Star Driver 7 – Don’t Abuse the Sugata

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Sugata would not have been nearly as  pissed off if Takuto had smooched him instead of resorting to the Bright Slap? The Glittering Crux knows how to treat those it recruits. Step up your game, Galactic Pretty Boy!

So, hey, using that King’s Pillar is a totally huge deal — you’ll be in a coma forever if you use it! Except in the world of Star Driver, “forever” roughly equates to “three quarters of an episode”. Maybe they’re measuring in Zero Space time. Whatever the case, Sugata wakes up because he possesses the Power of the Main Character. Now I know why those other dudes stayed in their wussy comas forever: It’s because they were lame ass side characters. Don’t mess with the Main Character, King’s Pillar, or you’ll get the horns!

It is kind of interesting, I guess, that the Glittering Crux thinks it can actually recruit Sugata to their fun little club, although I’m not really sure why he would join in the first place. That is, of course, unless he is hiding some Deep, Dark Secret that the audience does not know. Those pretty boys and their Deep, Dark Secrets. Oh, what a burden they are! He should just admit that he really wants to get laid, and that the best chance for that is to get in on the Glittering Orgies.

Kiraboshi~! indeed.

An aside: Is it at all sad that I don’t even bat an eye at Christmas shit in November (or October or September or so on) anymore? Nobody can even wait until after Thanksgiving to do this, and it doesn’t even matter to me. Early Christmas has beaten me to a pulp. I can only sit here with a glassy look in my eyes while commercials bombard me with Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. No mas, no mas.

As far as I can tell, the above commercial has nothing to do with Star Driver, but there is a glittering star on top of the Christmas tree, so it’s possible. Maybe if Takuto and Sugata sensuously decorate a Christmas tree together, then they’ll be able to work out all their problems while simultaneously pleasing hordes of fujoshi. You all know you want it.

BTW, Takuto should have beat the shit out of Gurren Lagann Predator Sea Serpent way quicker than he actually did. All the stupid thing did was throw energy balls at Takuto. Didn’t he ever play any Zelda games? Just whack ’em back at her with your sword like you’re playing tennis. This is anime, so it totally would have worked. Or you could just stand there and let them hit you while the xenophobe circles like a shark and complains about outsiders TAKING OUR JOBS invading the island. That works too.

2 Responses to “Star Driver 7 – Don’t Abuse the Sugata”

  1. adaywithoutme Says:

    Star Driver has become such a joke… I will not begin hoping for the KIRA-BL-SHI~! end.

    …actually, BL in the show didn’t really occur to me until Takuto smacked Sugata. In other news, I am a twisted, deranged pervert. But I legit somehow didn’t have me “HMM!” moment until The Slap.

    The funniest thing about Christmas commercials in Japan in mid-November is that it isn’t even their own holiday. HA.

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