Shiki 17 – Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom and …

Is it at all ironic that someone who doesn’t wear pants wears the pants in the Kirishiki relationship?

So, um, WE ARE ALL FUCKED. Muroi is . . . surrendering himself to Sunako, or something; Ozaki has become Mrs. Kirishiki’s vampire sex slave (with the snipetastic blessing of Mr. Kirishiki, as if he really has a choice); Tatsumi and Yuuki are on their way to do battle soon; and the precious few villagers remaining are still croaking left and right. Good times! Good, bleak times where every human is dumb and buries their heads in the sand. (Which I would probably be doing, too, considering that, um, I don’t believe in any of this stuff. But I probably wouldn’t bury my head in the sand for very long, because I would totally be among the first dumbasses to die.)

Seriously, though, the humans are NEVER going to get a break in this. Ozaki spends the whole episode — really, a huge chunk of the series — preparing to kick some vampire ass, even gaining an important ally in Yuuki, and then the vampires just swoop in, turn on the charm, shoot one dinky stake, and boom! Tough actin’ Tinactin. The plans go straight down the shitter. Even Main Character Status does not prevent Ozaki from being susceptible to vampire mind control. Maybe Mrs. Kirishiki used Attract and thus gained easy control of Ozaki. Damn gender-influenced move! It must be an especially strong version, too, because even though Mr. Kirishiki cracks wise about helping his wife have an affair, he still does it anyway.

I concur with Day’s confusion regarding Muroi’s actions. It seems as if he wants to take action and fight the vampires with Ozaki, but he can’t (and thus sticks to staring longingly at Ozaki from outside, while many fanfics are written) . . . or possibly won’t, at least not with Ozaki. Wouldn’t be the first time a guilty anime character hoisted all the burdens on him- or herself despite all logic saying that numbers = better. Self-destruction, ahoy!

Or maybe Muroi just wants to have a tea party (but not the Sarah Palin kind) with Sunako. If it’s a choice between posh tea parties and being violently violated by a vampire, I’d probably go for the posh tea party too. Even if Sunako might be drugging me, I don’t know. Maybe Muroi is just sleepy. Or he is just assuming a contemplating pose. Who knows.

(Side note: I think the Kirishiki family is trying to sink the Muroi x Ozaki ship. Mrs. Kirishiki putting the moves on Ozaki while Sunako sets up a tea party with Muroi? Hmmmmmmmmm.)

Is it just me or is Ritsuko’s dog the smartest, bravest character in the series? He’s a dog, so he instinctively senses that the Risen are bad news while the humans are all “derp derp derp” about it, and he wants to stay alive, so when one of the vampires comes calling, his “OH HELL NO” sensors kick in and he gets the fuck out of Dodge. But when one of his master’s friends is in mortal danger, he turns into a god damn superhero and drags Ritsuko along for the life. This dog is basically the anime Lassie.

I salute you, dog. May you be the last one standing at the end.

11 Responses to “Shiki 17 – Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom and …”

  1. Is it at all ironic that someone who doesn’t wear pants wears the pants in the Kirishiki relationship?’ Er, I’m guessing she doesn’t need them for her line of work!

    Anime Lassie has certainly accomplished a darnsight more than anyone else (except perhaps Natsu, but still waiting for him to stop running around and tell us what he’s been up to exactly)… though, in this show, that’s not exactly saying much.

    A depressing but satisfying epi overall though.

    PS wonder what happened to Seishin’s dad?

  2. adaywithoutme Says:

    “…Tatsumi and Yuuki are on their way to do battle soon…”

    Lulz – if by ‘do battle’ you mean ‘Tatsumi is gonna strangle Natsuno’, sure. Did you see the preview for next week’s fare?

    Also, it annoys me that Pokemon can only use Attract and Cute Charm on opposite-sexed Pokemon… come on! WHAT IF MY POKEMON IS GAY?!?! HUH?! WHAT NOW, NINENDO?!

    Oh, and I don’t care how strenuously they may try, my ship will not sink… in fact, if you ask Cara and me, our ship only got even more tantalizing with this episode 😉

    And, finally – getting bitten by vampires in Shiki just doesn’t seem as wonderfully erotic as it does in, say, Anne Rice. LAME.

    • I try not to watch episode previews as a rule. Just don’t like any spoilers, even if things revealed in the previews makes me look like a dumbass when I post. :p

      Gay does not exist in the Pokemon world, apparently. A shame, really. Or maybe they have the strength of will to hold off the attacks.

      • adaywithoutme Says:

        Honestly, the next episode previews more often make ME look like a dumbass when the next episode airs and all my speculations are proven to be totally WRONG.

        Gay doesn’t exist in the Pokemon world?! Uh oh, better not let the Pokemon fans on 4ch’s /cm know about that one…

    • Our ship shall not be sunk – the angst will only add more wind to its sails!

  3. @adaywithoutme
    These vampires are just functional. They bite purely to feed and for the express purposes of reproduction and perpetuating their species. No need for teasing eroticism or any of that jazz.

    My thoughts on this episode basically boil down to: everyone is screwed. I think it was adaywithoutme who brought up the irony of Seishin being the last villager to survive. At this rate, it looks like the last humans are going to be Seishin and Seishirou. There’s a double dose of irony right there.

    • The way the story is turning out just makes me think that Shiki is a cautionary tale against being a fucking dumbass.

      • Seems to me that the moral of Shiki is that, when the vampire apocalypse comes, big city godless liberal elitists (like myself) will be the first to die.

        • adaywithoutme Says:

          Hmm, I don’t think so, Natsuno’s dad is still alive, and he’s the embodiment of that one!

      • adaywithoutme Says:

        I think that Shiki is shaping up more and more to be a criticism of modern Japan at large.

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