High School of the Dead 12 – Boobs and T. S. Eliot (END) (?)

That T. S. Eliot character has really gone places now — his poetry is being inexplicably quoted in zombie fanservice anime! Probably the only weirder place to see an Eliot quote pop up is in a harem show or something . . . wait, what am I saying, this is pretty much a harem series already, isn’t it? Damn you, High School of the Dead — always one step ahead of me.

Anyway, the series has come to an end, although a second season could be in the cards; it would be a given with any other studio, but Madhouse is fairly notorious for not doing second seasons. The fact that the studio did not conjure up an anime-exclusive ending (I think) is probably a good sign for fans, though. I’d watch a second season. High School of the Dead is an entertaining enough series with a rather, er, unique approach to fanservice. And, hey, I like to see zombies get killed. Sue me.

Final death chart for now, though with a different spin on it . . .

Takashi: Gets assigned by Saya’s father as co-protector of Saya along with Kouta, takes out a few zombies with his mega shotgun and gets the “Zombies . . . what a drag!” line to close the series. All in a day’s work for Takashi. Fearless Leader is going to stay on the front lines and shotgun zombies with the help of his friends. Good times, good times.

Did he deserve to survive?: I’ll tentatively say yes, but just barely. He at least put himself on the line quite often to keep everyone in the group safe, but at the same time, he’s a douche at times and is stringing the three girls along to the point where one of them will kill him and bathe in his blood. And then someone will fap to the image.

Rei: She gets more capricious by the episode. Wasn’t she in some sort of inane competition for Takashi with Saeko just a couple of episodes ago? And now she’s saving Saeko and smirking as if they are best friends or something. When the second season opens, I bet Rei will be standing over Saeko with the bayonet at Saeko’s throat.

Did she deserve to survive?: Not really. She spends most of the series being annoying as hell; some mourning and resentment about her old boyfriend is to be expected, but she harps on it again and again and again, even after she supposedly forgives Takashi for preventing Mamoru Mizombo from killing them. But, hey, when you can continually destroy group morale by beating a dead horse repeatedly, you gotta do it.

Kouta: Does his normal thing by sniping a bunch of zombies and gains the approval and Mr. and Mrs. Takagi. Operation OTP is officially a go. He also immediately adopts Mrs. Takagi as his new mother. Just don’t get into a Graduate situation with her, man — Saya and Mr. Takagi would kill you dead.

Did he deserve to survive?: Yes. He embraced the situation, contributed heavily to the survival of the group, showed his worth as a person and whined sparingly. All ingredients for super survival.

Saya: Hops right back on the kill train, makes nice with the ‘rents and does more of the snappy analysis. A normal Saya episode, complete with panty shots. Oi.

Did she deserve to survive?: I’ll tentatively say yes, but frankly, I could be swayed the other way, too. Her logical thinking was good, and she often kept a cool head and likewise helped the group keep cool, but she always seemed to loser her head at the absolute worst possible time and was damn near useless in battle for almost the entire series. Plus, she was mega tsuntsun very often, which was pretty annoying. I still don’t know how I feel about her.

Saeko: She is the next great action hero — busts out more sword slaying moves and rides the Hummer once again, coming dangerously close to splattering her brains all over the pavement before Takashi pulls her back into the vehicle. That scene is totally unrealistic, but who cares when it looks so damn cool? If only she could have sliced a few zombies while surfing away. Alas.

Did she deserve to survive?: Uh, yes. She protected the group the most, always kept her head in the game at the right times and helped keep everyone focused on survival while also sacrificing herself often to help others. Plus, she had all the best fanservice scenes.

(I don’t think anyone will begrudge me a screen shot of Takagi’s mom rather than the other characters.)

Marikawa: She knows how to use a cell phone, so that’s good, I guess. And she can still drive. And her boobs still have their bounce.

Did she deserve to survive?: Eh, not really. Much as I joke about her, I honestly never cared about her either way. She never really did anything except drive.

Shido: Even Marikawa is a better driver than he is.

Did he deserve to survive?: No, even with the creation of the Orgy Bus.

Rika: Wow, what an upset — she gets to appear in the series again!

Did she deserve to survive?: Yes, if only because she needed some consolation prize to make up for getting shafted out of so much screen time.

Alice: Alice is always ready with more ammo.

Did she deserve to survive?: Even I am not heartless enough to suggest that the little kid should have died.


12 Responses to “High School of the Dead 12 – Boobs and T. S. Eliot (END) (?)”

  1. For all the f*ckery of this show, I have to say that I’m glad that it came along. Besides Strike Witches 2, this was the only thing that kept me from completely ignoring an entire season for the first time. I think the quote I’ll take away from your post is…”Did he deserve to survive?: No, even with the creation of the Orgy Bus.” OH Highschool of the Dead, I’ll always remember you for your memes. Orgy Bus, Matrix Boobs, “I’m Wet!”, “Zombie Rape”, “Hot chick in panties and apron on top of Hummer with sword.”

  2. I’d give a big thumbs up to Takashi surviving. I thought he did a fine job as leader. Also, as any cult leader knows, you have to spread your DNA in as many places as possible to— wait, sorry that was my Shidou persona taking over.

    Looking forward to a second season of the death chart. I hope they don’t keep us waiting too long.

    • I don’t think he was a bad leader, but he went off the handle at times, which is I guess understandable considering the circumstances.

  3. so looks like you were wrong and shido did live with his jerk followers

  4. Saeko deserves to die for saying she dazes off because that is her character. Sigh

    Also teh loli defeated a zombie with a tire. Not even a quickly moving tire. Not to mention the tire was almost as big as she was.

    Lastly, Rika’s life expectancy because smoking is hazardous to your health.
    Her badass quotient goes through the roof for it being a cigar though.

    • Haha, guessing you meant Shizuka.

      lol Can’t believe I forgot to mention the tire to the balls. Gotta say, that zombie really sucked. How does he get hit by that? What a loser.

  5. I really hope they do a second season. I mean… what am I going to do without my zombie fill?

  6. […] for a better non-ending, as they’re at an excellent point for the start of season two. While Shinmaru makes a valid point about Madhouse and second seasons, they are also accustomed to working with […]

  7. (I don’t think anyone will begrudge me a screen shot of Takagi’s mom rather than the other characters.)

    I certainly don’t, even if it does remind me that we never got the Rika x Yuriko bath scene that we the viewers clearly deserved. And you just know that Takagi mansion had some well-appointed fixtures. Ah well.

    I think your assessments are right on. Takashi clearly hasn’t learned his lesson, and Rei hasn’t either. Saya and Kouta grew the most, and even if Saya hasn’t outgrown all of her annoying traits, she’s still less annoying than Rei. Saeko started out the season more mature than the rest of the group, and now that she’s had her conscience eased I don’t there’s anything that can stand in her way. And Shizuka, well, she might not contribute to the group all that much, but like she said, it’s not her fault. I’d like to see more of her evil mode in the future. Rika, Souichiro, and Yuriko clearly deserve to live, and if the three of them ever got together I think you’d have the zombie problem pretty much solved.

    Here’s hoping for a second season with a slightly snappier pace (you know, so you can take odds next time ; ), and thanks for helping make HoTD an extremely amusing ride for me.

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