Star Driver 9 – Every Joke Has Already Been Made

Totally called the older twin sister as the newest leader in the Glittering Crux after all the build-up with her being the sporty, popular one while younger sis is the crazy weirdo. Somehow I stopped short of calling dear imouto as the West Maiden, however. These damn maidens can’t keep their hands off Takuto! I’m sure that if Fish Girl had ever met Takuto, she would have been all over him too.

I will say that Marino both being a member of the Glittering Crux and desiring to protect Mizuno make her interesting right off the bat. Is she looking to tear apart the Crux from the inside, or is she looking to find a way to seize power that does not involve exploiting her sister? Or is she biding her time until she is able to discover the West Maiden’s relation to leveling up and owning Takuto? Don’t know yet, but at least there’s a bit of ambiguity in her motivations.

Plus, it has to be fun to go into meetings and straight up annoy the piss out of everyone there. If you had the opportunity to bug the hell out of a weird group of people like the Glittering Crux, you’d do it, right? Don’t lie.

Also love what is essentially the anime version of G.R.O.S.S. Can’t have girls coming into the secret room, man! It’s, like, totally a secret and stuff! Women can’t fly giant robots and engage in battle against pretty boys! It’s just unnatural! It takes a real man to sit in a bar room and enjoy ginger ale to the sounds of smooth jazz. Aww yeah. Who’s up for a lazy game of darts?! (By the way, I don’t believe for a second that they wouldn’t have stuck a picture of Marino onto the dartboard.)

What I also like about this new group of people is that they are a clique within a clique. How delightfully elitist! They even address each other as the “True Glittering Crux”. Fuck all those other losers, man; these dudes are the real deal. I’m shocked that they apparently don’t have some sort of elaborate initiation ceremony . . . or maybe Ryousuke pulled rank so that the other guys wouldn’t scare Marino away from the group by acting like dumbasses. But, seriously, you can’t dress up like they do and not have a bunch of crazy rituals, right? What’s the point of dressing up if there isn’t a bit more flair to go with it? People should be routinely shouting, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

This seems to foretell the Glittering Crux’s downfall, though. They’re always bitching about who gets to be the leader, and under their noses there is another branch of the Crux thumbing their noses at the main group and plotting to grab power for themselves. So much fracturing going on! There’s probably a smaller, more exclusive group secretly mocking the “True Glittering Crux” too. When does it end?!

[/required reference to penis joke]

2 Responses to “Star Driver 9 – Every Joke Has Already Been Made”

  1. that last screenshots turned out to be a must for this episode’s review. and I love this review in particular. It made me giggled.

    Those bad guys need to learn to unite first imo. They are all over the place. Recipe for failure, that.

    • As long as they’re competing for a leadership role in the Glittering Crux, they’ll never truly unite. Gotta have a leader first.

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