Bakuman 10 – Nice Idea, Takagi, But …

. . . doesn’t the existence of the Internet make this story pretty silly? Who the hell would buy information from someone when you can just get it from Wikipedia for free? All it takes is one person to (wiki)leak the information, and then it’s everywhere. Then again, I suppose the kind of society where this extreme capitalism exists wouldn’t be so keen on free exchange of information. :p

Anyway, uh, I hope the show gets on to Mashiro and Takagi bearing down and working on a truly fleshed out manga sometime soon instead of just talking about it all the time. That’s one thing I don’t really like about this anime so far — I heard that Bakuman was fairly dynamic despite the subject matter, but the anime has been too laid back. The animation, art style, pace, and music have all contributed to a tone that seems incongruous with Bakuman‘s reputation. (To be fair, though, there have also been admissions that Bakuman‘s development may have colored people’s memories of the manga’s beginning; plus, I haven’t read it, myself, so I could be talking out of my ass here.)

It just seems as if Bakuman has been on the verge of something fun and gripping for 10 episodes, but it can’t quite get there, and now the season is nearly over. Good times! But even though I am dubious about Takagi’s latest brain child (hurr hurr), I am at least happy that Hattori is taking a more active role in Takagi and Mashiro’s development, which might make for more interesting scenes soon. Also takes a big guy to admit that trying to mainstream something completely fucked it up.

I actually enjoyed the scene with the editor in chief too. He was tough on Mashiro and Takagi without being an asshole about it, although he isn’t totally clear on what the publication is looking for since guessing what will be a hit is not an exact science. But they do get another look into how cutthroat the world of manga publication is (although I’m sure Mashiro didn’t need another reminder of that, haha). And at least they’re flexible enough to allow Mashiro and Takagi to grow into their own style instead of conforming completely to the publication’s expectations. They want the pair to succeed, so they go straight for the path most likely to bring success.

Something else I kind of enjoy is the contrast between the maturity Mashiro and Takagi taking criticism in a constructive manner and using it to improve themselves, and the silliness of them being all, “HEY DON’T YOU DARE COME INTO OUR SECRET LAIR RAWR RAWR RAWR” to Miyoshi. It’d be easy to pull out the “lol sexism lol” joke here, but honestly, I’d probably call bullshit if they didn’t react that way. Said it before, and I’ll say it again: Middle schoolers are dumbasses, no matter how mature they may seem. Plus, they need their super exclusive guy club where they can act like guys all day. When they’re offscreen, the dumb fart jokes probably go on for hours.

Also have to say that the episode is worth watching just for this hilarious face in reaction to Miyoshi’s “what if I proposed the same thing Azuki and Mashiro are doing” scenario. This is every middle school guy’s worst nightmare.

6 Responses to “Bakuman 10 – Nice Idea, Takagi, But …”

  1. I mentioned this somewhere before, but I pretty much read through 40 chapters of Bakuman in one go… so the dragging pace of the anime… I never felt it.

    Brains… barter? Awesome! What happens next?!?!? flip flip flip flip…

    When you get into a high point, the momentum just keeps driving you forward.

    I don’t think the show will get any better. I expected a far more hot-blooded approach to the material. The music and sound effects would’ve been better if given a battle anime/super robot anime/gag anime kind of approach instead of this middling slice of life drama lameness.

    The OP alone vexes me to no end. They shoulda used JAM Project or Detroit Metal City or something.

    I could never drop this show… I care about it too much (my wild raving tweets from week to week about the latest chapters in the manga should attest to this)… but it’s not good, not good at all.

    • Yeah, from how people described Bakuman, I expected a more hot-blooded approach as well. I wonder if my expectations are rendering me somewhat less capable of enjoying the series, but I see others with the same misgivings as well, and we can’t all be wrong, right?

  2. Speaking of misogyny Miyoshi had a cute little outfit in the scene at their secret clubhouse:

    I am now refraining from elaborating on my exact thoughts.

    Also: I agree with GL the OP sucks balls. Wtf is this Kimi ni Todoke?

  3. I totally agree with your observation about the slower pace of this show. I too was expecting some craziness, or at the very least the drawing of manga would be like when Light-o writes in the Death Note.

    I think by the very nature of it, the manga stories have to suck. I mean if they end up writing a really awesome manga, that would have been a totally wasted idea (for the actual writers in real life). Or perhaps these are all the thrown out ideas that the creators themselves have used in the past…

    • Haha, yeah, that’s true. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show/movie/whatever that has creative people as the main characters where the actual things they write are as good as the story itself. For instance, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was infamous for being a well-written series with two guys coming in to save a sketch comedy series . . . and their comedy sketches were HORRIBLE.

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