Shiki 8 – Yuuki Sucks at Burying People

It’s true. Seriously, what the hell is that? I know at this point the group (or Yuuki at least) is skeptical that “traditional” methods to fight vampires might just be fiction, and that the so-called “Risen” might not even be vampires . . . but they don’t even try to see whether one method would actually work: Exposing this guy to the sun.

Really, what’s the harm in burying this guy up to his neck under a crapload of dirt? Worst case scenario, he gets out of the grave before sunrise, but he at least has to struggle to leave, and might not get back to his safe house by the time the sun comes out. Best case scenario, either the guy dies from being exposed to the sun, or some adult finds him because he’s stuck under a ton of dirt. Clearly this guy is not that much stronger than a normal human (if he even possesses enhanced strength at all); Yuuki thumps him with a shovel once, and he goes down like a sack of garlic. What a wussy vampire.

But, no, instead Yuuki settles for the laziest burial in history. I guess I can understand that they want to get the hell out of there before they attract some unwanted attention, but why even go through the motions of burial if you’re not going to go all the way with it? Why even pretend that some adult might happen along and find this guy? Some random person is going to be wandering in the graveyard at night for no real reason? OK, sure. At least they didn’t act shocked when he was gone the next morning.

Next we have this pushy little shit, Shizuka Matsuo. Yuuki’s dad obviously had the right idea from the start — this kid is annoying as hell, so boot her the fuck away from the house. Unfortunately, this is where empathy utterly fails, since Yuuki’s mom is so nice that she lets the little terror in to wait for Yuuki. Don’t they know their son at all? A sullen guy like that would be friends with this freak? If only pops could have made up a story about Yuuki sleeping over at someone’s house. Would you feel guilty about lying to this little terror? I think not!

Aside from being  little creep, Shizuka also commits one of the cardinal sins of annoyance — being a ventriloquist. Has there ever been a likable ventriloquist? Dummies are inherently creepy, so really, ventriloquists deal in creeping people out, even as they purport to be “entertaining”. To be fair to Shizuka, it seems as if she is genuinely trying to be a creepy, hateful little monster, so mission accomplished, I suppose. If Yuuki’s parents don’t end up being bitten, however, then Yuuki is going to get a stern talking to for unleashing Shizuka upon the household, even though he has nothing to do with her at all.

Perhaps Shizuka needed to be introduced to fill the creepy little kid quota for Shiki this week, because I actually found Sunako rather sympathetic. She really does give off that air of loneliness and tragedy that Seishin senses in her, and I bet Seishin even feels a bit guilty for not being exactly the type of kindred spirit that Sunako sensed when she read Seishin’s books. I wondered in the past about whether there could be “good” vampires, and if that is the case, then Sunako strikes me as likely to be one of them.

Clearly she partakes in human blood from time to time, seeing as she’s, you know, still alive, but I wonder if she goes out to get it herself, or if she has servants to do all that for her. Imagine being that vampire? “Hi, welcome to the club! Your job is to fill this bag full of blood for Lady Sunako to feed on. Happy hunting!” Someone has to do it, right? I wonder how long Sunako has been a vampire. It has probably been for a pretty damn long time; certainly enough time for her to feel incredibly lonely and (probably) tire of the repetitive vampire lifestyle.


4 Responses to “Shiki 8 – Yuuki Sucks at Burying People”

  1. Sumimasenu! Sumimasenu! I can see where Natsuno gets his temper. But his dad was in a no win situation. I wonder if it’s possible to disinvite a vampire once they’ve been invited. Bah, as soon as something’s about to happen, the episode ends. I want to travel forward in time so I can just marathon this show.

    • Haha, I’m just imagining a vampire going down to bite someone, and the person being like, “. . . Yeah, I’m not cool with you being in my home anymore. Can you leave?”

  2. yeah I had the feeling Sunako might be a “good” vampire awhile back. I’d like her to be. The good, slightly unhinged vampire. Either that or she is the final boss. I wouldn’t be surprised if she the vampire Matriarch.

    • Sunako is either going to be a good vampire who helps out the heroes or she is going to be a hellbeast who will bite the fuck out of everyone. There is no in between for her.

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