High School of the Dead 11 – Here Come the Nukes!

This is a pretty good set-up episode for a finale that should have a lot of fireworks. I wonder if any of the nukes will be coming Japan’s way (seems so, since the country has to take some measures in the preview)? Before it seemed as if it was just America vs. everyone else when it came to the bomb. Now I guess it’s everyone vs. everyone — a real Dr. Strangelove situation. Then we have Shido squirming away when we all know what’s going to happen later; this pretty much says it all. But, hey, it wouldn’t be anime without the heroes shooting themselves in the collective foot. If there’s one thing, this trope teaches people, it’s that morality is a fucking pain in the ass.

Countdown to death chart: 3, 2, 1 . . .

Takashi: I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out the only scenario in which Takashi can die: The fight over his penis gets so heated that Rei, Saeko and Saya rip Takashi into three pieces and take him home for some bloody snuggling. It’s so obvious! *facepalm* This is going to happen eventually, especially given how Takashi is playing the field with both Rei and Saeko. I bet he’s hoping that Saeko is too polite to do anything about this, but mark my words, she’ll get fed up eventually and slice him the fuck up. This is a dangerous game you’re playing, man!

Likelihood of survival: He’ll survive this season, of course, but if he wants to stay among the living, he should stop himself from going into full of Makoto from School Days mode.

Rei: I think I’m fully in Sorrow-kun‘s corner when it comes to Rei now. Everything she does is just annoying now. Although I did find it hilarious that her hatred of Shido came about because he held her back a grade. Here I was thinking that gross pervert molested her, or something, but he went even further than that — he fucked up a Japanese student’s studies. Oh no, he didn’t! Death to the man who kept Rei from going to a prestigious college!

Kouta: Doesn’t really do much of anything in this episode save show a bit of sympathy to the crazies at the beginning of the episode and team up with Saya to guilt Takashi into taking more of a leadership role. (Even though he is basically doing that already, anyway. But there’s more pressure if it’s official!) At least he is able to put his guns on now.

Likelihood of survival: He’s not being killed, but more importantly, is there any way we can get Kouta a horse with tailpipes?

Saya: Haha, man, she must have still been on a tsuntsun high from the previous episode. She’s more forceful than usual here! Funniest part of that exchange is the crazy lady shouting about how the adults will run the show using peaceful methods, but the whole time she has this twisted, homicidal look on her face like she wants to grab one of Kouta’s guns and pistol whip the shit out of Saya. Settle down, lady!

Likelihood of survival: If she wants to live, why doesn’t she just tsuntsun the fuck out of the zombies? That would be scary.

Saeko: Continues to samurai level up by earning the respect of Saya’s father and getting that sword upgrade, kind of like when Link tosses the Bronze Sword into the Golden Pyramid and gets the Golden Sword in return in A Link to the Past. (OK, it’s nothing like that at all. I just love A Link to the Past.) But more than that, earning the respect of a Jouji Nakata-voiced character has her basically set for life. How can you fail when you have that smooth baritone supporting you? . . . This is getting weird, isn’t it?

Likelihood of survival: For Saeko? 100 percent. The zombies? 0 percent.

Marikawa: LOL Oh, High School of the Dead, Marikawa as a priest. You slay me. There might be a joke about the Beatitudes in there somewhere, but I’m not the one to make it.

Likelihood of survival: Marikawa even has God on her side now.

Shido: What a loser. His big return and he lets Rei fuck around with him like nothing. He’ll try to make up for this in the next episode when he inevitably returns to try and kill everyone before eating it himself, but really, who would actually be scared of this guy?

Likelihood of survival: At least someone important is going to die.

Rika: Wait, why do I still have her here, again?

Likelihood of survival: Did someone by this name exist before? I can’t remember!

Alice: She’s even appealing to the furries now! My god, Alice’s evil powers have no limits.

Likelihood of survival: Let’s just say Geist is no longer Most Dangerous. Also, what would happen if Alice and Marikawa ever battled it out? Or teamed up?


5 Responses to “High School of the Dead 11 – Here Come the Nukes!”

  1. Someone should just kill Rei off…’me me me me me…its all about me…’

  2. As repetitive as it feels now, I too had to facepalm myself when Rei started freaking out… and then when I found out it was over grades (LIKE THAT SH*T MATTERS DURING A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!) I threw my hat into the “she must die” pool. She’s endemic of why this show is such a thoughtless travesty. Minus the nukes being shot off by any and everybody in existence (which still doesn’t make any sense, who wants a zombie infested Russia or America anyway) nothing of note really happened.

    Oh & that lady at the beginning of the episode who whipped out the crazy “I’m a character in Code Geass” face, I predict she dies next episode, too. She’s been getting too much attention lately. They’re setting her up to be zombie kibblets.

  3. TheOtherAnon Says:

    I would say Rei’s hatred of Shido goes much deeper than “YOU MESSED UP MY GRADE!!!”, she said that people who hated her father (a police officer) wanted to get back at him by making life tough for his daughter (aka Rei), and they did so by making Shido cut down Rei’s grades and generally make her school life a misery.

    Although I never was one for her type of character, but I have to say, I was fully on her side when she described her father hugging her, crying and apologizing to her for what happens at school yet unable to do anything about it. If it wasn’t for Saya’s dad around, I really, REALLY hoped for Rei to dice the guy with her bayonet.

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