Shiki 13 – Everyone Is Going to Die

OK, so we can’t say that for certain yet, of course, but with the way Shiki has been developing so far, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where that does not occur. The anti-vampire movement is losing allies left and right, while those who remain are fragmented and mostly operating on their own. Ozaki is holding down the fort at his clinic (and is so overwhelmed that the vampires were pretty much able to waltz in and have their way with Kyouko), Muroi has his duties to attend to and the kids are kids whose family has already been turned against them. Definitely not looking good for the vampire hunters.

But if this doesn’t give Ozaki the resolve he needs to kick as much vampire ass as possible before he goes down for the count, then I don’t know what will. I mean, the guy looks pissed in the screenshot, no? Shiki hasn’t really been the most action-oriented series thus far, however, to say the least, so I don’t know if it will go down that route. But they have to at least fight back in some way, even if it ends up a futile gesture, right? Admittedly, I don’t know how they can fight back without some major help somewhere.

adaywithoutme pointed out that Mr. Kirishiki is shown with the humans in the OP even though his wife and Sunako are shown with the vampires. It could just be another major hint that he is indeed human rather than a vampire . . . but could he possibly side with the humans, somehow? That’s probably the only way the remaining humans would be able to save themselves. I do think that’s a fairly farfetched idea on my part, though, because it would probably a require a major change of heart on his part (and I don’t know how well executed that would be), or the reveal of some major secret to which the audience has not been privy because the Kirishikis are so mysterious at all (and that would likely come off as the show pulling something completely out of its ass).

So I dunno. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced the humans in the series are all going to die.

Yuuki does not get a particularly nice end in this episode, and neither does Father Yuuki if this is the last we will be seeing of him. (Can’t really rule out him eventually getting angry to the point where he actually decides to believe the vampire theory.) When the kids visit him, he looks emaciated to the point where I wondered if he had been attacked offscreen by the vampires like his wife, but he’s more likely a physical and emotional wreck due to, you know, his son dying and his wife leaving him. Damn, uh, that’s what you get for being a douchebag hippie atheist, I guess? Jeez.

Still on the fence as to whether Yuuki will come back to life or not. If the series wants to be really bleak, then he’ll die. That would send Tohru over the edge, and likely Megumi as well . . . and maybe that event would win Ozaki and company a couple of new allies. (But, of course, they would not trust them, and I doubt anyone else in this situation would either.) Then again, there’s a good chance for more mind fuckery if Yuuki comes back to life. The series hasn’t really missed a chance to torment Father Yuuki yet. Just imagine seeing his son come back to life as a vampire? Egads.

Going back to Megumi . . . I wonder how much she knows about Yuuki’s condition. Obviously she knows that Tohru bit him the first time, and she knows that Tohru has been going back to Yuuki’s house most nights. I don’t think she’s an idiot, so she has probably figured that at least someone has continued sucking Yuuki’s blood. But does she know he is dead? I don’t know if she would be prancing around like she is if she knew Yuuki had been taken in by the funeral home. Then again, she could just be really confident that he will come back to life. She’s getting to be a really huge jerk, though, haha. All that power is rushing to her head. This is why you don’t give teenagers nice things.

Have to say that I’m snickering a bit at all the vampire-specific services being offered in the town now. Tatsumi should be a vampire politician — he’s making the town better for vampires all around! Funeral homes to keep vampires safe during the day! Clinics to offer fresh victims without the hassle of catching them! Vote Tatsumi ’10 for mayor!


11 Responses to “Shiki 13 – Everyone Is Going to Die”

  1. I’m pissed that they cut the scene with Tatsumi biting Kyouko… Was looking forward to seeing that too.

  2. Clinton Says:

    in the Oringal visual novel or what ever it was Natsuno died for good

    I also belived that Ozaki is going to chill you to the bone with what happens with his wife next episode

  3. I have no idea what’s gona happen either, but the mood has certainly gone from creeptastic to plain ol’ depressing. Sheesh. Let’s hope the unhinged Dr and Atelier shake things up a little in the next epis, cos this show seriously needs someone to do something.

  4. adaywithoutme Says:


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