Kuragehime 6 – Didn’t Sublime Sing About This?

After Eden of the East, you can never be too careful about these things. Good on Shuu for checking to see if he’s still all there . . .

Oh, Evil Career Woman. Surely your plot would have borne fruit had you snagged any other budding politician. Unfortunately, you got the one with emotional trauma and a Yamato Nadeshiko fetish. See, Shuu’s pops is totally the kind of guy Evil Career Woman would have wrapped around her finger. (Side note: Has Shuu’s dad aged at all in two decades? We didn’t see his face, so maybe he had fewer wrinkles or something, I dunno . . . same hair, though!) Then again, I guess there’s the scandal of a politician banging someone who is looking for project support. Conflict of interests are Serious Business.

I did lol at Evil Career Woman getting indignant about being shoved to the floor. “Who treats a woman that way?!” Note to self: MORE PILLS. Also enjoyed her frantic attempts to get the perfect cell phone photo. If there’s going to be scandal, then it has to be a well-framed, well-shot, well-lit scandal. Alas, if only she had one of those fancy Selecao phones. Juiz would always take the perfect picture if the price were right. Then again, if Evil Career Woman had a Selecao phone, she wouldn’t have to worry about seducing Shuu to get her project approved, either. Hm.

Meanwhile, Kuranosuke and the gals make like one big, happy family eating out at a fancy cafe. This is probably how I would look eating at one of these places. Oh, I can dress up just fine, but the terrible eating habits are formed for life. Sigh. I’m surprised there wasn’t a montage of shots of young, hip people and fancy elders with, “How rude!” and “Well, I never!” looks on their faces. Or maybe just one large shot of everyone in the place looking terrified. Perhaps they were all simply too absorbed in their personal worlds to pay attention to the Nuns. The waitress seemed to take it well; hope she got a nice tip.

First lesson didn’t go too well as far as etiquette or battle planning was concerned, but it was a nice bonding session for the ladies and Kuranosuke Kurako. They even seemed kind of sad when she left! Friendship: Check. I wonder if there will ever be some reverse My Fair Lady stuff going on with Kuranosuke studying each of the girl’s obsessions. There are only five episodes remaining, so I doubt this will happen; however, it would be kind of funny if it did occur. The funniest would definitely be Kuranosuke checking out old dudes with Jiji. What if she wanted to catch an eyeful of Kuranosuke’s dad? Awkwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard.

Not quite as awesome as Sheryl Nome’s credit card in the Macross Frontier movie, but still pretty funny nonetheless. It also doubles as a good title for one of Banba’s trains after she gets a makeover. Toot toot! All aboard the Gorgeous Express!

11 Responses to “Kuragehime 6 – Didn’t Sublime Sing About This?”

  1. Wait, who’s Lina the blonde girl? Just a random slut, or are Kurako and Shuu half brothers?

    • Oh yeah, good catch! Yeah, I think I remember the mom being referred to as Lina, and Shuu and “Kurako” (lol) look quite different, so the half-brothers theory strikes me as quite likely. Good show.

    • They’ve already said that Shu and Kuranosuke have different mothers, at least two episodes ago.

      I’d like to take a jab at the Funi subs being so bad that maybe that’s why you didn’t see it, but even legal subs can’t be that bad….right? (AFFTW subs are definitely worth waiting the extra day for. HD too.)

      • My memory can be pretty terrible at times, so I wouldn’t be too quick to blame the subs. Early 1990s musical references are more important than little things like “plot details” anyway.

      • Yeah, I must’ve missed that part too.
        Hmm, they seem to get along pretty well, especially consider Shuu probably has some major gripes with Kurako’s mom.

  2. I get the feeling that Kuranosuke is going to become increasingly dissatisfied with dressing up like a woman and is going to go all “OTOKO” on Tsukimi. That’s my prediction anyway.

  3. I immediately thought of “Date Rape” while watching the episode. Sublime bro-fist!

    I wonder how much older Shu is? Could he perhaps have walked in on his brother’s conception? That would add in the extra layer of trauma, hehe.

  4. Oh yeah, relevant to the Sublime reference (it’s the first clip.)

  5. Date rape minus the rape eh. Either way, poor Shu-Shu! I was kinda annoyed though that he turned out to be a virgin because of torauma, rather than through choice, but meh, an awesome epi nonethless. Not sure yet what to make of the handshake at the end though, bit cheesy methinks, but a nice touch overall (er, no pun intended!).

    Only 5 epis left though! T__T

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