Shiki 16 – Tatsumi Is a Douche

It’s been simultaneously wonderful and horrible to watch Shiki recently: Wonderful because the show has so many well done scenes of legitimate horror, and horrible because it’s so damn good at twisting the knife that it’s uncomfortable. That scene at the end with poor Akira? I was squirming, and I’m no horror newbie. I’m hoping beyond hope that Akira somehow gets through it, but given how the series has progressed so far, the chance of that is roughly o.0000000001 percent.

And that Tatsumi. What a dastardly way to kill someone — I can’t help but think that Tatsumi is killing two birds with one stone here (so to speak). Not only is he offing someone who is a threat to the vampires (even if only a small threat), but he is also teaching Akira a lesson should he rise. If you screw with Tatsumi, then you’re going to pay. Even a hot-blooded little kid like Akira would probably cower before a bully like Tatsumi.

With Akira gone, is there any doubt that Kaori will be next? Her dad has crossed the line to killing family members, her mom will probably become one of the Risen soon (if the family bloodline deal holds water) and Akira probably won’t be around to give her some strength, given that he’d likely be terrified himself of this crazy new situation. The Magic 8-Ball of anime death says that signs point to yes regarding Kaori kicking the bucket soon. If only she could have completed her education first.

I wonder what sort of creature Yuuki is now? He can walk around in the day time like Tatsumi, but he doesn’t seem to be a werewolf or whatever like Tatsumi is. I suppose vampirism works in mysterious ways. Just because most people turn into one sort of vampire if they rise, it does not mean that all people will become the same type of vampire. It is kind of convenient for Yuuki to be a special kind of vampire, though, if that is indeed the case. :p

If only he and Ozaki had got to the Tanaka children before Akira’s ill-fated jaunt to the vampire house. Alas. At least two people who can be legitimate threats to the vampires on actually on the same page now, even if I still think their battle will be all for naught, particularly due to the sheer numbers the Risen possess. Most people in the village have to be either vampires or dead at this point — the advantage for the Risen is overwhelming.

Another advantage for the Risen: Having an unscrupulous vampire like Megumi around to be a jerk and an instigator. With so many of the Risen being tragic figures (this episode is chock full of them!), it’s fun to have someone who relishes being a vampire because it gives her all the power she didn’t have when she was a human. Megumi is a hateable gal, but hateworthy in the way a good villain is; there’s gotta be someone like that around aside from Tatsumi, right? (Personally, I don’t count Masao because I find him more pathetic than anything. He isn’t even worth hating.)

(Also, is it just me, or is Megumi fairly fashionable? Maybe there can be a noitaminA crossover where Kuranosuke and Megumi become a fabulous fashion team. In other news, I am halfway to becoming a girl. Next step: Hot pink layout.)

Sunako’s story is the big one in an episode full of sad vampire stories. There’s still a bit of mystery with her, such as how she fell in with the Kirishikis, but given how Sunako is such a big shot in the family, it’s pretty clear that she probably started off the family by biting Mrs. Kirishiki. Also, Sunako must have been wandering around for a long ass time if she looked for her real family for so long that they had the opportunity to die of natural causes. We can probably scale back a bit due to life expectancy for the time, but still, she must have been looking around for a good while. Poor Sunako.

(Just to embark on a dumb tangent like last week’s vampire ideas . . . Key has to be kicking itself for not doing sad vampires in snow yet, yes? An eternity of sadness and melodrama. Now there’s a weepie.)

12 Responses to “Shiki 16 – Tatsumi Is a Douche”

  1. adaywithoutme Says:

    In the next episode preview, Kaori is around with a shovel, her hair all messed up, and dirt all over her face looking like a crazy person. Oh dear.

    Megumi’s boobs have gotten HUGE since she became a vampire…

    Oh, and sad vampires in the snow? Fuck, I would eat that up! And not in a vampire kind of way. I’d just watch it and cry and be a loser about it. Uguu~ CHOMP.

    • I did some research — purely in the name of science, of course — and yeah, I think Megumi’s chesticles have grown. I am a blogger so that I can do this kind of hard research for people.

