Shiki 5 – Goth Amuro Ray

You know you Gundam fans were thinking the same thing.

At least Masao is good at getting a reaction. Not entirely sure about how I feel about him . . . he has his moments of sympathy, and he’s generally a pathetic wretch, but at the same time he is so selfish and creepy that it’s tough to waste much sympathy on the guy. He’ll probably be much happier as a vampire, though: Slinking around like a weirdo will actually be expected of him now!

That said, he’s also one of the more well-conceived characters so far, even if his creepiness is taken to a hilarious extreme. Actually, that’s probably part of his charm (for lack of a better word). He’s like an ugly, bitter puppy who just can’t understand why people don’t love him. He has every bit of hatred coming to him,  but when he’s down in the dumps, he is still a sad little puppy. But really ugly and creepy nonetheless.

I’m interested to see more of what some of the characters are like post-bite. All we have so far are Megumi biting Tohru and giving Yuuki pants-wetting nightmares, and the librarian stalking Masao like a pedophile and lapping his tasty blood. Not really sure yet if they’re autonomous, or if they’re under the control of some more kickass vampires . . . their behavior seems autonomous enough, but you never know. Tatsumi could have Megumi on a tight leash right now; she probably just has her vampire permit right now, and Tohru is her first victim because he is easy, dumb pickings.

This scene is suitably creepy for the most part (I was especially unnerved by Megumi licking the blood off her lips; super gross), but the look on Yuuki’s face here just cracks me up. It’s been a while since he’s seen someone like that — you don’t get many people like vamped up Megumi in the small town. Especially a vamped up Megumi who is out to destroy any trace of BL between Yuuki and Tohru. I suppose killing the poor guy is one way to go about achieving that goal.

(Quick question, though: I’ve read in the past that cremation is fairly common in Japan. Part of the whole vampire mythos is that they’re like corpses come back from the dead . . . but you can’t have a corpse come back to life if it’s been burned to ashes first. So, does this village just not cremate its corpses? I don’t know how expensive the process is, nor how inconvenient it might be to do something like that all the way out in the sticks, but at the same time, it’s a traditional thing to do, is it not? Or maybe the vampires just reform their bodies from their ashy form. Or maybe I am just thinking too much about this, and it will never be addressed. Boy, would that be convenient!)

The swerve with Tohru’s death isn’t too difficult to see coming (I mean, if I saw it, then plenty of others had to have noted it, as well, because I am shit at calling plot twists), but it leads to some interesting stuff, especially the funeral scene. I’m pretty lucky in that I have rarely had to deal with the death of close family members; can’t really imagine how I’d react or process things if someone like my brother died way before his time. It’s horrible.

And here’s a creepy picture of Masao to end the post! I’m especially interested to see him as a vampire. As I wrote earlier, I think he’d be pretty damn happy as a vampire, but I wonder if he will be serious and revenge-driven, or if he’ll be one of those goofy comic relief vampires. Who the hell would want Masao to rise to a position of power in a vampire organization? What a crappy group that would be!

6 Responses to “Shiki 5 – Goth Amuro Ray”

  1. Masao reminds me of Gollum… except much less sympathetic. I’ll be glad to see him die… but something tells me he’ll piss me off more in death than he ever did in life.

    Now, seeing that missing librarian was interesting. Has the death rate been increasing lately? If so, it doesn’t seem to have noticeably. But at this point, there should be 20+ vampires roaming around out there killing people. I’m a little surprised that there haven’t been more sightings.

    • LOL He is very Gollum-like, isn’t he? Wish I’d thought of that first.

      Yeah, I’m a bit surprised there haven’t been more sightings yet as well. Or maybe there just haven’t been enough important characters roaming around at night yet to make sightings. :p

  2. I don’t think the vampire victims are random, and some vampires, such as Megumi and Sunako seem to like to toy with their prey before draining them of their soul. Plus, the victims are quitting their jobs before dieing, if they play that right (like the Librarian), they can disappear without a trace. So there could be many more victims than there are deaths.

    Also, I am pretty sure that the vampires “mark” their victims. They probably have agreements between themselves over people that are “hands off” — I’m sure Sunako has ownership over Muroi.

    • I have to say that the whole “Everyone is quitting their jobs!” thing kind of confuses me. I suppose it’s a conscious decision on the part of those who are bitten . . . I guess it is related to the listlessness they feel after being drained? Maybe it’s one of those satirical elements that doesn’t make that much sense when applied practically. Or maybe there’s something really obvious that I am just missing. :p

      Hm, vampire marking is something that never came to mind for me. They should probably be glad that it does not work similarly to dogs marking territory.

  3. Lol @ the title! XD

    I noticed the lack of cremation too, as in ep2 when we’re shown Megumi being buried. The burial grounds seem to be way out in the woods too so it will be a while before distrubed graves are noticed.

    • I was about to object on the basis of visitation, but the family might need a bit of time before venturing out to the grave of whoever is buried. Someone needs to discover and make note of this, though, or I’ll have no choice but to conclude that this village is full of dummies.

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