High School of the Dead 5 – Reunion Under the Bridge

A tearful reunion! Well, tears of blood, anyway. The reunion comes maybe a bit too quickly and conveniently, but at least Takashi and Rei know how to crash the party with style, so that is easily forgiven. When a bunch of teenagers are pulling off ridiculous fighting maneuvers like Saeko and Takashi’s three-hit zombie combo, then it’s difficult to take the show seriously enough to get angry at bits that are just a bit too convenient, you know? Have to admit I had a good laugh at the delinquents being sprayed off the bridge, and the newcomer, Rika, seems pretty cool, too. (Fun fact: Her seiyuu, Junko Takeuchi, also voices Naruto. MIND BLOWN. BELIEVE IT.)

Now for the post of death.

Takashi: Is there anything he cannot do? Maybe he was secretly in a motorcycle gang some time before the beginning of the series, and that is why he can pull off all those sweet maneuvers. Probably a highly inefficient waste of their limited gas supply, though — but who cares when you can run over zombies? YEEHAW. Also, I can’t stop laughing on how he is getting progressively more pessimistic in his dealings with Rei.

Likelihood of survival: Might as well deify him at this point.

Rei: Still has some semblance of hope and wishing for things to get better that Takashi has yet to completely beat out of her. Then again, I would be lamely hoping, too, so I can’t blame her too much! At least she is able to combine with Takashi for some vicious combos, although her leap ‘n’ spear isn’t quite as deadly as the tilt o’ whirl of doom from Saeko. And there’s definitely some jealousy a’brewin’ with Rei directed toward Saeko and Saya. Hm, I wonder if that will come into play!

Likelihood of survival: The same, for now, but if the jealousy stews inside her for long enough, then that will be clear trouble.

Kouta: Although he goes a bit over the top with his speech and steps dangerously close to Crazy Town, Kouta shows that he is capable of standing up for himself. You can’t take crap from other people if you want to survive a zombie apocalypse. Saya is not impressed right now, but you know, baby steps. He also has a weapon upgrade, which is good. There probably won’t be any shortage of dead cops around; however, collecting ammo may be dangerous.

Likelihood of survival: Nobody who looked into those crazy eyes is going to screw with Kouta for now.

Saya: Mostly the same ol’ Saya this week — she thoughtfully analyzes the situation and introduces a healthy dose of realism in the group’s approach to their predicament. Her lack of fighting ability is still a detriment to her survivability, but she does win a few comedy points for being Marikawa’s hug toy while in battle. However, it seems she is also bitten by the jealousy bug; she’s a bit resentful at how dedicated Saeko is to keeping her promise to Takashi, and of course she is well aware of Takashi and Rei’s history. Just like with Rei, that jealousy could always pop up at the wrong time.

Likelihood of survival: Actually, I’ll say it dips a bit, because Saya has shown that despite her cool, logical exterior, if the negative emotions bubble up in her enough, they will get to her.

Saeko: She makes up for doing next to nothing last week by beating the fuck out of a crapload of zombies this week. Is it just me, though, or does Saeko seem to be enjoying her fighting more with each episode? Before she is all, “Hey, guys, we only need to kill when absolutely necessary; it’s best if we try to avoid fights when possible” to “*executes super ninja moves on OVER 9000 zombies*” this week. Circumstances are everything, of course, but still. I see those smiles, Saeko! Also, the jealousy bug doesn’t really seem to bite her, because, at least the way she presents it, keeping her promise is more about honor than because Takashi gives her a lady boner.

Likelihood of survival: Still smooth sailing for Saeko.

Shido: How the hell did this guy keep a teaching job? Did he turn into a super pedo after getting tenure? Given Rei’s reaction to Shido during his first appearance, groping students isn’t exactly uncommon behavior for him. Not really the greatest way to run a group, especially since Kouta defying Shido so openly definitely made a solid hit to the confidence the students have in him. He turned into such a huge wuss once Kouta had that nail gun trained on him. What’s he going to do when more rebellion comes his way?

Likelihood of survival: He’s not going to die before running into Takashi’s crew again, that’s for sure, but he is such a pathetic leader that he cannot possibly survive for too long.

