Shiki 9 – GTFO, Vampires

Not exactly sure why, but this image vaguely reminds me of the Super Smash Bros. commercial from way back when. Except that, you know, all the vampires are happily frolicking and sucking the blood out of an old woman instead of kicking each others’ asses. A minor difference, really. (Also, I never thought about this before, but Mario is the one who strikes first in the commercial. Isn’t he supposed to be Nintendo’s big hero? What an asshole!)

A pretty good episode here, and one that seems to really get the plot moving since the vampires make a rather aggressive strike while Tatsumi overtly hints to Ozaki about something larger going on just beyond the horizon. Most likely the Kirishiki parents are the ones directing everything behind the scenes; however, I do have a fondness for the theory that Sunako is actually taking the lead. Seems like a nice, lonely girl . . . but it’s all a trap! I would crack up if the Kirishikis moved from place to place because Sunako kept messing things up and killing everyone wherever they settled.

“Honey, this is the fifth town this year! You have to learn to moderate yourself!”

Still trying to figure out the extent of each vampire’s powers and weaknesses here. Although certain weaknesses don’t apply to Tatsumi (he can go out during the day), we can be reasonably sure that he still has to be invited into a person’s home to feed on him or her, since he went through the trouble of chatting up Tohru and getting an invite to his place. Tatsumi’s little scene with Ozaki’s wife, Kyouko, seems to indicate that she is the one who invited Tatsumi into the clinic when she offered him a meat bun. (That doesn’t have to have been the actual invitation; she could have invited him in offscreen.)

I guess that makes sense; because she is married to Ozaki, she also has domain over the clinic, and thus her invitation has actual weight to it. At least, I hope that’s the way it works. Imagine if any random dipshit who was hanging out at your place could invite in every damn vampire off the street? That would suck. But Megumi seems to indicate that if Seishin invited her into the clinic, then she would be able to step inside, so maybe the whole invitation clause is more complex than it seems at first. My head hurts.

Also, I wonder if there are takebacks? If you invite a vampire to your place, then can he or she just stroll in whenever, regardless of how you feel about it later? Can someone overrule you and boot that undead ass back onto the street? Like, what if Yuuki said, “Sure, Megumi, come on in to my house even though I hate your guts and wish I could hack you into pieces” but his dad was all, “Hell no. Get the hell out of my house.” Would Megumi have to listen to the dad since his presumably legally owns the place? Or is the one invitation from Yuuki all that is needed, and the vampire can just ignore everything else? Vampires seem kind of rude, so I think they would accept the invitation and ignore everything else, the bastards.

I’d be pissed about getting absolutely nothing regarding the cliffhanger from last week’s episode, but frankly, if I had to deal with that annoying little vampire girl two weeks in a row, I’d probably kill myself, so it’s just as well that this week’s episode skipped out on all that business. But there will likely be more of that next week since doubtless Megumi is rushing over to Yuuki’s house to stare into his window for half the night again and hope beyond hope that she will be invited inside. Or maybe she can already go inside since that creepy little goober received the invite. Who knows.


7 Responses to “Shiki 9 – GTFO, Vampires”

  1. I don’t think Tatsumi is a vampire or at lest not like the others. I’m actually betting on him being a werewolf. In episode three I don’t think he was fishing for an invite for himself but just for his “friend.”

    • Heinsia Says:

      That makes sense, especially with his blue ears o-o But if he’s a werewolf, what does he eat? Raw meat? :-s

    • I was going to say that Tatsumi confirmed he was a vampire with Masao, but I guess we can’t really take anything he says at face value since he is such a shady character. Wouldn’t put it past him to bend the truth just to put himself in a greater position of power over the newbie vampires.

      That said, I do think he is a vampire.

  2. Ok, well, I’ll be pissed for you, because goddamn I’m desperate to find out who she is. Good episode, and the little glimpse of Ozaki’s family is interesting, as is Muroi’s new, utterly grim, novel. Vampire Megumi continues to be sooo hot.

  3. There are so many different ways you could interpret the invitation rule that it would be an exercise in futility to even attempt to break it down completely!

    I’m pretty curious about Tatsumi and what other abilities he has. He and Sunako are the most high profile of the Kanemasa vampires so far, but its also clear that even though Tatsumi has special abilities, he takes orders from someone higher up. Makes me wonder just how powerful the Kirishiki’s are and if they have even more special abilities.

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