Shiki 18 – Taking a Bite Out of Crime

If only this moment had come about eight episodes earlier . . .

Still, it’s a pretty great moment. I assume that this plot was discussed during one of Ozaki and Yuuki’s meet-ups, and that it was Yuuki who bit Ozaki and got dibs on him. (By the way, if that’s the case, then props to Shiki for not pushing it in the collective faces of the viewers and assuming the audience is intelligent enough to deduce it on their own.) A good number of the villagers will be on Ozaki’s side now (though I suppose Yuuki will have to work in the shadows, depending on how many people knew he kicked the bucket; can’t imagine they’d be too happy to be teaming with one of “them”), but the element of surprise is gone. Then again, this plan works best on someone more gullible/arrogant/flighty like Chizuru, so the options were probably limited. Gotta give something to get something.

I agree with Day’s assessment of the prospects for Shiki‘s end. Nice step forward for the humans here, but if they “win” it’s only going to be after massive losses, and I doubt all the vampires will be destroyed. It’s definitely a possibility now, but I’m still counting it as unlikely. Tatsumi has his eye on Yuuki, Mr. Kirishiki is going to be pissed as hell now and while we haven’t received a direct look at any retribution Sunako doles out to those who defy her, I will err on the side of caution in writing that she is probably capable of kicking more ass and taking more names than one would expect of a little vampire girl who drinks tea all day.

There will probably be some side shifting, too. Tohru has been wavering for so long that I would be shocked if he didn’t join the humans at some point (perhaps with Ritsuko’s prodding before she dies with dignity). I mean, his balls would have to drop first for that to happen, but you know. Maybe Masao would help out too if Megumi pisses him off too much, but he’s such a dipshit that nobody would be able to count on his help for anything. There’s also the possibility that Akira comes back somewhere down the road (depending on, uh, what they did with the poor kid’s corpse, assuming he is dead). And where’s Kaori? Sure, she’s crazy, but crazy people can stab.

As Father Yuuki so kindly demonstrated for the audience! Where’s your liberal pinko elite education now, huh, motherfucker?!

(Also: What the HELL was Tatsumi wearing?! Is he getting fashion tips from Chizuru?? Or is he just drinking heavily before he heads out in the morning? Or perhaps he’s entered into a Calvin and Hobbes strip.)

As expected, Yuuki is a different sort of vampire. It’s kind of cheap, but at the same time, I do kind of like that Shiki is branching out a bit with its vampire mythos and not sticking to a purely Hollywood idea of vampires and werewolves and whatnot. Plus, Yuuki isn’t some god mode Jesus Yamato vampire now, either — it’s kind of like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic where Yuuki is sticking with the Light Side, but his path is tougher because of it, whereas Tatsumi is being one of those douchebag Sith lords with no regard for individual life, but he gets badass powers because of it. What a prick!

I will say that I felt kind of sorry for Chizuru during that whole hullabaloo at the end, if only because she is kind of adorable during all her interactions with Ozaki. Girls just wanna have fun, man.


13 Responses to “Shiki 18 – Taking a Bite Out of Crime”

  1. I’m thinking Akira is alive because of how Tatsumi got all angry when he brought it up with Yuuki. Also I figure Yuuki bit the Doctor after and isn’t actually at a disadvantage but was hiding it so Tatsumi wouldn’t catch on. With all the build up I think this my have been the most satisfying episode of anime I have watched in a long time.

  2. yknow I felt like that last scene was just more of how inhumane Ozaki actually is. After experimenting on his (admittedly dead) wife in a disturbing and bloody fashion, he uses the last remaining vestiges of Chizuru’s humanity to lure her into a trap.

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t have killed her in some manner but his method of killing is like poisoning a little girls lollipop. I can’t imagine that we are actually supposed to be siding with Ozaki.

    • While I felt sorry for Chizuru, I don’t think I can really blame Ozaki for this little streak of cruelty. The shiki have wreaked so much havoc in the town and have left so many people despondent and/or frustrated. I don’t know that I would be showing any sort of mercy toward them, either. (But that’s a moot point since I would totally be dead or a shiki by now.)

  3. Clinton Says:

    Tatsumi and Yoshie are even bigger douches because they don’t have to drink blood inorder to live like the other Shiki (Natsuno is living off his Dads soup) so i wonder why they help the Shiki

    and yeah poor Chizuru

    also defying the Kirishiki’s gets you beat up by Tatsumi, punished By Yoshie (strapping some one to a tree and leaving them there for a day in the shade so while the sun light will burn them it may (key word may) not kill them) who even Tatsumi says go’s too far or you can get talked to by Sunako

  4. adaywithoutme Says:

    I really don’t think the issue was Mr. Yuuki’s liberal, pinko education at this point, but his tendency to bury his head in the sand. After all, this is what leads to all the problems in Sotoba writ large – that everyone sticks their heads up their asses and hums loudly, both the worldly and the country hicks.

  5. Also: What the HELL was Tatsumi wearing?!

    I just asked the same thing on Day’s post – it… was quite… something, wasn’t it?! Maybe Tatsumi is in fact yet another kind of vampire, one who is allergic to shirtsleeves.

  6. Hasn’t Tatsumi wore similarily crazy outfits before?

  7. […] agree with Shinmaru in that Tohru and Ritsuko have a good chance of switching over to the ‘good’ side. I […]

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