Marikawa: She continues to make herself surprisingly useful by taking advantage of her connections and leading the group to a safe house . . . that isn’t so safe right now, but never mind. And her curves clearly have magic powers: They manage to distract Shido from his rampant pedophilia for one scene! That is an impressive feat.

Likelihood of survival: I wouldn’t be surprised if her large . . . tracts of land pacified the zombies at some point.

Rika: A new entry to field! She’s Marikawa’s well-equipped friend who is a damn good sniper, and is on her way home at the moment. Hm, I wonder if Takashi’s group would want her services? Having an experienced sniper would do wonders for keeping everyone else safe, and I doubt that sniping is her sole skill. Need to see her in action more before evaluating her fully, of course, but she’s showing some promise! Of course, she actually needs to get to the group first, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, right?

Likelihood of survival: If she can combine sniping with some good ol’ fashioned close-quarters combat, then I can’t see her kicking the bucket for a good while. (And I hope she stays alive a long time! I am partial to her purple hair.)


5 Responses to “High School of the Dead 5 – Reunion Under the Bridge”

  1. Every episode, mostly due to the rich fanservice makes me want to re-read (more like stare at) the relevant manga chapter. I realize that the anime really added a lot of value particularly this ep.

    The entire set-piece battle above the tunnel was not in the manga (the reunion was rather really pedestrian in comparison srsly). And my I’ve never seen anything quite like it — such a seamless weaving of zombie kill then boob glomp, then motorcycle attack, gun pass, double head shot, and another combo attack involving the motorcycle and a spinning schoolgirl with a wooden sword, and panty shots threaded between them all.

    It’s a feat. Even I can tell.

    • Yeah, it was pretty crazy. I’m sure there must have been something like it in some fanservice series in the past, but I don’t usually watch those, so I enjoyed the craziness here!

  2. clinton Says:

    first appearance of Yuuki Miku

  3. After your mention of Rika’s VA I went to see if there was anything I’d seen with her in it, and saw that she also voiced Dieter in Monster… she’s way hotter here.

    Takashi moving from novice motorcycle rider to stunt jumping (with top-heavy passenger) and bike-fu totally threw believability out the window, but it was so much fun that I didn’t care. You’re right though, he totally entered the god cheat.

    Rei’s moves are becoming more lethal, and now that she and Takashi have been reunited with the larger group she doesn’t have to depend on him so much. It seems less and less like she’s going to throw him under the bus (boo) but I still see a possibility of her going both ways (hopefully in the next epsiode ; ), especially given her reaction to Saya’s clingy “what about me?” I’m keeping her pegged at 11, as I think I see more of Takashi’s Hisashi BS down the road.

    Kouta’s accuracy went way up this episode, and we know now that he’s got some real inner fire, but his out-of-ammo paralysis is troubling. If this had happened last episode I might have docked him a point, but for now I’m leaving him at 9.

    Saya displayed some good long-range thinking and helped get everyone moving and equipped (Takashi’s crowbar equippage totally made my day), but her complete lack of combat ability (where’s her drill?) leaves her totally dependent on the others. Since everyone powered up this week they’re probably going to keep their mastermind alive longer though, so I’m upgrading her to 10.

    Saeko is definitely enjoying the fighting a bit more, but with her skills I know that she would have ultimately prevailed even if Takashi hadn’t shown up. I’m keeping her at 13 with shower modifier.

    Shizuka isn’t much help during the fights, but she’s definitely rocking the equipment department. And I think I saw the other day where her boob noises are getting calls for future roles. Rating unchanged.

    Shido lost all “his” combat types, but like most roaches he isn’t going to go down easily. I still see him in the final episode.

    Rika definitely needs more screen time. With her personality and proportions I think she’s a lock for 12 at this point, but we’ll have to see what she does next. Hopefully she makes it home in time for that shower….

    And I’m shocked that not one of the random kids was eaten this episode. I’m betting that two of them get eaten next time.

    Takashi (13)
    Rei (11)
    Kouta (9)
    Saya (10)
    Saeko (13) -1 if a shower scene comes up
    Shizuka (OVA + VG franchise)
    Shido (13)
    Rika (12)
    Random kids (6-9)

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