First episode of Bakuman is pretty entertaining to me, but then again, for whatever reason I enjoy watching goofy, idealistic teenagers. I guess it’s nice to see people before life forces ’em to call a few audibles or be crushed by reality, like what apparently happened with Mashiro’s uncle.

I’ve heard that Bakuman actually goes through a decent chunk of Mashiro and Takagi’s lives, so it will be interesting to see how they evolve, especially as they come up against the adversity that tends to come with pursuing dreams and whatnot. For now, though, they’re free to be dumbass teenagers, and I write that in the kindest way possible. The scene at Azuki’s place particularly put a smile on my face because I — and probably many others — were exactly the type of goofballs Mashiro and Takagi are there. Talking big about dreams in one scene and almost pussying out after ringing a doorbell? Yeah. I’ve been there.

I even liked the marriage proposal bit, even if it’s completely ridiculous and the kind of agreement that would practically guarantee a divorce later on in life. It’s the kind of idiotically romantic proposal that a couple of teenagers would conceive of and agree to — they like the pure idea of it, reality be damned. It seems like something Powered by Fate; it gives them something to reach for, even if they don’t have the best idea of what they are getting into (to put it mildly). I’d imagine Mashiro and Azuki are going to be incredibly different people than they are now by the time Mashiro and Takagi craft a story popular enough to receive an anime adaptation. I wonder what they’ll think of their agreement then?

I felt kind of sorry for Mashiro’s uncle during the flashback scenes, mostly because it seems that he never quite got the hang of adjusting to life and moving beyond the insecurities of his younger days. One thing struck me in particular — when he mentions wanting to become someone great, someone worthy of being with the woman he loves . . . only by the time he accomplishes what he sets out to do, she has long since passed him by. People are very rarely as great as they think they need to be to appeal to those whom they love. It’s mostly a way to avoid rejection and being hurt; working on becoming someone great is a way to put off the potential pain until there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it.

It seemed a very Honey and Clover type of moment to me, even though Bakuman is not exactly trying for that feeling for the most part. At least his uncle’s failings gave Mashiro the courage to be a bit brazen and speak up, even if he did it in a goofy teenager way that still kind of puts off reality. I’d like to see Mashiro in six or seven years when he is still toughing out his dreams but is still just communicating with Azuki via text message. That will be a frustrating experience.

Not much else for me to say right now, although I do like the interplay between Mashiro and Takagi. It’s fun to see the top student also be the idealistic dreamer, and a bit of a goofy teenager himself. It’s like the trail to becoming a manga author is a sort of get rick quick scheme to him, haha.


10 Responses to “Bakuman 1 – BURNING MARRIAGE PROPOSAL”

  1. Ha! Stupid teenagers and their dreams.

    Laying the groundwork and setting goals is all fine and good. but what im looking forward to is the actual actual planning and grinding that comes with making their manga work.

    • Yeah, I imagine that will be pretty fun. Planning and grinding can be cool to watch if it is written well enough. Although grinding just makes me think of leveling up endlessly in JRPGs. :p

  2. Lol I think for elementary schoolers, maybe middle, that marriage proposal might work. But for high-schoolers? I had to pick up my jaw from the floor to shout “you barely know one another!” but nevertheless it was great comedy xD
    and Mashiro’s uncle — I felt really sad wondering just how many others like him, or not-ever-succeeding-at-all, are there in the manga industry… ;_;

  3. Ah to be young and stupid again!

    Bakuman does follow the characters over a number of years (in they manga they’re currently in their early 20s) so there’s lots of development. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the anime handles all the dialogue and planning sections though.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing this one play out as well.

  5. I really like the way this show is paced; there’s enough goofy moments interspersed with seriousness as well as the depiction that the industry isn’t exactly all fun and games (sort of like the video game industry to many of us on this side of the pond) and that developers/creative types will have to be either really lucky to even make it.

    Anyway, I really like Takagi’s character. I think he can succeed because he doesn’t know how bad he is (or for that matter, how good he is) and so, that gives him the confidence to give it a shot where more experienced heads will stray away, and in doing so, fail from the start. That, and I guess he’s a strong enough student that he can always pick up his schooling if this project fails.

    • Yes, I like the emphasis on the amount of luck needed to make it big. Just about anyone at the height of his or her profession has needed a healthy portion of luck to get there. Hell, I wouldn’t have my current job without a bit of luck on my side, haha.

  6. BoozerX Says:

    Fate plays an important part in the marriage proposal.

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