Shiki 11 – Gackt Is God

Look at how holy he is. Also, Tatsumi sure got dressed in his butler garb in a hurry. Guess that’s one other ability that separates him from the other vampires!

So Seishirou Kirishiki appears for the first time in a good while, and Ozaki examines Seishirou to the point where he concludes that Seishirou is indeed alive — has a pulse, normal breathing and his pupils react to light — so that the crowd of confused people outside the Kirishiki home can be placated. (Although there is of course the chance that Ozaki noticed something and chose to keep it on the down low because he doesn’t want a freak out war to break out.) But, hey, if vampires are the enemy, then how can Seishirou not be a vampire? Well, I have a theory that is probably not at all accurate, but what the hell — I’ll throw it out, anyway.

(By the way, I am going to spoil the hell out of Let the Right One In right now, so feel free to skip all this theorizing if you plan on seeing that great movie eventually. Everything after the next screencap will be safe to read.)

While I watched the end of this episode, I tried to think of some way Seishirou could be involved in all this and not be a vampire (since it would be patently ridiculous for him to not know what is going on). And then I was suddenly reminded of Let the Right One In — when the young-looking vampire, Eli, rolls into town, he/she (the movie is oblique in regard to sex) is accompanied by a handler, who prepares victims for Eli to feed on so that she does not draw suspicion. But eventually that handler dies, and Eli escapes the town with the 12-year-old kid, Oskar, who has been drawn to Eli the whole movie. On the surface their relationship seems like genuine friendship, but the way the ending is framed along with the relationship Eli had with the handler, it leaves open the idea that Eli has manipulated Oskar to an extent so that Oskar will be the new handler. In fact, it’s possible (maybe even probable) that Eli has done this before.

So, why can’t there be a similar scenario in Shiki? It does not have to come about via manipulation, of course — maybe it could be tradition that the Kirishiki males are handlers to Sunako and Chizuru. Just because Seishirou is introduced as Sunako’s father doesn’t mean that he’s her biological father. (Can the Shiki vampires even breed? Pretty sure that every organ is dead!) I think it’s kind of cool to imagine one family so loyal to a couple of vampires that each descendant assumes the job of moving the Kirishiki women from place to place and handling their business. (I kind of wonder what they would do for heirs, though, haha.)

Probably far off the truth and has a million holes I can’t really think of right now because I’m too close to the theory, but just something fun to think about. There’s just so much we don’t know yet — how many different varieties of vampires there are (if we can indeed accept Tatsumi’s explanation that he is a different sort of vampire), how old Sunako and Chizuru are, and so on.

I can’t be the only one who laughed at Tatsumi holding the brandy snifter, right? Part of me wants to think that he held it on purpose because he knows that only villains carry those around, and that Kyoko would not be observant enough to notice. Also, I love that he is opening his own rival clinic.

It’s a genius idea. Why? Because we already know that these villagers are too dumb for their own good. Tatsumi could just open the clinic, convince everyone that he has the key to curing the epidemic that is ripping apart the town and boom! He’d have a whole line of dumbass villagers just waiting to be bitten. Tatsumi is showing some real ingenuity and efficiency here. Also, it’s a great Eff You to Ozaki. If Ozaki has any pride whatsoever, he’s not going to take this shit laying down when he eventually hears about it. I wonder how long his wife is going to keep that information from him? That’s kind of mean!

By the way, another knockout scene with Sunako and Seishin. The tension got so crazy at the end, particularly in the above bit where Sunako is just about to bite the hell out of Seishin and then thinks better of it at the last moment. Agh, so damn good. Why can’t Sunako visit Seishin every night? Sigh.

And just in case people missed it elsewhere: Shiki is off for the next three weeks. The downside of broadcasting in the noitaminA time slot . . .


7 Responses to “Shiki 11 – Gackt Is God”

  1. I’ve been peeking in and out at random blog posts talking about this season’s anime, trying to figure out if I skipped anytthing of merit. So far I have to say no, but Shiki is at least looking like a somewhat entertaining watch. I’m just so sick of vampires at this point. America, Japan… there’s probably German show about vampires floating out there that I don’t know about.

  2. Hmmm. This was an interesting episode. I’m still not quite sure what to think about grown up Rika.

    While the exchange between Sunako and Seishin was again intense I had trouble understanding their little complex interaction. He thought up the phrase “Shiki” and she thought it was the bees knees. Then she gets up all close and asks “Are you Abel?” She goes to bite him and then he says “I think you are Shiki” And she stops. So I didn’t quite get the distinction between Abel and Shiki. Or why Sunako would call him a romanticist because of it.

  3. SunakoxSeishin was the highlight of the episode for me, especially given that I saw it in the dark at 3 in the morning by myself. It totally heightened the power of the scene.

  4. […] is Seishirou another ‘special’ vampire like Tatsumi, or is he not a vampire at all!?  (Shinmaru takes this notion and runs with it).  It makes a certain amount of sense that Seishirou may be […]

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