Giant Killing 24 – Just As Planned

As expected, Tatsumi’s plan largely reveals itself in this episode (although there is probably still more yet to come), and every match-up starts to bear fruit for ETU — some in large ways (Tsubaki and Gino teaming up to tire out Hiraga, Sugie perhaps inadvertently making Kubota open up his game a bit more and burning through his energy early) and some in smaller ways (Kuroda frustrating Hauer to the point where Hauer shoves Kuroda to the ground and earns a yellow card for his trouble). ETU has all the momentum right now.

(Quick question about the choice of card: It’s pretty clear Hauer attacks Kuroda after the play; it’s not a foul that comes because he went after the ball a bit too strongly, or whatever. Does the attack have to be more severe to warrant a red card? Does it depend on the league? Maybe the series makes the shove look more severe than it actually is, thus the yellow card? I guess it was just a shove in the heat of the moment and doesn’t really deserve an automatic ejection. You’d think ETU would at least try to push for a harsher penalty, though, or stand up for Kuroda.)

Tatsumi was right, though: Once ETU’s strategy started rolling strong, the game became more fun to watch — even the reactions from the coaches are great! Best part, though, is Hiraga’s “OH SH–” reaction when he finally realizes Gino has pulled the wool over his eyes the entire game by pinpointing his passes to “weird” spots he knew Tsubaki was quick enough to reach, which would force the defensive stalwart Hiragi to tire himself out way quicker than anyone on Osaka’s team would like. Boom, instant open field after that.

That’s a definite foul out of clear desperation, so I assume a free kick will start off the next episode. Don’t think the player fouled has to kick, but Tsubaki will probably kick for dramatic purposes. Seems like Tsubaki was close enough to make the shot (or at least put it into position for someone else to score) but not close enough for it to be a straight up penalty kick. (Though perhaps someone more familiar with penalty kick rules than me can clarify that.) I hope ETU shows a bit more fire for this than they did for Hauer shoving Kuroda to the ground, haha.

Have to say, though, that the Kubota bit seems like a somewhat dubious strategy to me, though to be fair, it does seem as if Tatsumi underestimated Kubota, and that Kubota tiring himself out relatively early in the game was more a stroke of luck than something Tatsumi deliberately planned. And it’s not as if there wasn’t a price ETU paid for Kubota tiring himself out — he did score a goal as a result of playing more open and aggressive than normal. Kind of evens itself out, really.

Also wonder how Natsuki will figure into the final couple of episodes. He has to score a goal, right? Gotta vanquish those demons, figure out how he needs to play and impress Gino. I imagine Natsuki’s goal will probably come in the final episode — perhaps, it will be the score that decides the game. If Tsubaki scores a goal to start the next episode, then I think it’s a guarantee that Natsuki will decide the game. Hope he doesn’t fold under the pressure!

Come on, Natsuki, you can do it~


10 Responses to “Giant Killing 24 – Just As Planned”

  1. Giant Killing is a mystery series. Seriously, all the pieces to Tatsumi’s strategy are laid out before our eyes. I can see that looking in retrospect but it still surprises me what tricks he manages to pull out of his hat. It’s a good half of the tension in the show. The other half comes from the characters and chemistry.

    Anyway if Giant Killing wasn’t an ongoing manga I would bet on Tsubaki to win it all. I mean he is the guy we started on after all. He’s the character that they are hinting at something greater. However, since it is ongoing I think you are right Natsuki will get the final goal and conclude the arc.

    • Congrats on submitting this humble site’s 1,500th comment! (Even though a little less than half of them are from me. :p)

      Tsubaki is getting a goal one way or another, I think. If it’s a straight up penalty shot, he gets the goal for sure. Even if it’s not, I still think he scores it, but if he gets the assist, then I think he nails the game winner and Natsuki gets to sulk until Giant Killing gets another season.

      Obviously if Tsubaki scores the tying goal, then Natsuki gets the game winner.

  2. The foul by Hauer should’ve been a red card GRRRRR

    That foul on Tsubaki has GOT TO BE A RED.


    Man this show has got me pumped like no other god dammit.

  3. I’m not sure that Natsuki is destined for the goal, as Sera hasn’t scored all season. Tsubaki also has several things in his favor: his brand new banner, and Monsieur National Team. I see ‘Baki being picked as ETU’s first representative on the national team, and he probably needs to put one in for that. Of course ETU needs TWO goals at this point to win it.

    • Sera doesn’t get a goal because there hasn’t been as much focus on him as on Natsuki. Then again, Natsuki could be a red herring and Tatsumi could have a super secret strategy to get Sera a goal. Who knows?

  4. I think penalty kicks can only happen if you’re on a breakaway (i.e. the closest guy to the goal aside from the goalie).

    The rules say red card for ‘violent conduct’, and a yellow card for ‘unsporting behaviour’. I guess it’s a bit open to interpretation as Hauer obviously wasn’t trying to HURT Kuroda as much as push him out of the way.

    • I’d agree, but the contact comes after the conclusion of the play, so Hauer loses that excuse. Probably should have been a red card.

  5. […] don’t know if Joojoobees was actually predicting that Sera would score a goal or simply using Sera as an example why Natsuki shouldn’t be automatically expected to score a […]

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