Shiki 4 – Vampiric Pink Eye

Well, either that or switching on the vampire headlights during the evening turns you into an owl. Megumi can even swivel her head around at angles humans cannot achieve! That is impressive.

The final scene is actually pretty cool because it does what the best horror is especially good at — undermining the viewer’s perception of reality and tapping into a freaky ass situation. I’m 50/50 on whether Yuuki is actually dreaming right now. Certain visual cues hint that he is dreaming, but Tatsumi of course received the all-important invite to Tohru’s home, and he did promise to bring a friend along. See, this is why you shouldn’t cross wannabe starlets: You never know when they’ll be bitten and cursed with the blight of the undead, only to come back and haunt you at a later date. It’s a real threat, people!

So I guess all the vampire women get fully black eyes? Kind of sucks for them. They already cannot go out in the sunlight and have a bajilliion weaknesses — they also have to look like total freaks now? Vampire women get a raw deal. At least they have eternal youth, I guess. I wonder if those eyes have any special attributes (like they see OVER 9000 times better in the dark, or something; when they have red eyes, they probably see three times as well in the dark), or if they are just for show. If it’s the latter, then man, what a pointless piece of evolution that is. Jeez.

There are good laughs to be had regarding Megumi breaking up the burgeoning BL relationship between Yuuki and Tohru. You know she doesn’t believe for a minute that Tohru wants to get with Ritsuko for any other reason than to have a plausible beard. If Megumi is anything like those Anne Rice vampires, then she definitely has a crazy accurate gaydar, which is why she is so upset at Tohru. Since she lives way out in the wilderness with no Internet, then Megumi is not an anime fan, so BL is not on her list of likes. Still, it’s better than being exposed to hassaku commercials all day.

Getting back to Serious Business for a moment, I think the next episode will push this scenario to the limit, with Megumi biting Tohru and then Yuuki “waking up”, feeling relieved that it was all a dream . . . and then Tohru dies, because you can’t have a “fourth fatality” if there is no fatality. This will probably be how Yuuki inserts himself into the plot. No better impetus than to kill the romantic interest, right?

I do wonder what use he’ll be though. Toshio has his medical knowledge (although it’s probably useless in the face of the supernatural), Seishin has the supernatural angle covered . . . what the hell does Yuuki bring to the table? Oh, wait, Japan loves angsty pretty boys — he brings viewers!

Everything else is basically medical stuff that has no bearing on the plot, because the audience already knows it is wrong. Though it is pretty funny to see the doctors all like, “Wait, WTF?” while the nurses channel House and throw out all these theories about the epidemic. (Why the hell aren’t they doctors??) I would have died laughing if one of the doctors had suggested lupus. It’s never lupus, you fool!! Except that one time when it was.


7 Responses to “Shiki 4 – Vampiric Pink Eye”

  1. One thing the vampire women have going for them, if Megumi’s any example, is that they do seem to level up their sexiness rating.

  2. vucubcaquix Says:

    I associated those freaky eyes of theirs with some sort of awakening of their hunger. Megumi didn’t attack Tohru until her pupils activated, and the little vampire shows no signs of hostility to the monk, and her pupils haven’t gone all crazy yet either.

    We’ll see (har har) though…

  3. Toshio looked really relieved when the EMTs showed up and he could stop pretending to be a doctor (though he gets bonus points for energetically lying to the kid’s grandparents). At least he has the presence of mind to not look as confused as the other doctors when the nurses start throwing down all the medical jargon. I guess I should cut him some slack though, as the whole town seems to be a bit slow. Seriously? Everyone mysteriously moves at night with the same truck and doesn’t say anything to anyone else and no one finds that suspicious? I kinda hope the vampires open up a second hand furniture store that’s only open at night and start selling the dead villagers’ junk back to the other villagers. It would serve them right.

    And I’m glad Megumi is taking matters into her own hands on the BL front, because Yuuki’s “I’m too tired” excuse wasn’t going to hold up much longer. It would be funny if she tucked Yuuki into Tohru’s bed on her way out though….

    • Haha, that would be pretty awesome. Then the villagers haggle on the prices for their furniture and act all proud when they buy them back for half off.

  4. Huh.. So that’s why they have halos in their eyes! That’s to make sure when they go /vampire mode so they’ll look scary.

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