High School of the Dead 10 – The Tsuntsun Express

Man, every role Jouji Nakata takes seems tailor made for him, doesn’t it? Saya’s dad utters one syllable, and I can immediately buy Nakata as this authoritative, imperialist type figure. If he lets the group head out with his daughter after all this, though, then he’s a lot more understanding than that, haha. Or maybe he just does not want to deal with her shit. Maybe that is more likely. At any rate, looks like it’s time to hit the road again instead of staying in a relatively safe place. Hooray!

Enter death chart.

Takashi: His closest brush with death yet: Giving Saya’s dad some lip. Did you see the look on his face? One wrong word from Takashi, and his head would have been floating right next to that zombie’s head. He also seems to be on the outs with Rei; that’s probably a good thing, however, since Rei seems so high-maintenance. And that temper! Takashi must use it for good rather than evil. At least Alice’s calming influence has an effect on him.

Likelihood of survival: He has jumped every hurdle so far. Pretty safe to say he’ll be fine from here on out.

Rei: She better hope her health improves before they go anywhere! Also, damn, I didn’t realize boob injuries could be so debilitating. (Although, really, she probably felt the recoil everywhere, so she isn’t laid up in bed — so to speak — just because Takashi liked the idea of boob cushions.) Even if she doesn’t get better, however, Rei seems to have everyone wrapped around her finger anyway. She gets to lay around in bed naked and have people rub ointment on her? Seems like a sweet deal to me . . . aside from the crippling pain, that is.

Likelihood of survival: Surround her with servants, and she will be fine.

Kouta: Loses a few points for losing his cool for a moment (yet again, jealousy issues rise to the surface), but he’s at least got the balls to stand up for himself against an intimidating group of people. And slowly but surely Saya is coming around to his side. Just keep chipping away, Kouta. Keep chipping away.

Likelihood of survival: He’ll survive as long as he does not get into another gun vs. sword argument with Saeko. If he saw her slice up those zombies in the previous episode, then he definitely would not have been opening his mouth so readily!

Saya: She is in full-on tsuntsun mode this episode, damn. The whole “my parents didn’t look out for me waaaaaaaah” and Takashi coming home in a great mood with Saeko just set her off, I guess. She’s feeling a bit too bold, though, I think. Did you see the superior smirk she had on when she talked to Saeko? Uh, does she remember that Saeko could beat the shit out of her with no problem at all? Guess being on her home turf gave Saya a confidence boost. Being on the other side of Takashi’s temper tantrum calmed her down, though, and her loyalties are with the group, so the tsuntsun is packed away for the moment.

Likelihood of survival: Don’t let out the tsuntsun where it doesn’t belong.

Saeko: Her yukata got me thinking — how is it that High School of the Dead has somehow gone without anime’s most classic filler episodes? The group couldn’t have visited a zombie-infested beach for some bikini-clad, undead-mauling fun? How about a summer festival? Fireworks and beheadings sound like a good time, right? And there has to be a onsen somewhere! The final episode should have a beach onsen during a summer festival. It’s only right. Anyway, getting back to Saeko, she’s finally approaching her limit, probably spurred on by Takashi unleashing the beast in the previous episode. Nobody had better cross Saeko, because she isn’t taking anyone’s shit anymore.

Likelihood of survival: She’s not dying when the show can play dress-up with her more!

Marikawa: Now we can add massage and ointment application to her list of talents.

Likelihood of survival: She’s not dying when there are more body parts to treat! Ointment, away!

Shido: Oh shit, he’s finally back! And he’s unleashed the pedophilia with his Orgy Bus! Also, think of how that one kid who is spying on the main group feels — a crazy bus orgy is going on, and he had to watch the events of this episode. Now that is a raw deal.

Likelihood of survival: He is totally dying in the finale. It’s practically guaranteed.


Likelihood of survival:

Alice: Her moe has a calming influence on the group. My god, she’s scary.

Likelihood of survival: Even Saya’s dad would be moved enough to protect Alice at all costs.


8 Responses to “High School of the Dead 10 – The Tsuntsun Express”


    I dunno why but I was delighted to see him come back in the game. I felt he was rather underused for a character so OTT

    • I knew he had to show up again eventually. And somehow he got more over the top while he was offscreen. Guess he had to be doing SOMETHING the whole time.

  2. Clinton Says:

    thats odd Miku was wearing a seethrough bra in the manga eather they censored it or Im mistaking Yuuki’s breasts for another girls

    anyway your about to see what a bitch that Orangeish haired slut Miku can be

  3. No odds of survival for Rika? Or have you given up hope for ever seeing her again. 😛

  4. I don’t even remember who Rika is hahaha.

    Anyway I think the only two who are guaranteed not to die is Alice and Takeshi. Everyone else is fair game (although the final true girl will also live).

    • Rika is the purple-haired sniper the show used to tease the audience for an episode. Really, her main purpose — so far, anyway — is so that Shizuka is shown to actually have a friend who owns the apartment in which they stay for a short while. Maybe she’ll have more of a role if Madhouse makes a second season. (Yeah, right. :()

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