Star Driver 4 – A Whole New World

Now we know the main plot of Star Driver: Takuto has to stop all the dudes who want to gangbang Wako so that he can bone her himself and whisk her away to Tokyo, where she can become a singer and be one half of the most fabulous couple in the nation. It all makes sense!

lol j/k etc. This is an interesting episode, but then again, I always enjoyed those mecha episodes where the hero(es) gets swept away into an illusory world where everything seems normal but isn’t quite right. But I suppose this is more a fantasy than a full-fledged world of illusions; it’s a fleeting fantasy, at that, considering Tiger/Taiga/whatever doesn’t have quite the will or desire or what have you to truly wish for the break-up of her master and the maiden in favor of Takuto . . . even though that’s what all the concerned parties seem to want.  Oh well, tradition and so on.

What else is interesting is Takuto’s suggestion that perhaps his own desires mixed in and simmered a bit to help create the illusory world. It could be just as much his idea as anyone else’s: a nice, solitary refuge for him and the girl for whom he has fallen, a pure, romantic place far away from the sexed-up maniacs who are ready to spread some good ol’ contamination. A maiden’s seal can’t be broken when there’s nobody around to break it, right? Nobody around but Takuto, anyway.

Also, romantic walks on beaches! Wet clothing! Chaste undressing! Yowza!

I wonder if Takuto and Wako will have too pure pure love throughout the whole series. In Utena, sticking to outdated traditions/models (the idea of the Prince, etc.) was shown to be fairly silly, but totally unhinged banging wasn’t totally celebrated either. (Although it did look cool for a while.) The whole Maiden thing is clearly a downer on Wako — she has to give up on a dream (becoming a singer in Tokyo) because of this nonsense. That seal will probably be broken eventually, although it seems that doing so will have catastrophic consequences . . . unless Takuto pulls a Scott Pilgrim and destroys all of Wako’s ex-boyfriends all the Cybodies on the island.

(Side note: I do wonder what these Maidens actually do aside from sit in bubbles, sense robots, tell stories and unlock apocalyptic events. Maybe that’s all they need to do, though. It’s certainly a specialized field.)

But, yeah, Takuto has declared total Cybody war, which doesn’t really make things too much different than they were before, since he was whooping the ‘bots from the start. I guess the difference is that he is doing it in the name of the Moon of Wako. They’re, like, almost official and junk now. Soon rumors will swirl harder than ever before, and maybe even people will start ignoring Wako as she walks through hallways because she’s cheating on Jun Fukuyama with the mysterious new Galactic Pretty Boy.

A final note: I love the suggestive chain. It’s a bit classier than a suggestive tentacle or something like that. Plus it’s crazy multi-layered symbolism. Who doesn’t love that?

11 Responses to “Star Driver 4 – A Whole New World”

  1. “classier than a suggestive tentacle” LOL!!!!!!! I will admit I thought along those similar lines with the chains. XD

    Your first paragraph is so much win XD I’ve been enjoying the bubble girls but wonder if there will be more to them than just doing what they are doing

    Illusory world episodes are up there with physiologically fighting ones self episodes for me. they are just great. ^_^

  2. I could never cheat on Jun Fukuyama’s voice – thats just wrong 😛

    Really liked the quieter, more character focused tone of this episode – although the lack of KIRABOSHI~♥ was a touch disappointing.

  3. Landon Says:

    Was it just me, or is that chain not attached to anything. It looks like she was twirling around the end of the chain at the end of the episode and it wasn’t attached to anything.

    Makes me think she isn’t caged up unwillingly.

    • I had similar thoughts as I wrote this episode. Her interactions with the Akira Ishida dude seem to hint that she isn’t being kept prisoner against her will.

  4. No, the chain wasn’t attached to anything. She’s still caged though. I think she’s caged up willingly because Wako approivoised her cybodies as stated in ep 4, so if they’re sealed up again, I’d assume that she can “unapproivoise” as well. I’d guess it’s the same deal with the Northern Maiden.

  5. Were you disappointed that there was no KIRABOSHI meeting this week?

  6. I forgot to mention it in my own blog entry but the entire world within a world thing made me think back to that episode of Star Trek:TNG when Beverly Crusher is trapped in a world where everyone keeps disappearing.

  7. For one of those illusory world episodes I tend to see in mecha, this one was extremely tame. Then again, none of the parties involved seemed terribly enthused by the idea. I do like the insight you had about Takuto partly creating this world. He’s already very protective of her, and I like this coy angle they keep using. We keep seeing Wako thinking about Takuto. I’m not sure we’ve gotten that insight from Takuto’s angle. We’re left to read his actions moreso than his thoughts.

    I will admit, I missed not having a real battle this episode a little bit, too. We got some fog and a very ugly Cybody this time. I miss that pretty galactic battlefield.

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