Shiki 19 – Amulet Nosferatu

I wish I could take credit for that fantastic title, but it’s all the work of kadian1364, who ran with my Megumi = Amu Hinamori comparison. Excellent work, good sir. Full marks!

The shit really hits the fan in this episode, with the humans and their crazy, mask-wearing mobs of doom scoring some major victories, but that frankly just makes me all the more wary that the Risen are going to sneak in one last massive attack soon. We all know people love to break things all the live long day, and even though Ozaki is a cold-blooded, calculating leader, will he be able to control everyone when they shift completely into Blind Angry Mob Rage mode (they’re practically there already)? If there is anything Shiki has taught us, it’s that humans are dumb even when they are smart. After watching these people bumble around two-thirds of the time, I wouldn’t trust them to decorate a Christmas tree, much less execute a coordinated strike against a horde of vampires.

This fight during the daytime is the best chance they have got. Once night arrives, the vampires will be better prepared, better organized and they will have a pissed off Tatsumi leading them. The guy dresses himself like an ex-boy band star fading into the twilight (he probably has a cordless microphone stashed away somewhere), but I sure as hell would not want to meet him in a fight. They’ve also got Seishirou camping out in the wilderness, ready to snipe any human who falls into his crosshairs. Not gonna lie: He’s kind of awesome. If only all snipers were that fabulous.

Seriously, why does Tatsumi need such ornate nipple crests, what the fuck . . .

Shiki has such a wide, varied cast that it’s nearly impossible to get time for everyone unless it’s in tiny vignettes (like we see with Ritsuko and Tohru, Kaori and her father, etc.), but it does make me wonder what people are doing when they’re not onscreen. Conspicuous in his absence this week is Yuuki; I doubt he is just dicking around right now when Ozaki is leading a charge against the Risen, and the vampires are scurrying away and fortifying themselves for a grand attack later. If he is really serious about an attack, then he has to have something up his sleeve to use later.

Speaking of vignettes, there are a ton of effective short scenes in this episode. There’s the opening with Chizuru, of course, showing a tender moment between herself and her former husband before she ultimately bites it (sorry). Then there’s the scene with Ritsuko and Tohru, where Ritsuko struggles to keep in her hunger while Tohru pleads with her to kill Lingerie Nurse. Ritsuko would have held on, anyway, but clearly having a colleague be the one she is meant to kill adds just a bit more incentive for her to deny the hunger. Lingerie Nurse is pretty damn lucky.

And then there is what I think is the creepiest scene in this episode: Kaori attacking her father. Shiki does not allow anyone to have it good or easy. Kaori finally decides to take a stand instead of giving in to self-destructive impulses, and of course the first vampire who comes knocking at her door is dear old dad, who hates being one of the Risen and only gave in because the hunger was too damn strong to hold in. Poor guy. That result is depressing enough, but because I knew whoever was at the door would be someone close to Kaori, I was hoping beyond hope that it would not be a freshly-Risen Akira. Dear lord would that have been depressing. I’m assuming enough time for Akira to have come back to life (if he was left in a state to come back to life, anyway . . . if he is even dead) has not passed yet; I’m not sure, because I am shit at remembering dates in this series.

(By the way, either Kaori becomes a steely Ozaki type to the extreme after killing her father, or she is completely done after that traumatic experience. Don’t think there will be anything in between.)

Is it just me, or is this shot creepy as fuck? Not just because of the great lighting, but of the ambiguity behind how they’re interacting with Kanami — the tone of their voices as they tell her about what is going on, and how it sounds partly like information and partly like a grave warning if she’s harboring vampires. Look at those suspicious eyes!


11 Responses to “Shiki 19 – Amulet Nosferatu”

  1. Clinton Says:

    i feel really sorry for Kanami her mother is not doing anything wrong she is getting some blood from kanami’s hand and is in the relationship that Natsuno that wanted with Tohru

  2. Clinton Says:

    also i don’t think that Akira was attacked Tatsumi asked him were Akira was so Natsuno may have saved him (the manga has not said it ether so i have no idea if he is okay or not)

  3. Yeah, I’m getting more and more optimistic about Akira’s well-being myself. The fact that no one knows where he is… not even the vampires, can only be a good thing.

    I’m was pleased to see Kaori fight back. Psychologically she’s been Megumi’s (and by extension, the vampires’) punching bag for much to the series. I want to see the poor girl fight back. She’s just had it so shitty, if, for no other reason that Megumi wouldn’t put her out of her misery.

    I find the contrast between the vampire invasion and the human fightback interesting. The vampires were very careful, very tactical and calculating when it came to choosing their victims. The humans’ fightback has been swift, violent and indiscriminate. Shiki has this funny way of making you sympathize with those you wouldn’t expect to sympathize with. I want to see the humans win, but when they’re dragging vampires into the streets in broad daylight while they plead for their lives and beheading them with axes, you kinda feel sorry for them.

    • Yeah, and that’s also coupled with Sunako’s, “We’re fighting because we want to survive” speech. I’m on the human’s side because, you know, I’m human, but it’s definitely not impossible to sympathize with the Risen . . . well, most of them, anyway.

  4. adaywithoutme Says:

    Yeah, I think the way the women were lit during that scene you’ve got a screenshot of was fairly telling – Shiki doesn’t think its humans are any better than its vampires. In fact, I’m pretty sure Shiki just thinks life sucks, then you die… and then maybe it can suck some more.

    I personally thought Tatsumi was channeling Storm Shadow.

    “Conspicuous in his absence this week is Yuuki; I doubt he is just dicking around right now when Ozaki is leading a charge against the Risen…”

    Yeah, he’s not dicking around, I mean, its not like Tohru is with him… >_>

  5. Clinton Says:

    ok i just read the raw for the newest chapters and i just going to say it

    i feel awful i in tears about it despite not under standing it

    bets are you will feel bad after you watch the episodes at this point in the mang

  6. epinephrine99 Says:

    **Trying hard to not read Clinton’s comment above cause it looks like a spoiler :p**

    I think Yuuki is missing because this show has a habit of switching inbetween what Toshio does and what Yuuki does. So I think next episode will be a Yuuki episode… perhaps.

    I agree that the villagers are more or less doomed though once night falls. It won’t be clean too, because the Shiki will hypnotize members of the humans to fight eachother instead of outright killing them.

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