High School of the Dead 4 – Pumping Gas and Lead

Not a whole lot going on in this episode unless you are a fan of recap. Weird to see so much this early on in the game, though. There isn’t much of substance after that either. The bus crew just hangs around a bit and scowls at Shido because he is being a big, gross Pedobear, and Rei and Takashi have a squabble before gunning down gunning down one of the Yellow Scarves extras. Also, groping.

So there isn’t too much to go on when it comes to the death chart this week, but hey, not having too much more new information never stopped me from posting before, so why should it stop me now?

Takashi: Gets “contributed to a man’s death” added to his resumé. That and the right contacts will help him go far. Don’t really like the paranoia on his part regarding Hisashi, though. Rei was a bit out of line with her mocking (who needs that shit when there are zombies roaming around?), but that just made it worse. Way to inspire confidence in people.

Likelihood of survival: His status as main character still leaves him bulletproof for now (unlike Mr. Gangsta above), but he needs to shape up that attitude.

Rei: Gets points for being resourceful (not only getting the gun for protection and extra bullets, but the handcuffs for kinky good times) and not being afraid of blood; however, she is a target for creepers in this show, it’s true. Then again, so is every girl, really, just by virtue of being a woman in a horror story. Sad. As a man, it pains me to suggest this, but she really should have kicked him in the nutsack. Not like he was being very protective of that area.

Likelihood of survival: The resourcefulness and gropability cancel each other out.

Kouta: Kouta needs food badly.

Likelihood of survival: Dips slightly, but someone has food somewhere, right? If all else fails, just eat Shido or something. Or maybe Saya amirite~

Saya: She can’t see the logic in being hungry after not eating for a while? Fail. Tsundere status impeding logic is not good.

Likelihood of survival: Then again, the tsundere usually wins, right? Hm.

Saeko: She doesn’t say anything, but she’s imposing.

Likelihood of survival: Would you fuck with this if you were a zombie? Don’t think so.

Shido: On top of being a shady child abuser, he also seems to be a total pedophile. This guy is just racking up the survival points here. On the plus side, the way he just slithers into view before pedohugging the two girls is hilarious. But, really, it just makes the sane members of the group more pissed off at him.

Likelihood of survival: Zombie Chris Hansen is going to tear him apart — first verbally, and then literally.

Marikawa: Was she even in this episode, other than the recap bits? This might be a hit for here if I weren’t so sure that she was actually off filming her parts in her super exclusive OVA side story. Hell, she’s probably doing the planning for her 13-episode spinoff series, Nurses of the Dead. That Marikawa leads a busy life.

Likelihood of survival: She is going to be the Lynn Minmay of this show eventually.


8 Responses to “High School of the Dead 4 – Pumping Gas and Lead”

  1. If we keep having episodes like this then nobody is ever going to die. Each episode is halved in length, instantly doubling the likelihood of survival for each and every cast member.

    No mention of the nameless girls creepy-sensei comforts? Or are they so obviously going to die that it’s pointless to even consider them?

  2. Having caved in and read ahead in the manga, 1 chapter = 1 episode is absurdly slow. I spent 5-10 minutes max reading each chapter. Madhouse can find ways to fill up the time (read Fanservice), but the plot hardly gets anywhere. I’m convinced their strategy is to bank on more seasons.

    • Probably. Is the manga really popular? I guess I can’t blame them too much for trying to milk the series, but it does make for a less entertaining experience than it could be.

  3. LOL @ Yellow Scarves extra. And like Scamp said, if they’re going to re-cap all the time that’s seriously going to pad the rankings. I don’t have a whole lot to add this week, but….

    Takashi – I think the handcuff power-up addled his brain a bit. He’s only fired a gun one time, but he leaves his trusty bat on the ground? If he didn’t have main character invulnerability I would take an episode off his rating, but he is, so I can’t. Still dumb to ditch your ammo-less weapon though. Crowbar, er, bat, forever!

    Rei – If it weren’t for the re-cap I’d drop her rating by one because Takashi isn’t in any hurry to pull her butt out of the fire. She realizes that she’s not being helpful with the all the ragging, but she still lets her emotions guide her. Even so, +1 due to re-cap (DTR).

    Kouta – Even though he gets the re-cap bonus, I’d still give him a +1 this episode without it. You think anything is going to get in his way if he actually gets hungry enough? Not likely. +1 DTR

    Saya – Still way too noisy. And cut a guy some slack. +1 DTR

    Saeko – Needs more Saeko. Rating unchanged.

    Shizuka – Needs more Shizuka. Rating unchanged.

    Shido – Snakey and still a cockroach. He’s already set for the final episode, so rating unchanged.

    Random Kids – Get a bye this time, but somebody’s getting eaten next episode for sure. +1 DTR

    Takashi (13)
    Rei (11)
    Kouta (9)
    Saya (9)
    Saeko (13) -1 if a shower scene comes up
    Shizuka (OVA + VG franchise)
    Shido (13)
    Random kids (5-8)

    • Yeah, I didn’t get the bat thing either. If he wants to make noise and attract the zombies, why not just slam the bat on the ground a few times? He doesn’t even need to throw it away — it’s not as if the zombies are going to go up to the bat and stop! They’re just going to wander around until they stumble upon succulent human flesh. I would not have thrown away the bat unless it was completely destroyed somehow.

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