1. Well, this is actually Murakoshi’s second goal. He made one way back in episode 5.

    I do think the injury several episodes back was a bit of foreshadowing. It showed Sera was willing to push himself to injury. Let’s face it, if you keep going full-tilt all the time, you’re going to hurt yourself whether you like it or not.

    • Yeah, I agree about foreshadowing. If for no other reason than that there is no way he can just get back up and be fine after taking an injury at the cliffhanger twice. It may not be extremely serious, but I bet he is replaced and has to sit out at least the next game.

      I do feel sorry for Sera, though. This could seriously disrupt his whole career.

    • I’m glad there are people around who can fill in the gaps in my faulty memory. :p

      And, yeah, there’s only so much the body can take, even if one is in superb physical condition. Something will break eventually, unless an athlete is EXTREMELY lucky.

  2. Injuries are unfortunately a part of life for any athlete, at least at a high enough level. As a runner and ultimate player, I know it all too well. When you’re playing at the top of your abilities and pushing your limits, eventually, something has to give. Especially for physically taxing sports like soccer. Smart teams know this and factor possible injuries into designing their roster.

  3. I was going to write a proper Giant Killing post, after all, bloggers gotta write posts right? But I slipped and my brains spilled out while watching HSotD.

    Dammit I hate it when that happens.

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