Giant Killing 25 – Victory Is Sweet

I don’t know if Joojoobees was actually predicting that Sera would score a goal or simply using Sera as an example why Natsuki shouldn’t be automatically expected to score a goal despite all the attention focused upon him in this arc, but hell, let’s give him the Stephen Colbert “I called it!” anyway. Why the hell not?

Also, what’s the bigger upset: ETU getting the win against Osaka, or the game actually ending in this episode? I can’t be the only one shocked to see that Giant Killing didn’t milk the tension until the finale! Wow! As soon as it was revealed that there was four minutes remaining in the game, my first thought was, “This is going to be the longest four minutes in history.” Next episode will probably be the sports anime equivalent of the “life goes on” ending — the “season goes on” ending, I guess? Haha.

But, yes, Sera scoring to ensure victory is quite the big moment, especially since his story has been simmering for so long. He even gets the big sports fiction build-up: The monologue about how he has polished his limited skills, the close-up showing his determination, the music building and setting the mood for his epic moment, the slow motion on the actual shot and then the crowd cheering raucously afterward. Sera shows great grit and determination just throwing his body down to the ground for the header and taking what I assume is a pretty damn hard kick to the shoulder in the process.

That’s the perfect kind of big sports moment, isn’t it? It’s how many fans imagine they would play if they were a professional athlete, I think — giving everything for the team they love, sacrificing their bodies for victory. Great goal.

Don’t want to take anything away from Sugie, though — his goal is pretty good, too, set up perfectly with the fake out by Akasaki and Gino (which I’m sure everyone and their mother saw coming, if even I saw it coming), and executed with textbook precision by Sugie after receiving the pass. He probably doesn’t get too many chances to score, to say the least, so it was exciting to see him put the ball in the goal before heading to the bench. Sugie is awesome.

(Of course, I have to wonder how Osaka didn’t see it coming. Guess it was a lack of communication on their end — how smart can those national-level defensive players be if Hiragi is the only one who noticed that Gino was actually at the top of his game in the contest? You’d think that Hiragi would be quick to let his teammates know that Gino was faking it the whole time, and that they would believe him rather readily since he’s, you know, their leader and all.)

Guess it wasn’t close enough to be a penalty kick try, though! Poor Tsubaki. He’s setting up a lot of opportunities, but it’s not quite his time yet to shine completely in the spotlight. But he’s on his way to becoming the pivotal part of ETU as the journalist lady points out, because she’s been such a wellspring of wisdom and great journalism throughout the series. Oh wait, she hasn’t, because she has done fuck all the whole show. Who the hell is she to chastise that other guy? She’s been just as lazy as he has. God, what a lame character.

Giant Killing had god damn well better get a second season, because the eventual rematch between ETU and Osaka is going to be pretty damn awesome. (Though I’d expect Osaka to take the match with ETU stepping onto Osaka’s turf.) Plus, ETU has to make a big run for the playoffs, and that of course will be pretty kickass, although I don’t expect Tatsumi to turn ETU from crap to champions in a single year. Regardless of the outcome, we need more Giant Killing.


8 Responses to “Giant Killing 25 – Victory Is Sweet”

  1. Hate to break it to you, but there are no playoffs in the league. There is the league cup competition they are in which I think they’ve gotten a draw and a win from 4 group matches. I would hope they would have the other cup where ETU can be drawn against some amateur club from Hokkaido or something just so the feeling of giant killing could be reversed.

  2. Great goals. I find it interesting how 3 of the 5 goals came on headers, and at least 3 of the goals came on rebounds. There are remarkably few set pieces — especially corner kicks, and…


    Given a yellow was already given earlier, I thought such a blatant foul so soon would get a red. I mean, there was a clear path to the box, and the defender made no play for the ball.


    Anyway we won.

    (LOL “we”)

    • As Hiraga was not on a yellow card, and since a shot from 25 yards out hardly counts as a clear goal scoring opportunity there’s no chance he would be red carded for that reason. The shirt pull itself warrants a card though. And yes referring to a fictional team as “we” is definitely lol worthy.

    • lolz If the old bandwagon hoppers can call themselves “we” in reference to ETU, then sure we can as well. We’ve been there from the start!

  3. :GLOAT: :GLOAT:
    I’ll take all the victory laps I can get!

    What an excellent episode. Placing the game conclusion in this episode really kept the tension up from the opener through to Sera’s goal.

  4. Even though you knew that ETU would win in the end, they did a remarkable job in building up the tension. What a great show!

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