Star Driver 2 – Needs More Fetish Gear

I think she should have more than a whip here. What, she couldn’t have some chains to go along with it? An armband to complement the hat? Handcuffs? Let’s go all out here!

Kidding aside, I really enjoyed this scene, especially all the cheering and booing in the background. It was like the Glittering Crux (which would be a hilarious stable name, and they would absolutely be booed at every show because wrestling is totally not homoerotic at all no way!!!) held their meeting in front of a biased wrestling crowd from the ’80s that is ready to cheer and/or boo at the drop of a hat. Hilarious. Life is much more fun with raucous crowds.

(By the way, you all should be glad I did not start this blog this season, because it would definitely have been named “KIRABOSHI” if that were the case.)

I also like Landon’s point that the cheering marks the Glittering Crux movement as far more widespread than one might expect. It ain’t just a few weirdos (literally) fucking around and trying to subvert the chasteness of the campus, or whatever; they’re actually the alpha dogs, the leaders of the school. They’re the dominant group, and just about anyone can possibly be a member. And as we’ve seen so far, they’re not exactly shy about walking around in the open, even if they don’t exactly trumpet their membership in the group. (Well, most of them don’t . . . I don’t think Mrs. Watanabe is trying to hide very much, though. :p)

Just to go on a quick tangent: I wonder what it would be like to follow a series from this group’s point of view. You only get to see the Ginga Bishounen every so often when he swoops in to kick their asses; otherwise, they’re just hanging out and shooting the shit. Actually, that kind of stuff was one of my favorite parts of Utena (to which many people are comparing Star Driver, seeing as they share a writer and all): The student council just lounging around and doing inane shit while talking about their batshit insane plans and breaking the world’s shell and whatever else. They can’t be super fabulous all the time, right?

(Don’t tell me you wouldn’t laugh seeing Mrs. Watanabe and the RA chatting it up at the coffee machine in full fetish regalia. It would be great.)

Though I must also agree with Mr. Landon that thus far while Star Driver is enjoyable, it’s still lacking that oomph to take it to the next level and make it truly memorable. I think the show is holding things back a bit just because it’s still early; the series as a whole will likely get crazier and more outlandish as everything goes along. At the moment, the series is that strange guy you see shouting on a box at the corner on the way to wherever you go every day. He gets your attention and sticks in your mind, but you’re mostly confused by him and don’t really take him seriously at all.

But right from the start, Utena was that cult leader who seduced everyone with words and action, got everyone to fall in line and then finished off a wild run with a mass suicide that made everyone around react like, “Whoa, that was pretty god damn crazy!” Star Driver needs to be that cult leader who does not hold back for a second. Mecha cock rings and kissing through the glass are a start, but keep pushing it further, Star Driver! Break through the world’s shell!


4 Responses to “Star Driver 2 – Needs More Fetish Gear”

  1. Someone needs to make a blog called KIRABOSHI~♥ right now.

    Also, I was cracking up at the cheering crowd. I was waiting for them to cheer at something totally inane like “I filled out the insurance forms” – “YAAAY~!”

  2. Star Driver so far has failed to provide context. Utena was crazy and everything, but first began with the fairy tale story and an OP that spelled it all out which made everything make sense together. Star Driver has the Crazy in spades, but they’re just kind of thrown out there and we’re left groping around in the dark hoping it’ll all mean something in the end.

    • Yeah, I think the Utena comparisons — at least so far — are warranted only in terms of general style and craziness. And that’s kind of a stretch (to say the least lol) at the moment since there’s nothing especially concrete about what is playing out onscreen right now.

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