Star Driver 6 – Crazy Sucka

And Sugata is down for the count! I don’t think anyone expected the episode to end without him busting out the King’s Pillar, considering how much it (and the curse of people who have out of control first phases) was harped on throughout the episode. It’s a force to be reckoned with but comes with an unfortunate amount of recoil. I found Takuto’s narration afterward to be kind of interesting — he seemed to be speaking in an after the fact kind of tone, like he’s looking upon this event as a huge turning point in the story . . . and maybe implying that Sugata never wakes up? Hm.

But, yes, as I saw a few people in Twitterland comment, shit does indeed seem to be Getting Real with this episode. The Glittering Crux ain’t messing around anymore, and the attacks are getting fiercer and more difficult to fend off. They don’t even give Takuto the courtesy of apprivosing this time! So utterly rude. Then again, I guess this fight is supposed to be more like a bloody brawl than an honorable feud. Crazy Chick certainly does not seem interested in fighting Takuto on even ground.

I wonder if there are many more fanatics like her? Mysterious islands always seem rife with people who take exception to outsiders coming in and ruffling some feathers. Islands have their secret cultish ways, and damn it, nobody is going to come in and ruin that! Nobody! If she were smart, though, she’d be like Christopher Lee in The Wicker Man and be welcoming and accommodating before sticking the knife in Takuto’s back. (By the way, The Wicker Man is a great movie and everyone should see it, especially you horror fans.) But I guess scowling at him and attacking from the shadows works just as well, except when it doesn’t.

She probably criticized their choice of drinks from up there, too . . . only whores order whatever Wako had!

I did find it funny how Crazy Chick was out to protect Wako’s purity at all costs even though she didn’t seem to like Wako much at all. Wako is kind of like the Aya Hirano of this world — all she wants to do is sing and go on talk shows, but she has to be a Shrine Maiden/voice act because that’s what people know her for, and when she goes out with dudes, crazy fans try to murder her/flame her on the Internet. If there is an equivalent to Internet message boards on this island (maybe a literal bulletin board?), is there any doubt that Crazy Chick posts OVER 9000 messages a day about Wako? Everyone is probably a bit tired of her by now.

A couple of other quick things: First, did Quentin Tarantino direct this episode? The camera sure loved the bare feet in this episode, jeez. Second, I’m sure many Utena fans snickered along with me at Takuto’s broken watch. Couldn’t help but think of Miki’s watch the entire time. Too bad it’s broken right now; the secret of the world will never be revealed at this rate!

8 Responses to “Star Driver 6 – Crazy Sucka”

  1. Shame on me for not even making the maiden/idol connection until you wrote it. I guess I was too focused on Sugata passing out (literally) from pure awesomeness. It is effective in giving some level of sympathy to these people who have these powers. I think that may have been the main point of this episode. Crazy hater biotch seemed to have a hell of a time with her first phase, rich girl (sorry, the names just aren’t coming) seemed to be lamenting her own power and Sugata absolutely hates his. To be honest, I would expect Wako to be a bit more depressed or angsty, like Sugata. She’s not only one big target, she’s one big target in a cage.

  2. Nice comparison to Aya Hirano. That makes me giggled. I couldn’t find fault with this show (or chose not to) because I’m enjoying it too much. Doesn’t Sugata kinda look like the sensei from Zatsubou in that getup, with that power up?

  3. Make sure it’s the 1973 film and not the 2006 remake with Nicolas Cage. The latter of which is only good for:

    1. Unintentional comedy (punching out a chick in a bear suit)
    2. Watching Nicolas Cage act as crazy as he is in real life
    3. Understanding internet memes based on it (how’d it get burned!)


      Nicolas Cage is an underrated actor, I think, but he has starred in a lot of turds (the Wicker Man remake included).

  4. AceofPlaces Says:

    Nah, Tarantino didn’t direct this one. It must have been Joss Whedon.

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