Shiki 3 – Don’t Invite Them In, You Fools!!

This is what happens when you are too friendly — you end up inviting the vampire Terminator to your place.

So, things are moving ever so slightly more, and we get our first look at the new folks in town, aside from the Vampinator up there. And they don’t waste any time putting themselves in a position where they can take advantage of the polite country folk and get wholesale invitations for good ol’ feasting. Like Joojoobees, I noticed that Shiki is sticking the convention of vampires requiring to be invited inside someone’s home before they can follow and take advantage of them.

Not really surprising considering how Shiki has developed so far — a bunch of new people coming into town, and one never knows who one can actually trust. When Tohru is all friendly with everyone new person he sees, he could be inviting an ultimately harmless prick like Yuuki into his home, or he could be inviting a dangerous, foreign threat like our vampiric buddy. When you open your door to someone — even someone you think you know — you just never know exactly what you are going to get.

That’s one of the keys to horror, isn’t it? Despite its focus on blood and gore, the occult, sexuality, etc., horror is a fairly conservative genre, all told. (With notable exceptions, of course — nobody’s going to label George A. Romero or David Cronenberg a conservative, that’s for sure, haha.) It’s about the new and unfamiliar swooping in and shaking things up, threatening to topple the status quo. Things may be slow and boring in Sotoba, but the village has survived for 1,300 years . . . and now these new people come in and threaten to destroy everything in a matter of weeks, at most, if left unchecked.

There’s the classic horror image right there: Someone who appears nice and normal (if you ignore her CRAZY EYES), but who is ready to fuck things up at a moment’s notice. Sunako has that Mina Tepes thing going on; the way she speaks and carries herself makes it clear she is far, far older than she looks. She also likes to be unsettling by boring in on people’s greatest moments of weakness, apparently, as evidenced when she bluntly points out Muroi’s scar. Oh, those wacky vampires.

So these vampires seem to just be out for delicious humans so far, but I do wonder if that’s the M.O. for all of them. Not that we have any reason to believe right now that they are anything but a malicious band of creepers, but it’s not as if over-the-top, vaguely threatening dialogue is a cue to shout, “Evil vampire!! Do not suck my blood!!” forever and ever. Maybe it’s just one of them going around sucking blood. Maybe the new family really does want to join in on these ever so quaint parties. Or maybe they’re all a bunch of dirty bloodsuckers. Who knows? Might be interesting if one or more were “good” vampires . . . or it might not, depending on how it plays out. I mean, Edward Cullen is supposed to be a “good” vampire, and look how that whole thing has turned out.

As a final note, I try to be open-minded, and I try to give sympathy wherever possible . . . but this little bastard just creeps the shit out of me. He’s just begging for people to view him as a little wriggling worm, unworthy of love, and you know what? I am only too happy to oblige. The less I see of this weird little snot onscreen, the better.

My opinion of Shiki is going up ever so slightly. It’s still going by maybe a bit too slowly, but at least the story is clearly moving somewhere. Can’t see it being a Kimi ni Todoke, where the whole exercise is just one giant cocktease.

9 Responses to “Shiki 3 – Don’t Invite Them In, You Fools!!”

  1. This another season of Higurashi

  2. It was really interesting how Sunako played with Muroi. Unlike the other folks that were met, she doesn’t bother to ask for an invitation. She might have wanted to meet him as a fan, but her digs, about how he has been abandoned by god, seem to imply she just wants to slowly torment him.

    • Yeah, she comes off as a bit more sinister than the rest of the family so far. Not really surprising, though. The smaller the villain, the more evil, I say.

  3. Yeah, the scene with Sunako and Muroi was my favourite in this episode. She’s creepy and he has his own vulnerabilities, as well very deftly revealed in this scene.

    I’m kinda hoping that whatever the situation turns out to be, it’s a little more complicated than just “it’s vampires”. Everything is pointing towards that at the moment, but it wouldn’t really be a very surprising reveal.

    • I’m hoping it’s something a bit more complicated, too, haha. When you’ve seen one vampire story, you’ve seen ’em all.

  4. vucubcaquix Says:

    Oh man, I nearly lost my shit when Masao’s shoulder went all…corkscrewy.

  5. […] mysterious. Watching it, it’s obvious the story is about vampires and it’s loyalty to classical vampire tropes is admirable. At this point, the most enigmatic aspect of the story is Tatsumi, but there’s […]

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