Shiki 10 – Come with Me If You Want to Die

Tatsumi gets more Terminator-like every time we see him, I swear!

So, wow, Shiki is getting better by the episode; I’d say this is the best one yet, and the one that cements Shiki as the best show of the season for me, unless Occult Academy suddenly gets amazing in its final three episodes. This episode livens things up a bit in the first half with some non-linear storytelling that is slightly tough to keep up with at first (the shifting date markers don’t help, haha), but not that difficult if you’re paying attention. It’s kind of cool to get a view of things from the other side, and it makes the situation more enjoyably complex by confirming a few things.

First off, the vampires actually do keep their human personalities and aren’t simply mindless zombies . . . some are just more accepting of their fate than others. And still others fall in line, it seems, because Tatsumi unsurprisingly uses extortion to inflict his will on his army. It all leads up to the unsurprising but still dramatic reveal that Tohru is one of the Risen, and being forced to bite Yuuki, or else it is his family that gets it instead. I like how the conflict is handled, particularly Tohru’s shame as he reveals to Yuuki that he is one of the Risen — the tentative taps on the window, hiding just out of sight when Yuuki takes a peak outside and covering his face while meekly trying to pull Yuuki out of his home. If there’s anyone who hates what he has become, it’s definitely Tohru.

Now, all the build-up with Yuuki going to such lengths to protect himself, only to open the door so readily when he realizes that Tohru is outside is dumb, but I think it is plausibly dumb, if that makes sense. When he hears Tohru’s voice, he’s thinking with his emotions rather than his logic; as he says, he knows the best thing to do is to keep himself locked up in his room, but he can’t do it because the only thing on his mind is seeing whether those rat bastard vampires truly defiled his best friend. (By the way, it’s a great moment of dark humor — intentional or not — when Yuuki basically says, “Yeah, I don’t give a shit about Megumi, but why did Tohru have to become a vampire?”)

Megumi is great in this episode, too, and she’s definitely more rebellious than her previous appearances as a vampire showed her to be, which isn’t really surprising. It was hinted at decently enough all those times she showed up at Yuuki’s place and with her running away at the end of the previous episode. And I guess being a vampire doesn’t totally destroy any grudges she carried over from her life as a human . . . she really enjoys Tohru’s fear and frustration a bit too much, haha. Megumi acts quite superior in this scene, but really, she’s just desperately trying to cut Tohru down any way she can so that she can make herself out to be the one who most appreciates and loves Yuuki.

I could see Megumi making a turn to the “good” side at some point down the road (if she actually cares about Yuuki, anyway, that’s what she’ll do), but for now her devotion to Yuuki is still rather creepy. Megumi would rather bite Yuuki and hope that he becomes one of the Risen rather than help him fight back, so on some level she has accepted her existence as a vampire, or at least does not care too much about it. If she’s doing this, then she has to think — for now, anyway — that she’s powerless to fight back against Tatsumi and the Kirishikis. (Good band name, by the way.)

Getting back to Tohru, though, the ending to this episode is great and yet another well-executed cliffhanger by Shiki. I wonder if there is any way for Tohru to make it appear as if he bit Yuuki without actually sucking his blood, but Tatsumi would probably see through that kind of trick easily. It is more interesting if Tohru actually bites Yuuki, anyway — then Yuuki has to struggle with the call of the vampire while simultaneously trying to fight them. Someone’s going to have to come along and chase the vamps off, though, because Tatsumi would be pretty dumb to not make sure Yuuki isn’t finished off while they have him there. Maybe Megumi will finally stand up and do something.

It’s a fujoshi’s dream!

Just a few more things to note from the episode . . .

— Matsuo disappearing from Yuuki’s room after all the build-up was kind of a “Huh?” moment for me at first, but afterward it’s pretty obvious that she just went there to make sure Tohru could enter the house. After all, it would be pretty weird if Tohru came up to the doorstep and asked for permission to come inside seeing as, you know, he’s dead. (More speculation on the whole entering thing: I guess it erases once you become a vampire, since Tohru would obviously have permission to come over whenever he damn well pleased when he was alive.)

— Tatsumi basically confirms that the Kirishikis are giving him his orders. Not at all surprising, and it doesn’t put to rest the “Sunako is pulling the strings” theory, but they are at least involved.

— I thought it was kind of dumb for Tatsumi to straight up tell Yuuki that Ozaki knows they’re vampires. Yuuki considered the possibility, but obviously he’s not totally confident in it, or else he would have teamed up with Ozaki long ago. Now he is confident.

— I LOL’d at Yuuki’s pro-big city conformist rant.

13 Responses to “Shiki 10 – Come with Me If You Want to Die”

  1. jacob Says:

    because of these posts i started reading the manga and it is really good defently 4/5 (but i won’t give away spoilers) đŸ˜› and from what I’ve read it really starts to get good around here

  2. Didn’t anyone else find it odd that Tatsumi was randomly reving a motarcycle?

  3. Shiki is neck and neck with Giant Killing for most enjoyable and it’s not even half-way through. If it keeps it up I expect it to easily be one of my top 20 favorite shows maybe top 10.

    As for that crazy plot twist: I watch the OP of Shiki very closely because I think it gives some clues to story. I have a theory that all the characters that become vampires turn into the colored skeletons in the OP. If you watch Natsuno’s first appearance closely this happens to a shadow of him cast across the kirishiki house. So my theory is Natsuno does become a vampire and leads a revolt from behind enemy lines.

    • Yeah, I think you mentioned that in the past. Makes sense to me. Yuuki becoming a vampire could lead to some interesting storylines as long as he doesn’t emo too much.

  4. Wow I decided to read your review until after I wrote mine, and just like in FMA we decided to use more or less the exact same screencaps haha!

    I pretty much agree with your thoughts on this episode. Shiki really is getting really good.

    I think one funny ironic thing is that after all her efforts to kill Tohru, Megumi is completely thwarted by Tohru coming back alive, and then being the one to get to make out wi… er kill Natsuno.

  5. I got a caption for that first image: “Tatsumi sneaks a glance at Megumi’s ass”.

  6. adaywithoutme Says:

    Ok, so this post came up in an image search for ‘megumi shiki’, and I just practically shat a brick when I realized that if you remove Megumi’s pigtails she’s got the same hairstyle as Muroi</i.

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