Bakuman 9 – Takagi Is a Player

Don’t know why Takagi is so surprised. He possesses more than a passing resemblance to Light from Death Note, and women couldn’t throw themselves at him quickly enough. All Takagi is missing is some retarded Misa Misa type woman to fuck up everything in his life.

I have to say I felt a bit sorry for Iwase — poor girl is characterized to be the wet blanket in this situation. “Rawr rawr quit manga and be Serious Business rawr.” Takagi was probably thanking her internally for making the decision much easier for him. He probably will regret this choice later in life, however, but my guess is it will be because Iwase turns into a total yandere, because that is obviously what happens when any woman is spurned. Holding hands = automatic relationship? Total crazy material right there. She is probably sharpening the axe as I write these words. In fact, she might jump out of the screen and come after me for ruining her plan.

Then again, Takagi probably wasn’t thinking that far ahead because Miyoshi is so intimidating and will totally beat the fuck out of him if she hears the wrong words spill out of his gorgeous mouth. Can’t blame Takagi for not wanting to piss off the physically threatening girl who will kick his ass now in lieu of the intellectual girl who might kill him later after planting the seeds of crazy. Teenagers have no foresight. They cannot see farther ahead than a few feet. Also, they like drawing manga and getting suspended from school.

I also enjoyed Takagi believing that logic would somehow get him through this situation. This isn’t Gundam ZZ; this is anime! Girls do not function logically in anime, you silly man, doubly so in shonen anime. Although, really, you have to give it up to Miyoshi for realizing that the only way to communicate in these works is through fisticuffs. She clearly studied during G Gundam. So perhaps girls really do function logically in this world! If by “function logically” you mean they follow the logic of the world in which they exist. Whoa, that’s heavy, Doc.

Maybe that means Takagi was actually acting logically as well — every shonen world has a heaping help of speeches and grandiose hand gestures, after all. It’s just that he forgot that fist-based communication trumps words. A foolish man is he who forgets the art of the punch. I sentence Takagi to a marathon G Gundam session, post-haste!

(Mashiro will need five marathon sessions. He spends the first half of this episode moping around like Takagi is dead or something, and then when his pal needs him most, he stands off to the side and makes stupid faces? No wonder he helped set up such a convoluted way to get together with Azuki — he’s trying to give his balls more time to finally drop.)

This is definitely the face of the next great shonen manga artist. Believe it!

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