Star Driver 8 – Heavy Panting

Star Driver goes from zero to BL in one second. They don’t even need to rev up beforehand — just one punch, and ♥ KIRA-BL-SHI ♥

So yes, Sugata and Takuto spend the second half of the episode fisting each other, but not in the way one might expect. No, this is more the G Gundam-style COMMUNICATION THROUGH FISTS that resolves all animated conflicts (and some non-animated conflicts). And when two men engage in slashable battle, then their energy is far too much to handle, as evidenced by Benio’s Cybody going to pieces, unable to contain Sugata’s massive libido. The BL was too strong for that one.

Also, the power of BL gets rid of all conflicts lickity split. Sugata goes into a coma after using the King’s Pillar? No problem, he’ll just wake up the next episode just because. Benio kisses Sugata and controls him with her First Phase power? Fuck that noise, the man love will break free of that like nothing, because that’s how the BL rolls. Can we even take the Glittering Crux seriously at this point? (Yes, I know, implying that anyone took them seriously in the first place. Forget that I brought it up.)

(Side note: Sugata’s ninja maids are onto something when they say Wako has it good. What a cushy situation! Two guys fighting over her, and yet they’re really hot for each other, so she can remain a clean, pure virgin for when she finally gets off the island and becomes a sparkling idol. She’s got her whole life figured out!)

Speaking of being onto something, good on storytelling fish girl for getting out of here while the getting is good. Mr. Kiraboshi gets all pissy at the way the story ends? Well, tough shit, buddy. Go complain on the Internet while the storyteller hits the beach and parts unknown. Must be nice to be a maiden who can actually leave the island.

(Also, it is kind of funny how much the Glittering Crux follows the main characters around everywhere. You’d think they would notice that the same few people seem to be around whenever things go to shit. Also, the Glittering Crux must all be amazing quick change artists, because they sure get into their uniforms in a hurry when it’s Zero Time!)

I can’t be the only one who was more interested in SP The Motion Picture than this episode of Star Driver, right? Explosions, chases, arrows to the shoulder, snipers, bike throwing, train fights, SUGOI DOKI DOKI SHIMASHITA, etc? I AM SO THERE. Or I would be if I were Japanese. But I’m not.

10 Responses to “Star Driver 8 – Heavy Panting”

  1. *pant*










  2. lol I kinda enjoyed it but then again I’m a big fan of BL

    I keep expecting them to embrace into each other arm during the “pant” moments Scamp mentioned XD

  3. >So yes, Sugata and Takuto spend the second half of the episode fisting each other


  4. I think the 40 seconds of heavy panting is so fangirls can close their eyes and picture…yeah.

  5. fathomlessblue Says:

    The one thing I noticed in this ep, bar the terrible plot execution (but thats pretty much a given by now, right???) was the inclusion of Shirow Watari, aka Ayato Kamina’s father, chatting with the purple-haired Glittering Crux member. If this show ends up being ‘Rahxephon: How I met your mother’, I am going to cry….

  6. I disagree with your assertion that the fight is somehow BL. I think that most young males settle differences by beating eachother up and then they can be friends. This is contrasted with how girls settle things which is to be catty behind eachother’s backs and try and sabotage eachother while pretending to be friends.

    I’m not talking about anime here, I’m talking about real life.

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