      Vampires seem to be a perfect match for Key. It will happen eventually.

  2. I was so distracted by Megumi’s ivory bouncing beauties. I’m sure there is a gif of it out there somewhere.

    On the other hand I wondered about the interaction between Sunako and Tohru. Maybe Sunako is the head vampire but also doesn’t want to be a vampire. She’s been forced into it. Maybe that is why when a vampire has done something bad or w/e Sunako is the one to punish them. Maybe she grants them a release because they can’t take the vampire life. I so desperately want Sunako to be a good guy after all.

    • Given Sunako’s character development so far, I would say there is a reluctance to her actions; she’s not evil, she is trying to survive. She’s definitely not (so far) a total bastard like Megumi.

  3. This post’s full of impressions that just a mere narration; I like it xDD

    Tatsumi’s a really scary person; the anime has established that. A werewolf working amongst the shiki *shiver*
    I think Yuuki’s still a shiki, peculiar as it is that he can walk in daylight and that he does not have the hungry red eyed. ‘Cause he said that Ozaki should kill him along with the shiki.
    Though it goes unsaid that a jinrou like Tatsumi would be a target, but since no one else knows he’s a jinrou…

    I don’t Sunako’s story didn’t match up, really. It’s lacking the more recent events (e.g. meeting her “parents”) and is too tragic for her to maintain a compact, enthusiastic personally.
    I just failed to see the connection here, but could you enlighten me on this?

    • Yeah, I think Yuuki is a shiki too — it’s just that clearly he’s a different sort of shiki since he can go out during the daylight.

      Regarding Sunako’s personality, I think she has just done a lot of thinking and reconciled many things in the time she has been a vampire. We don’t know exactly how long it has been, but it’s been a pretty damn long time. People change. We’ve seen that she’s not totally happy go lucky all the time, anyway.

      • must note my typo in my first comment:

        This post’s full of impressions than just a mere narration; I like it xDD

        As for Sunako’s case, yeah, I suppose that’s reasonable. thanks for the help 🙂

  4. Oh Shimizu Megumi so hot. Want to touch the heiney. Arrroooooooo!

    *Ahem*. The biggest questions I have about this episode mostly revolve around Yuuki. He can walk around during the day, which I guess is one thing since sometimes vampires just happen to be gifted with that ability, but more importantly, he’s somehow evaded the other shiki since rising. Considering how organized Tatsumi and co. have shown themselves to be, and considering there’s a two or three day period where Yuuki would have been completely disabled, that would have been a very hard thing to do. Oh, and geez I hope Akira and Kaori are OK. Yes, cynically you could argue that they’ve both been too naive to deserve to survive, but for me, that’s a big reason why I want them to survive.

    • lololololol

      Yeah, I had the same questions about Yuuki last week. It would be a shame if it wasn’t touched upon at all. I mean, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Tatsumi might have his hands full with so many more vampires coming to life, but for someone important like Yuuki, I think he’d make sure to have some eyes on the grave (or wherever Yuuki went) at all times. Tatsumi jumping Akira shows that he is at least still highly aware of what is going on at troublesome areas in the village.

      I hope the kids survive, too, if only because I don’t think they really did anything to deserve such a horrible fate.

  5. Yeaaah, all I remember towards the end of the episode was unleashing a massive FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU just as it ended. This series knows how to do cliffhangers so well that I’m kinda regretting doing a catch-up marathon of this.

    And yes, Tatsumi sure knows how to fuck with people in ways that awe even me. One side of me wishes that Natsuno will come in to bail Akira out. Another side of me wants Akira to suffer the fate he deserves for breaking the all-important rule of never going vampire hunting alone… especially when you’re an ordinary human being.

  6. Natusno, Tatsumi and Yoshie should have the whole thing revealed next episode

    they skipped out the line were Tohru confimes that mr Kirishiki is a human for some reason and the line about punishments

    while he was afraid of sunako the most despite it not coming to anything

    they skipped out his lines about Tatsumi and Yoshie how Tatsumi would just beat him up and that Yoshie was scaier then him (yes he says Yoshie is scaier then Tatsumi) considering what she does to the guy that bit Masao i belive her

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